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Why Jewelry Retailers Should Choose Diamond Banc

If you’re a jewelry retailer or wholesaler, Diamond Banc can provide financial services for you and your customers at no cost to you. Diamond Banc has a great track record not only for consumer loans, but loans to retailers as well!

Did you know that you can expand your customer offerings and revenue stream with no out of pocket expense? Diamond Banc is eager to offer unlimited capital to select retail or wholesale jewelers. Also, we can buy or loan on diamonds and designer jewelry from your customers. To learn more, call 1-855-342-2262 or email info@diamond-banc.com.

Here are some of the financial services that Diamond Banc provides to both wholesale and retail jewelers.

Diamond Banc gives jewelers the capital to purchase diamonds. In addition, jewelers can “flip” their jewelry to Diamond Banc at a profit. And if that wasn’t enough, Diamond Banc also offers jewelry equity loan services for jewelers and their customers.

Diamond Banc Offers Top Dollar on Loans to  Jewelry Retailers

Diamond Banc will buy any aged and excess inventory, which can be a great way to make a profit off of jewelry that has been sitting around in your inventory. In addition to that, Diamond Banc will partner with jewelry retailers to set up promotional buying events at their location.

Another major benefit of Diamond Banc for jewelry retailers is our lending experts may to travel to assist with large transactions. Finally, Diamond Banc is best known for our great flexibility – we are always open to new and different ways to find mutually beneficial partnerships.

Get started today by filling out Diamond Banc’s risk-free jewelry equity loan form, or stop by one of Diamond Banc’s convenient locations.

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