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Best Place to Sell Wedding Ring in Kansas City

“Best place to sell my wedding ring in Kansas City?” That’s a great question! The Diamond Banc is the best place to sell your wedding ring in Kansas City. Our buy services are discreet, professional and prompt.

Sell Your Wedding Rings in Kansas City

What Determines the Value of Your Wedding Ring?

Our experts at the Diamond Banc in Kansas City take all value-adding factors into consideration when evaluating your pre-owned wedding rings. We will review the carat weight, diamond quality, metal content value and any designer or rarity factors that may increase our offer. Once a wedding ring is pre-owned, some of the cost of time, labor and retailer markup is lost on the secondary market, just like with a new car. Diamond Banc has a large network of selling avenues nationwide enabling us to offer the most for your wedding ring.

Many factors are considered when Diamond Banc evaluates your wedding ring.

How Do I sell my Wedding Ring in Kansas City?

Gather any appraisals or lab reports you may have for your rings. Any additional information can be helpful to our buyers. Determining the exact carat weight of a diamond channel band, for example, can be difficult and be reliant on the measurements of the stones in the setting. If you have an appraisal already, the carat weight can quickly be confirmed. Next, set up an appointment with our conveniently located private office on the Country Club Plaza. The process generally only takes 15 minutes, and funds are available immediately.

Private, discreet Country Club Plaza Office
Diamond Banc of Kansas City is conveniently located on the Country Club Plaza.

Sell Your Wedding Ring in Kansas City

You can contact us for an appointment or start the process online now. You do not have to wait in line or display your items on a retail counter for the world to see. Once we review your items in our private office on the Country Club Plaza, we can immediately fund the transaction.

Not in the Kansas City area? You can call or visit one of our locations listed below:

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