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I have to give Diamond Banc a true 5 star rating. I had met with 2 others beforehand and left both places with a feeling that I was not worth their time. Not the case with Julio. I had a comfort that he cared and was honest. Thank you for treating me with respect.
Kyle Cook, Vice President

Kyle Z. Cook

National Headquarters | Columbia, MO

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Jordan Isaacs, Market Director

Jordan Isaacs

National Headquarters | Sarasota, FL

Contact information & biography expand_more
Kyle Cook, Vice President

Kyle Z. Cook

Vice President

National Headquarters | Columbia, MO

alternate_email kyle@diamondbanc.com

Since the inception of Diamond Banc, Kyle Z. Cook has been an integral team member. Recognized for his diligent management of crucial transactions and daily operations, Kyle demonstrates an exceptional commitment to the organization. However, his role goes beyond merely operational; he places enormous importance on fostering personal relationships with clients. With Kyle, every client can expect to receive not only a high standard of service but also the personal attention and care that sets Diamond Banc apart. His meticulous attention to detail, deep understanding of the jewelry market, and relentless commitment to professionalism guarantee that you receive the highest value for your fine jewelry and timepieces.

Jordan Isaacs, Market Director

Jordan Isaacs

National Director of Funding

National Headquarters | Sarasota, FL

alternate_email jordan@diamondbanc.com

As the National Director of Funding at Diamond Banc’s corporate office, Jordan Isaacs prioritizes providing top-notch client experiences during the assessment of their items for immediate sale or loan services. With excellent communication skills and a talent for prompt and informative follow-up, Jordan’s expertise enables him to offer the highest values, the most competitive rates in the industry, personalized financing options, & exceptional service to each and every client. To start working with Jordan, give us a call or fill out our online submission form.

“I contacted several luxury lending firms, jewelers, and pawn shops. Diamond Banc blew them all out of the water. They had the lowest interest rate, highest loan offer, true flexibility in repayment period and Jordan, I can’t rave about this guy enough. He made a potentially difficult & intimidating process so easy and seamless. He stayed in contact with me from beginning to end, answering all my questions and really made me feel like he was in my corner and not just trying to take advantage of my situation. I’m not often easily impressed but Jordan & Diamond Banc wowed me. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you guys so much for such a pleasant experience!”

-Michelle K.

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Start by easily submitting your jewelry through our user-friendly online submission form. Our expert team will promptly review your submission and provide you with an initial pawn loan offer, along with a fully-insured shipping label for your convenience. After your item arrives at our secure headquarters, it undergoes a meticulous inspection, followed by our final loan offer. Should you choose to accept our competitive offer, you can swiftly complete your loan documentation online and expect immediate funding. Once your loan is paid off, your jewelry item will be promptly returned to you. For those interested in an in-person experience, visit a Diamond Banc location near you.

At Diamond Banc, we specialize in offering pawn jewelry loans ranging from $500 all the way up to $250,000 and beyond. Our loan offers are meticulously calculated based on the liquid wholesale value of your valuable items, ensuring you receive the most competitive and fair market rates.

Pawning can offer a fast, short-term financial solution without the need for a credit check or the risk of incurring debt beyond the value of your collateral. If you have valuable jewelry that you’re willing to use as collateral, a pawn loan can be a convenient way to access funds.

Yes, pawning jewelry is definitely worth it when you choose Diamond Banc. We pay more for your jewelry compared to traditional pawn shops, making it a financially advantageous choice. Our repayment terms are flexible, and we aim for you to redeem your collateral easily. We also offer low interest rates to make the process cost-effective.

The best jewelry to pawn would be high-quality items that hold their value well. This includes diamonds, fine and designer jewelry, gold, and luxury watches. Brands like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, and Patek Philippe tend to yield higher loan amounts due to their enduring value and demand. Diamond Banc aims to offer the most money for your valuable items, making the process both rewarding and straightforward for you.

