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Everything You Should Know About John Hardy Jewelry

John Hardy, a Canadian born designer, founded his company over 40 years ago. Since the company’s 1975 founding, John Hardy has become most recognized from their Asian influenced designs.

A few main collections make up the majority of Hardy’s work. The Classic Chain is highlighted by a woven wheat chain design.  A twist on this design and another signature style in his collection is the Modern Chain that features a “V” shaped pattern running through each piece. These styles can come plain or embellished with gems or diamonds.

The Dot collection is among the most simple of Hardy’s collections. This minimalistic, Bali-inspired design consists of sterling silver and gold dots, connected to form a piece of jewelry. The Dot collection has been a part of the Hardy collection since the company’s founding.


Should You Keep the Pouch That Your John Hardy Jewelry Came in?

Simply, put: Yes! You want to make sure you keep all the original boxes and pouches for any designer jewelry, whether you purchase it yourself or receive it as a gift.

Saving the Orginal Packaging Saves You Money:

  1. Buyers want the total package and having the box and pouch will add value in the event you wish to sell your John Hardy.
  2. The original box and pouch help establish your John Hardy jewelry’s authenticity. This reduces the risk for purchase and allows businesses to pay more for your jewelry, as there is less risk of fraud. This is important to buyers like Diamond Banc.
  3. When you store your John Hardy in the original pouch, it helps maintain the shine and luster of the piece. Secondary buyers will pay more for jewelry that is in good condition.



Diamond Banc is the best place in Florida to sell your John Hardy pieces! But you can get paid without giving up ownership of your items. If you’re not ready to part with your beloved John Hardy and still need money quickly, no problem. Our Jewelry Equity Loans are some of the best rates in Florida.

Diamond Banc makes selling your John Hardy jewelry easy, convenient and fast! First, fill out our simple online form with as much information as you can provide and any photos of your jewelry Within 24 hours, a Market Director will reach out to you with an initial offer. If this offer is satisfactory, we will meet in our private Tampa office. From there, one of our jewelry experts will evaluate your items and make you a final offer. After the offer is accepted, Diamond Banc will fund you immediately. You can also stop by our location or call us at 813-367-3372 to set up an appointment today!

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