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Our Rolex Value Calculator compares your Rolex watch to our database of certified Rolex watches on the market.

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Are you wondering “how much is my Rolex worth?” Are you considering selling your Rolex watch? Are you simply interested in the value of your Rolex? Are you wanting a loan against your Rolex watch? Are you trying to find the most accurate Rolex value estimator? Diamond Banc’s free Rolex value calculator will help you answer any of these questions. Our Rolex values are based on the latest market pricing, but should only serve as a guide. Notable changes in the Rolex market can occur in a matter of days. If you elect to sell your Rolex to Diamond Banc it is possible we can pay more than our maximum value estimate. Read below to discover how you can get the same amount of money for your Rolex as if you sold it, while still retaining ownership of the watch.

Rolex Equity Loans

How Rolex Equity Loans were made possible by Peer to Peer Selling and the Technology Revolution:

Advancements in technology like a Rolex value estimator and society’s embracement of transparent Peer-to-Peer selling, along with the growing appreciation for pre-owned luxury goods have dramatically increased the value of Rolex watches. Today there are countless high-quality online options for consumers to purchase and sell pre-owned Rolex watches. This was unheard of only a few short years ago. This ease of safe digital luxury watch buying and selling has led to an explosion of online watch commerce.

This new distribution channel has proven to the world the liquid nature of Rolex watches and demonstrated the brand’s value retention, further increasing consumer appetite. Rolex’s exacting production standards in creating new watches result in far fewer new watches hitting the market compared to global demand. Thus creating ultra-strong values in popular pre-owned Rolex models, unlike ever before. So, there are maximum chances that you will get the best value while using a Rolex value estimator.

Why Rolex Equity Loans are now possible and unlike any other:

  • The liquid nature of Rolex watches allows a much lower interest rate to be charged than before on asset-based loans or outdated pawn loans and you are going to get the same results in a Rolex value calculator.
  • 90-day loan costs of Rolex Equity Loans are often 80 % less than many other local solutions.
  • The ease & safety of online luxury commerce now allows consumers to quickly and safely ship their Rolex to obtain a Rolex Equity Loan.

Why Rolex Equity Loans are a smart choice:

  • The global demand for pre-owned Rolexes allows for high loan values (LTV’s). In some cases, individuals can borrow more than they paid for their watch. But it is always recommended to first use the Rolex value calculator.
  • Retain ownership while receiving the same amount of funds as you would by selling.
  • Less costly than selling your watch and later replacing it or buying a similar watch.
  • Unbeatable low cost of funds.
  • Simple. Confidential. No credit inquiry or income verification is required.
  • Fast Funding: receive your loan proceeds via wire in 24-48 business hours.
  • Responsibly borrow against the equity in an asset you own, instead of taking on unsecured, credit score affecting debt.
  •  Credit-line style financing. Draw funds up and down as needed.

Why Diamond Banc is uniquely positioned to offer Rolex Equity Loans and to buy your Rolex:

  • Diamond Banc is owned, operated, and backed by industry experts who have the knowledge and resources to offer unmatchable values. You can even use our highly accurate Rolex value calculator and get an accurate price.
  • An established pioneer in modernizing Jewelry Equity Loans nationwide.
  • Diamond Banc is an established, healthy business, allowing us to offer a low loan cost structure on Rolex Equity Loans. This would not be possible if it were our only loan product.
  • Unlike many other companies who “bait” you by offering unrealistic offer prices, only to call you with a greatly reduced offer once they receive your watch, we honor our quotes once your watch is received, providing it is as described since we operate with transparency and integrity.
  • Your watch is fully insured while in transit to us. From the moment it arrives at our headquarters it is recorded on continuous footage until your package is opened and verified. Leaving no questions between what you sent and what we received.

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