At Diamond Banc, you can expect high-value offers whether you choose to pawn or sell your jewelry. However, pawning allows you to get the funds you need while retaining the option to reclaim your valuable items later. This makes pawning a great choice if you’d like to keep your jewelry for the long term. Rest assured, you’ll get a competitive offer for your diamonds, fine & designer jewelry, gold, and luxury watches when you opt for a pawn jewelry loan with us.

In most instances, you can expect to see your funds in less than 24 hours from the moment you accept our competitive pawn jewelry loan offer from Diamond Banc.

No. Pawning with Diamond Banc has zero impact on your credit score. We maintain complete confidentiality and do not report to any credit bureaus. Should you choose not to repay your pawn jewelry loan, the only consequence is the forfeiture of your pledged collateral, with no negative implications for your credit profile.

If you elect not to accept our offer, our team will expedite your item back to you immediately.

All assets are stored in an alarm-protected, 24-hour security-monitored, fireproof vault. Your items are fully insured while in our custody.

Once your loan balance has been brought to zero, our team will expedite your items back to you.

Diamond Banc offers 30-day loans that can be extended for as many 30-day periods as the client needs. There is no minimum loan period, as our loans can be paid off in full at any time without penalty.

Yes. To maintain your pawn jewelry loan, monthly interest payments are required for the duration of your loan term. Opting for payments exceeding the minimum monthly interest can effectively reduce your principal balance, affording you greater financial flexibility.

From The Founder

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Why Diamond Banc is Your Best Choice for Pawn Jewelry Loans?

Looking for a quick and secure way to pawn jewelry? Your search ends here with Diamond Banc, the premier online pawn shop for jewelry loans. Specializing in fast and hassle-free transactions, we accept diamonds, fine & designer jewelry, gold, and luxury watches as collateral. Renowned for our reliable and trustworthy services, our experienced team ensures you get the best value and service for your pawn transactions.

Our easy process streamlines your online jewelry pawn experience. Diamond Banc, a trusted national jewelry lender, provides short-term jewelry equity pawn loans online, allowing individuals to leverage their jewelry as collateral.

Secure A Pawn Jewelry Loan Using The Following:

  • Get A Pawn Jewelry Loan On Fine Jewelry
    We offer pawn jewelry loans against fine jewelry, including designer pieces from renowned brands like Tiffany & Co., Cartier, David Yurman, Graff, Harry Winston, and more.
  • Get A Pawn Jewelry Loan On Engagement Rings
    We accept various types of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and complete wedding sets. Experience the convenience of a pawn jewelry loan on your engagement ring with us. 
  • Get A Pawn Jewelry Loan on Loose Diamonds
    We accept loose diamonds measuring 0.5 carats or larger, whether certified or un-certified. Our expert team provides a free evaluation of your diamonds.
  • Get A Pawn Jewelry Loan on Luxury Watches
    We offer pawn jewelry loans on luxury watches. If you have a high-quality watch in good condition with the necessary paperwork, you can access our online pawn jewelry loan service. We accept watches from top brands like Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Omega, Tag Heuer, and more.
  • Get A Pawn Jewelry Loan on Gold and Silver
    We turn your gold and silver coins, bars, or bullion into immediate funds. Our knowledgeable team understands the value and market dynamics of these precious metals, allowing us to offer competitive pawn jewelry loan terms.

How to Pawn Jewelry with Diamond Banc 

Easy Evaluation Process: If you’re interested in pawning your jewelry, Diamond Banc offers an unmatched easy evaluation process to cater to your online jewelry pawn needs. Begin by completing our easy online submission form telling us about your item, and receive a pawn quote online in no time. Within just 24 hours, our expert team will provide you with an initial loan offer. That’s correct—acquiring a pawn jewelry online loan offer takes less than a day when you opt for the convenience and speed of Diamond Banc.

Fully-Insured Overnight Shipping: Once you’re comfortable with our initial offer, we’ll send you a fully-insured shipping label so you can send your pawn jewelry overnight to our secure headquarters. Rest easy knowing your items are in safe hands during transit.

