Who Buys Gold in Kansas City

“Who buys gold in Kansas City?” “Who pays the most for gold in Kansas City?” If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re not alone! Many people want to ensure they’re receiving the most for their gold items for sale in Kansas City. Diamond Banc buys gold at the highest prices in Kansas City.

“Who pays the most for gold in Kansas City?” Diamond Banc pays the most for your gold items in Kansas City.

What Gold Items Do We Buy?

Diamond Banc of Kansas City buys a large range of gold items from our clients. We buy:

  • Gold scrap (broken jewelry, missing earring backs, damaged  rings, etc)
  • Gold watches
  • Gold bullion
  • Gold TEETH
  • Gold wedding rings
  • Gold estate pieces
  • Gold pens (circa 1950s and earlier, this was a popular gift)
  • Gold class rings

If it’s made of gold, we will buy it.

Diamond Banc buys gold in Kansas City, all types of gold pieces!

More Than Just Gold

Some items hold much more value than just their gold content. A Rolex Day-Date is an excellent example of a gold item we buy that is valued much higher than the gold content alone. The designer, condition and market demand for your item dictates the value retention. A Rolex 18KYG Day-Date is a classic timepiece that demands a high price on the 2nd hand market.

Rolex Day-Date timepiece

Why Should I Sell my Gold Jewelry to Diamond Banc in Kansas City?

  • Privacy
  • All aspects considered
  • Customer Service
  • Immediate payment

We are jewelry experts and take every value-adding factor into consideration when purchasing your gold items. Most gold buyers only look at the gold content and the weight of the piece. We will do this, as well as review the piece for the condition and ensure the piece does not hold some unknown significance, such as a designer name or sought after, rarity that may raise the liquid value of the item. Diamond Banc of Kansas City has several avenues (not just over the counter of one retail location) to sell pre-owned items which enables us to find the right market for you piece, increasing our offer. We will provide immediate and discreet payment.

Diamond Banc of Kansas City is conveniently located on the Country Club Plaza.

How Do I Sell My Gold in Kansas City?

At Diamond Banc, our goal is to offer a discreet, professional and streamline process for selling your unwanted gold items in the Kansas City area. You can contact us for an appointment or start the process online now. You do not have to wait in line or display your items on a retail counter for the world to see. Once we review your items in our private office on the Country Club Plaza, we can immediately fund the transaction.

Visit our website or bring it into one of our Diamond Banc locations today.



Sicily Von Blakey

Author: Sicily Von Blakey

Hello! I am the newest member of the Diamond Banc buying team and specialize in designer jewelry and diamond pieces. I have been in the jewelry industry for 10 years, 6 of those years with our parent company. I have taken numerous diamond courses, including the Gemological Institute of America's Diamonds Graduate. Currently, I am working on earning my Graduate Gemologist degree, with the amazing help from the GIA scholarship foundation. I am a Mizzou Alumni where I studied International Relations with a focus on Chinese culture & language. I luckily fell into the jewelry industry, as a way to work through college, and fell madly in love with helping couples express their commitment through jewelry. I now take pleasure in assisting clients liquefy their luxury jewelry assets in a discreet, caring manner. I understand how emotional, sentimental and important jewelry can be; I want to make the process as educational and smooth as possible. I’m passionate about my pets (2 Pyrenees rescues, 3 cats, and a stubborn lizard), live music, gardening, Chiefs football and volunteering/fostering at KC Pet Project as much as possible.

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