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Explore Liquidity Options

Immediate Purchase

Receive Funds Immediately For Your Item.
This option is best for those who value being paid immediately. Diamond Banc will make you an industry-leading purchase offer for your fine jewelry, luxury watches, and diamonds. We fund transactions on the spot. Our purchase process is simple, confidential, & fast.


Jewelry Equity Loan

Immediate Funding & Maintain Ownership.
Magnify the fiscal power of your jewelry by borrowing against it. Receive immediate funding & maintain ownership. Receive the same amount of proceeds as you would selling your item outright. This process is simple, fast, secure & confidential.


Effective Consignment

For Those Who Value a Higher Return Over Immediate Funding.
This option is for those who value a higher return over immediate funding. Your item is marketed to over 20,000 dealers, wholesalers, & retailers. We pay you a preferred return once your item sells. Items that will sell for $10,000+ are eligible.

Get Started

Seller’s Agent Service

Make Diamond Banc Your Agent, Maximize Your Return.
This option is for those who wish to maximize their return. Our interests are fully aligned to yield you the most money possible. We market your pieces nationwide through a variety of platforms. We charge a transparent percentage commission. Items that will sell for $35,000+ are eligible.


Interest-Free Sale Advance

Receive Immediate Funding, Interest-Free.
Clients can receive up to 25% of their estimated proceeds interest-free. Partial sale proceeds are advanced for a defined period of time. If the item does not sell, we fund the remaining balance of our purchase offer or the client can repay the advance proceeds and retrieve their item.


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