Swift Verification and Final Offer: Upon arrival at our headquarters, your jewelry will undergo a professional verification process by our skilled team. Based on the evaluation, we’ll provide you with our final loan offer.

Convenient Online Documentation and Immediate Funding: After accepting our final offer, we’ll swiftly complete your pawn jewelry loan documentation via email. Funding will be immediately issued through wire transfer or check, allowing you to access your funds right away.

The Complete Process in Less Than 48 Hours: Typically, the entire online pawn jewelry equity loan process can be finalized in under 48 hours from the moment you fill out our online submission form.

Option for Same-Day Funding: If you’re looking for same-day funding, we encourage you to visit a Diamond Banc location near you. Meet with one of our jewelry pawn lenders who will evaluate your items right in front of you and issue immediate funding.

Easy Access to Your Item: Once the full amount has been repaid, your pawn jewelry will be returned to you in the same condition we received it as. Watch this video to see how fast, simple, and secure redeeming your online loan with Diamond Banc truly is.

Choose Diamond Banc for all your online pawn jewelry needs, and experience the secure, fast, and transparent service that sets us apart.

Diamond Banc’s Equity Loans vs. a Traditional Pawn Jewelry Loan

When it comes to pawning your jewelry, Diamond Banc’s online jewelry pawn services stand out from traditional pawn shops. Opting for Diamond Banc means more than just obtaining a loan; it means partnering with industry experts offering high loan-to-value ratios. This ensures you receive maximum value for your valuable jewelry upfront. Unlike conventional pawn shops, which may offer conservative loan amounts and inflexible terms, we promote additional loan principal payments. Our goal is for clients to redeem their collateral, unlike traditional pawn shops that may prefer loans to go unredeemed to expand their inventory.Watch this video and discover why you should avoid the pawn shops.

With Diamond Banc, you’ll also find an unparalleled level of flexibility. Clients can draw their loan balance up or down and even have access to their pawned jewelry via collateral exchange during the loan period. Traditional jewelry pawnshops typically offer antiquated loan servicing with high interest and loan fees, but we guarantee low rates and encourage customizable and automatic pawn jewelry loan repayment terms. 

In summary, if you’re looking to pawn jewelry, Diamond Banc stands out as the superior choice, offering a borrower-friendly approach with flexible, low-cost options, all aimed at providing you the most value for your treasured jewelry.

Diamond Banc Equity LoansTraditional Jewelry Pawn Loans
Industry experts offering an ultra-high loan to value ratioConservative loan amounts
Additional loan principal payments encouragedStringent repayment structure, discouraging principal payments
We want our clients to redeem their collateralHope loans are not redeemed and added to inventory
Clients can draw loan balance up and down and can have access to their jewelry via collateral exchange during the loan periodRigid loan structure, benefitting the lender, not the borrower
Customizable and automatic loan repayment terms encouragedAntiquated loan servicing
Low rate guaranteedHigh interest and loan fees

The Benefits of a Pawn Jewelry Loan with Diamond Banc

High Loan Amounts: Diamond Banc’s staff are true jewelry experts, who take every value-adding factor into consideration to offer you the maximum pawn jewelry loan amount. In addition, the majority of pawn lenders do not have the capital on hand to make large loans. Diamond Banc regularly makes loans from $20,000 – $250,000 and has the ability to fund transactions up to $1,000,000.

Our Loan & Buy Offers Are The Same: Most pawn shops will offer to loan you less for your item than they will buy it for. This policy does not make sense to us! At Diamond Banc, our jewelry pawn loan offer and buy offers are almost always the same.

Significantly Lower Interest Costs: Diamond Banc typically charges 50% – 80% less than the standard pawn industry interest rates.

