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What Items Make Good Loan Collateral?

Are you considering a jewelry equity loan with Diamond Banc? When considering a loan it can be difficult to know which of your jewelry pieces make good loan collateral. We’ve compiled a list of items that Diamond Banc regularly loans on. So, if you have any of these items in your jewelry box, you can get started on your jewelry equity loan today!

The Best Collateral for a Loan

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings make great collateral for a loan. This is especially so if the engagement ring has diamonds or other precious gemstones. Here are some examples of previous engagement rings that have been used as loan collateral at Diamond Banc!

Diamond Banc loaned $80,000 for this engagement ring. Do you have a similar engagement ring? It would make great collateral for a loan with Diamond Banc!

For this fancy yellow diamond engagement ring, Diamond Banc loaned $8,000. Do you have an engagement ring that looks like this? It would make good collateral for a jewelry equity loan.

Luxury Watches

Diamond Banc loaned $22,000 for this gorgeous Rolex watch! If you have a Rolex watch and need some instant capital, you can use it as collateral for your loan with Diamond Banc!

Jewelry With Diamonds .75CT or Larger

Diamond Banc was able to loan $6,000 for this ring with a 2.42CTW! As a rule of thumb, if your jewelry has a diamond that is larger than .75CT, it would make good collateral for a jewelry equity loan with Diamond Banc.

Get started today by filling out Diamond Banc’s risk-free jewelry equity loan form, or stop by one of Diamond Banc’s convenient locations.

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