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That most precious piece you’ve got in the jewelry box. Are you stuck in limbo, trying to figure out what’s better: getting an asset-based loan against your jewelry or simply selling it outright for cash? 

We understand the meanings, history, and attachment one may hold dearly for a unique piece of jewelry, so we’ve put together this article to help you make up your mind! 

Our in-house jewelry appraisers have A1 knowledge and expertise to make you a genuine offer worthy of every carat and tantalizing appeal your jewelry has to offer.

Money problems? An innovative, safe, discreet, and rapid method to overcome a crucial financial situation blocking you from moving forward in life. Take the initiative and opportunity to leverage your luxury goods to turn them into collateral. 

By the end of your read, we hope you will get a clearer vision to decide which one between pawn jewelry or outright sale would work to your advantage.


Brick-and-mortar Pawnbrokers will try to convince you that selling your diamond, gemstone, or gold jewelry outright instead of opting for an asset-based jewelry loan is that apparently, you’ll be cashing in more money. That’s not true from our business model’s perspective.

At Diamond Banc, we want you, the customer, to have the highest return possible; regardless it’s a loan or sale. We believe if you can get a higher return on a selling offer, then why should you be lowballed on the loan offer? 

Your exquisite diamond necklace, tennis bracelet, or pear-shaped blue sapphire earrings deserve to be appraised by knowledgeable experts who will factor in every single detail of your jewelry piece and make you an attractive offer. We have flexible loans on jewelry, with disregard for your employment history or what’s your rating on your credit score.


You may probably know this already, but one may agree that requesting a simple bank loan these days isn’t a feasible alternative either?

No loan officer at the bank will have an idea how much a Sixième Sens Collection Necklace by Cartier is worth, and not only that, they’d hardly accept it in the first place. So if the bank has refused to offer you a personal loan, but you’ve got fine jewelry you could use to solve an emergency expense or act on a reasonable chance to invest — Visit Diamond Banc.

Consider much faster, more reliable, and flexible luxury liquifying options such as our 2.5% monthly interest rate jewelry loan with convenient repayment programs. The amount of time to go to the bank and meet a representative to fill out applications, sign endless pages. Then wait forever to find out if it’ll be approved and the unbearable stress built upon is not worth your time.

Diamond Banc is where you get to meet passionate industry professionals who demonstrate outstanding work ethic and a customer-driven approach. The environment inside our offices stimulates comfort, modernity, and utmost privacy where we get to sit down 1-on-1 and observe your item closely!


Do you have sentimental solid value towards your jewelry and don’t wish to give it up forever? Pawn jewelry as an option can be the only guarantor that you may become the righteous owner of your item once more.

The most significant advantage of jewelry pawning versus the sale variant is having the possibility and right to retrieve your jewelry, backed by legit paperwork, once the loan is paid in full.


With Diamond Banc’s Jewelry Equity Loan, you get bold flexibility on your repayment time, with periods extending from 1 month all the way to 5 years if needed depending on the plan. 

As a result of full loan repayment, we will return your jewelry safe & sound and in the same exact condition as received initially.

If, at a certain point, you wish to pay extra money to bring down the principal amount on your loan and get your jewelry back faster — without breaking the bank.

Speaking of banks, we all know how severe it can impact your financial records if you miss payments. Jewelry loans for instance, don’t hold any mark whatsoever on your credit score. This includes defaulting on your loan or missing on a payment. 

No reports to the credit bureaus or unpleasant calls from collection agencies as an asset-based loan backed by your jewelry can never harm your financial records in any way possible.

It’s simple. Your jewelry serves as collateral to guarantee the repayment of your loan, giving the lender full rights to resell to recoup expenses. Diamond Banc always strives to help customers retain ownership of their jewelry while enjoying the money boost for personal spending or a remarkable investment opportunity. 

Unlike traditional banks, jewelry loans through us are done with total confidentiality, expedited speed, and in a relaxed setting with jewelry experts and certified appraisers on staff.

Why It’s Better To Sell Your Jewelry


Your local jewelry store


Auction houses

Consignment shops

eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, and other online marketplaces

Diamond Banc, the #1 jewelry buyer in the nation

Sell to a friend?

Apart from pawn loans, pawnshops buy jewelry items from the public but their knowledge is somewhat more as generalists as a figure of speech.


Diamond Banc specializes in exquisite designer jewelry, loose diamonds, luxury watches, designer handbags, and gold & silver. Not only that, our team players are GIA-certified gemologists, fine jewelry brand retail salespeople, all passionate for shiny little things.

If you got a fine piece of jewelry on its own or from a unique collection that deserves attention — trust a jewelry buyer with the knowledge and experience needed to realistically comprehend and make the best judgment of what it is genuinely worth. 

If, on the other hand, you consider your piece of jewelry simply needless to you and don’t have to commit signing papers — consider the sale option as a wiser choice in such cases. This way, you’ll simply walk away with a check or wired to your account within hours.

Selling your jewelry with Diamond Banc means trusting a client-driven business that’ll offer you much more in return, instead of having your items benefit some random pawnshop. Enjoy the luxurious setting of our office and experience a completely tailored client experience. 

When pawn shops give out loans against jewelry, they must take into account real-life scenarios like the customer having problems paying back the loan for whatever reason and may simply never come back to pick up their jewelry.

This premeditated calculation of risk management for pawn shops includes the probability of loss in profit and interest, which explains a lower return for loans vs. selling.

Need top dollar for your fine jewelry or pieces you deem useless? Bring them to us for a thorough evaluation in a nearby Diamond Banc office.

We have a team of experts passionate about what they do and happy to help you figure out the best solution to liquify your jewels today!

We have proudly helped countless customers like you, all over the nation in-person or via our online service. You can surely trust the level of expertise, transparency, and clarity Diamond Banc brings to the table when choosing the most innovative method to liquify your fine jewelry.


Brick-and-mortar Pawnbrokers the biggest pro to selling your jewelry as opposed to borrowing against it is that apparently, you’ll be cashing in more money this way. 

That’s not true from our viewpoint. Diamond Banc believes if you are eligible to get a higher return from the selling offer, but get lowballed on a jewelry loan, then something is off with the valuation process, don’t you think?

The right choice between pawn jewelry or selling it outright totally depends on what are your current circumstances and will work best for your particular NEED. Remember that with Diamond Banc, your items are valued equally for both options in a client-driven, transparent & versatile way.

Many people are retaining highly sought-after jewelry and pieces considered modern classics. If a piece is no longer precious to you, perhaps it is time to consider selling it off for profit, plain and simple. After all, it could bring smiles and joy to someone else wearing it, while you cash in from the best jewelry buyer in the country.

We accept designer pieces by Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Graff, David Yurman, Van Cleef & Arpels, and high jewelry of any other notable brand names. Our offers sometimes reach as much as $500K; feel free to show us what you’ve got on a zoom call!


Diamond Banc has a rich variety of asset-based jewelry loans — evaluated by industry-certified professionals and backed by a family-owned jewelry business with 125+ years of Midwestern legacy and experience. 

When you think of selling diamonds, designer jewelry, or your engagement ring, think Diamond Banc.

We have nationwide offices; choose to visit us in person or start the simple process of selling or loaning your jewelry from the comfort of your home. Diamond Banc is the #1 jewelry buyer & lender in the nation and is proudly headquartered in Columbia, MO.

Diamond Banc is the nation’s top-rated jewelry buyer & lender. Visit one of our nationwide locations, or work with us from the comfort of your home.

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