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Why Diamond Banc Is the Best Place to Get a Loan on Your Jewelry

A few options come to mind if you’re thinking of seeking a loan on your jewelry. From pawnshops to banks there is a wide array of options when looking to get a loan on your items. Nevertheless, one option stands out as your best option. There are a number of key differences between Diamond Banc and other jewelry buyers and lenders. These differences can make a huge difference when you’re looking to get a loan on your jewelry. 
Diamond Banc offers premium customer service in a secure, discreet and professional environment. Our founder first developed Diamond Banc in 2008. In the following decade, thousands of customers have trusted us to provide loan on your jewelry.
Our evaluations are transparent and straightforward. Moreover, we take every factor into consideration to make sure you receive the highest value for your items. We do not use established formulas. Additionally, we understand the sentimental feelings attached to jewelry, watches, and other valuables items

One-on-One Privacy

Most of the time, there are multiple people in a pawnshop at any given time. It’s hard for a conversation to feel private when you’re surrounded by other people. In contrast, Diamond Banc’s offices are located in a secure office building. Inside, experts assist one customer at the time and take the necessary time to arrive at the best values. Enjoy the peace of our spacious offices, without the pressure of anyone overhearing the encounter.  

Diamond Banc Pays the Most

Jewelry’s brand name can add even more to jewelry’s value.

Our team of highly trained professionals understands the jewelry industry. We analyze every factor when evaluating your items. Factors such as diamond shape, cut, grade, quality and demand of the item all contribute to an item’s overall value. We take those factors into consideration to make sure you receive a fair price for your jewelry.

Keep Ownership of Your Jewelry

90% of all people who get a loan with Diamond Banc keep their items.

Diamond Banc strives to ensure that our customers retain ownership of their jewelry. We provide customized repayment options that fit with your schedule. We work with you to make sure your repayment plan works for you. That’s why 90 percent of our customers pay off their loans and keep their items.

With Diamond Banc, you can feel secure knowing your items are safe in our possession.

We Protect Your Credit

Protect your credit with Diamond Banc

Additionally, if you aren’t able to pay your loan, we DO NOT report to credit agencies or damage your credit in any way.

Unbeatable Flexibility

Our loans are structured in 30 days periods. We allow our clients to extend it to the next 30 days as needed, as long as the minimum payments are met. These payments cover the cost of funds including interest, storage and security. Once the transaction has been completed, we provide immediate payment via check or wire. We also encourage you to make payments to the principal in order to reduce your balance. Finally, our interest rate percentage is the lowest in the region, empowering clients to get their items back, fast.

Contact Diamond Banc Miami if you would like to sell unwanted jewelry or obtain a loan at 786-501-8006, or email directly our Miami Market Director at david@diamondbanc.com

Not in the Miami area? No problem! You’re welcome to visit any of our nationwide locations.


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