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Understanding Estate Jewelry Appraisal Values

Jewelry appraisal terms can be daunting. Appraisal values for a single item can vary from as much as $10,000 to $800. Navigating the correct value standards for estate jewelry is critical to determine an equitable resolution for your family and friends. So where do you begin?

Start by understanding the difference between appraisals. Different appraisals will measure different things. The key terms to look out for include: insurance replacement price, estate retail value, estate liquid value and intrinsic value.

Here is a breakdown for understanding each standard:

Insurance Replacement Price

If your jewelry is lost or stolen, the insurance replacement cost covers the amount that it would cost to replace your jewelry at a retailer. This figure reflects the item in brand new condition. Insurance replacement prices are the most common appraisal type; however, the figure can be highly subjective, depending on the appraisal’s source. Since the figure represents the cost of replacing a brand new item, the value is often higher than other appraisal values.

Estate Retail Value

An estate retail value represents the price a retailer could charge for an item in your piece’s condition, based on the current fair market value of the item. Since retail prices are marked up to cover a store’s operating expenses, this value can be higher than the other appraisal standards. However, it will be lower than the insurance replacement price.

Estate Liquid Value

The estate liquid value is the price that a wholesaler is willing to pay for your piece. This figure is based on current market trends, demand and comparison prices in the market. This value offers the most accurate look at values for items that can be resold in secondary markets. Therefore, it is the key to understand the value of jewelry that may be liquidated in an estate. Similarly, this value is essential for ensuring an equal division of inheritance.

Intrinsic Value

This is the lowest of all appraisal values. Intrinsic value simply assesses the cost of the raw materials used in a piece of jewelry. It is basically the cost of the current metal value and diamond value. This value may be used if the item is not in demand, outdated, worn or damaged.

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