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Loose diamond loans

What Are Asset-Based Loans?

An asset-based loan is a type of loan where the borrower uses their assets as collateral for the loan. One of the best things about asset-based loans is that the borrower is able to get a high amount of money at affordable interest rates. In the case of an asset-based loan, the borrower can receive up to 80% of the asset’s value without losing its ownership.

Although there are different types of assets that you can use to get a loan, the most popular assets used as collateral are loose diamonds. A vast majority of people looking for some quick cash seek a loan against diamonds as it allows them to retain the ownership of their items.

Once you repay the loan amount along with the interest fees, you will regain ownership of the asset that was used as collateral. So, we can say that an asset-based loan is the best way to fill the current financial void.

How Can An Asset-Based Loan be The Solution to Your Problems?

Lower cost

The interest rate linked with a Diamond Banc asset-based loan will always be less than traditional pawn loans because asset-based loans are considered the most secure form of loan worldwide.

Less paperwork

If you are tired of going through the complicated documentation process while getting traditional loans, you need to switch to asset-based loans and get a loan against diamond. Just a handful of papers will be enough in the case of asset-based loans.

Fewer restrictions

There are many forms of loans where there are restrictions on spending the money, but that is not the case with asset-based loans. It doesn’t matter how and where you spend the money; the company offering loans will never keep tabs on it.

Retain Ownership

Once your item has been evaluated, you’ll receive the loan without transferring away the ownership of your assets. Doesn’t that sound like a win-win deal? When you opt for an asset-based loan, you retain the ownership of your assets even when they are with the lending party.

Flexible repayment terms

In the case of a diamond loan or any other asset-based loan, you don’t have to be confined to a single form of repayment as the companies offering asset-based loans offer a long list of options when it comes to repayment and the repayment terms are quite flexible as well.

Using Loose Diamonds as Collateral

Loose diamonds make excellent collateral for an asset-based loan. They are oftentimes not being used and are sitting in a jewelry box or vault, it’s easier to evaluate loose diamonds and thereby determine true market value, ensuring you get the most for your loan, and it’s harder for them to lose value due to wear and tear over time. The experts at Diamond Banc have decades of experience evaluating, buying, and selling diamonds, so you can be sure to get the most for your loose diamond. Diamond Banc will gladly accept as loan collateral diamonds 0.50ct or larger of any shape, with or without certification. We will also accept extremely fine precious gemstones.

Why choose Diamond Banc?

Best loan amount- After receiving a quote from us, you can compare our offering to all the other players in the industry to ensure you are getting the best loan amount in the market.

Quick and simple process- Throughout our 125 years of experience in the industry, we have worked on building the simplest and quickest loan approval process, which allows our customers to get quick cash as soon as possible.

360 degree security- Put your worries of shipment aside as we have the safest network of shipping and storage that allows us to keep your precious loose diamonds safe from all the possible risk factors.

Low-Interest Rate- While taking a loan against your diamond, you can overlook the interest rate associated with the loan amount. Many turnkey companies provide an excellent value to your diamond but charge a high-interest rate at the same time. On the other hand, Diamond Banc allows you to secure a diamond loan at a low-interest rate that anyone can afford to pay.

Jordan Isaacs - National Director Of Funding
Meet Our National Director of Funding

Jordan Isaacs

Jordan Isaacs is the National Director of Funding for Diamond Banc’s corporate office. His primary focus is to ensure that our clients receive the best experience possible while evaluating their items for immediate sale or loan services. Jordan is an expert communicator with prompt and informative follow-up. His unique skill set and expertise allow him to provide the highest offers in the industry, financing options catered specifically to our clients, and exceptional service. Please call us or make an online submission to begin working with Jordan.



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