We Want You To Get Your Items Back: Diamond Banc has plenty of its own jewelry and we want you to get yours back! With most jewelry pawn loans, every 30 days the client can pay only the interest due or all of the principal plus the interest due. This payment structure is beneficial for the pawn lender; however, for the borrower, it can be detrimental. With a pawn jewelry loan from Diamond Banc, providing your loan charges are current, any extra amount that you wish to pay goes directly towards your pawn jewelry loan’s principal balance, thus lowering your monthly interest costs moving forward.

Loan Re-Advancements: Let’s say you borrowed $10,000 against your Rolex from Diamond Banc and have paid down your balance to $3,000, which is not an option with most standard pawn jewelry loans. After you have paid down your balance and something else comes up, Diamond Banc can then increase your loan by re-advancing you the $7,000 you paid back. By readvancing the pawn jewelry loan funds, brings your loan balance back up to the original $10,000. You can draw your loan up as often as you wish, and carry your balance as long as needed, providing your interest charges have been paid as agreed and your loan is in good standing.

Your Items Are Insured: If you read the fine print on most pawn lender’s paperwork, you will discover that your item is not insured in the event of a loss or theft during the life of your loan. At Diamond Banc, all loan collateral used for a pawn jewelry loan is insured for the amount of the loan, or sometimes for more during your loan period.

Terms of Your Jewelry Pawn Loan 

  • Your loan is a 30 day loan that can be extended for as many 30 day periods as needed, as long as the minimum monthly cost of funds is paid every 30 days.
  • As soon as the pawn jewelry loan is originated, the first 30 day billing period is accrued. This amount is then due 30 days from the date of origination. The cost of funds is accrued in full 30 day periods and is not prorated.
  • Since not every month has exactly 30 days in it, the due date will move forward over time – it is advised to schedule your payments before the official due date.
  • The minimum cost of funds is not applied towards the principal balance.
  • To reduce your loan balance, you must make a payment above your minimum monthly cost of funds. It is your responsibility to contact our office to arrange additional principal payments during your loan. Your loan is only eligible for principal payments providing it is in good standing and no unpaid cost of funds is due.
  • The length of the loan is solely dictated by you. Take as little or as long as you need to repay the principal balance.
  • We have clients secure the minimum monthly cost of funds payment via credit/debit card, which is automatically processed each month. This keeps the account current and in good standing.

Explaining our Pawn Jewelry Loan Costs

  • Diamond Banc’s $5K average loan that’s repaid in 6 months, contrasts with a low-rate 30 year mortgage because the amounts we finance are much smaller and the repayment term is MUCH shorter.
  • The collateral we lend against is not accepted by traditional banks due to the risk and expertise required.
  • Diamond Banc’s cost of capital is above market benchmarks due to the specialized type of lending we engage in.
  •  Our loan products are ideal for people wanting to borrow money for 1-6 months. We do not recommend using our loan service for long term financing.
  • In most cases, we charge 50%-80% less than what is allowed by law for the type of loans we make.

Avoid the Local Pawn Shops: Choose Diamond Banc for Your Pawn Jewelry Needs

If you’re seeking a reliable place to get a loan against your jewelry without relying on local pawn shops, Diamond Banc emerges as the top choice for jewelry pawn loans. For those aiming to utilize diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, or even silver and gold as collateral, Diamond Banc stands as the preeminent solution for online and in-person pawn jewelry loan services. 

Experience the unique Diamond Banc advantage online or at an office near you, where our primary focus is offering clients convenience, flexibility, and standout jewelry pawn loan options. Beyond just avoiding local pawn shops, with Diamond Banc, you gain access to a pressure-free environment where your comfort and ease are paramount. 

Choosing Diamond Banc over the local pawn shops grants you access to our commitment to superior service. We pride ourselves on offering the highest pawn jewelry loan values, customizable repayment terms, and unmatched industry expertise. Revel in the unmatched convenience and loan options at our dedicated locations.

Reach out to us to explore your pawn jewelry loan options, or drop by an office today. Trust in Diamond Banc to deliver a smooth pawn jewelry experience as your dedicated jewelry pawn lender.

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