Get a Jewelry Loan in Austin

The new leader in the market of lending is asset-based loans. Trending among areas with increasing population and industry, asset-based loans are the easier, hassle-free cash option. Loan clients are shunning outdated bank loans, and instead liquefying their assets for easy cash flow. There is a great expansion of asset-based loans in Austin particularly, as the industry growth has increased the need for fast cash. It is because of this trend that Diamond Banc’s portfolio has flourished in the Austin area.

With an increasing number of clients, Diamond Banc found the booming growth in Austin to be accompanied by a void in the marketplace of asset-based lending. According to our Austin clients, there is not only a lack of asset-based lending companies in the area, but knowledge of jewelry values and capital to back loans.

It is because of this void Austin has become Diamond Banc’s focus market. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to fund loans and purchases from $1,000 to $500,000 in as few as 24 hours.

The new age of lending

Often when someone needs a loan they automatically think of a bank loan, with its lengthy procedures, mounds of paperwork and the dreaded credit check. Not to mention the risks associated with putting up your home, vehicle, land, credit score and other necessities to secure a bank loan. By using jewelry as loan collateral, the risks aren’t as severe. Diamond Banc bases the loan amount off the liquid wholesale value of jewelry, luxury watches and diamonds, so you don’t have to put any other assets on the line. Oh, and we don’t touch or even look at your credit score or work history. Your word is as good as your jewelry.

Diamond Banc is a company created with the intent to allow customers access to their jewelry’s liquid value throughout the ownership of their pieces. Yes, you read that correctly, borrowers retain ownership of their jewelry, even when used as collateral.

Diamond Banc’s sister company and current headquarters, Buchroeders, 1896 vs. present day in Columbia, Missouri.

Diamond Banc’s sister company, Buchroeders Jewelers, is one of many reasons we are able to offer the best price for your luxury assets. Buchroeders has been a retail jeweler for over 120 years; the company brings knowledge, experience and expertise, which allows Diamond Banc to offer unmatched lending and purchasing power.

Need a loan in Austin?

Diamond Banc is an expansive company, with locations around the nation and the majority of client communication being done online. It has been very efficient for our clients to get a loan in Austin by starting with our online form. Obviously, with such valuable assets being used as collateral, some clients wish to visit the Diamond Banc headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, where their jewelry will be secured. At Diamond Banc, we welcome any and all clients to visit our state-of-the-art facility. Of course, if it’s easier, we will ship your jewelry fully-insured via Brinks, and open the packaging under video recording for your peace of mind. If your loan amount totals over $100,000 Diamond Banc’s Founder and/or Vice President may even travel to you for an evaluation.

As our company grows around the country, we are not compromising expertise for a bigger market. Instead, we are spreading our knowledge around the nation. If you have jewelry, diamonds or a luxury watch visit our website or come into one of our five locations nation-wide to see what we can offer.