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Getting Your Diamond SOLD Is The Goal.

We actively market your diamond to a national audience. Once your diamond is sold, we pay you the preferred selling price that was initially established. We handle all the logistics necessary to maximize your diamond’s value and desirability before it is offered for sale. This approach ensures that we share the goal of maximizing the value of your diamond. We are not compensated for our efforts until you are.

We implement an exclusive nationwide marketing strategy that prominently features your diamond on various platforms, including, the world’s largest diamond dealer platform. Throughout this process, we prioritize the strict confidentiality of our clients’ identities.

Selling your diamond is a significant decision, with the ultimate goal being to receive the highest possible return, our Sellers Agent Service is designed to accomplish this goal.


What Sets Diamond Banc Apart from Traditional Consignment Options?

When you entrust your diamond to us, we become your dedicated sellers’ agent. Our experienced team employs a comprehensive strategy to market your diamond across various platforms, connecting with a vast pool of potential buyers. This gives your diamond unparalleled exposure, maximizing its sale value.

We understand that your primary goal is to secure a successful sale and receive prompt payment. While many consignment sellers may promise high returns and boast of lofty selling prices, the reality can often be disappointing, with many diamonds remaining unsold and consignors left without payment.

At Diamond Banc, we believe actions speak louder than words. We prioritize integrity and embrace a modern, innovative approach to marketing your diamond. By investing our time and resources, we are committed to ensuring its successful sale. By aligning our interests with yours, you can trust us to strive for the maximum return on your investment.

When searching for a potential consignee, it’s crucial to ask the right questions. Focusing solely on the cut of the profits is irrelevant if the consignee cannot deliver an agreeable selling price or, more importantly, ensure a successful sale. Unfortunately, assumptions of a successful sale are all too common, often leading to disappointment.

Choose Diamond Banc as your trusted consignor, and experience the difference our Sellers Agent Service can make. Let us transform your diamond into its maximum return. Don’t settle for empty promises—rely on a consignor with a proven track record, a commitment to transparency, and a genuine dedication to achieving successful sales.

Contact Diamond Banc today to explore the possibilities and discover the financial potential of consigning your diamonds with us.

3 Must-Haves When Consigning a Diamond

When considering where to consign your diamond, there are three essential factors you should prioritize. These must-haves ensure a successful and rewarding consignment experience:

  • Laser Inscription & GIA Certification:

For a natural diamond to be sellable, it must have a laser inscription and be GIA-certified. This provides authenticity and adds value to your diamond. If your diamond does not possess these attributes, a reputable consignor should quickly offer to facilitate the process for you. Without proper certification and laser inscription, proceed with caution.

  • Standardized Consignment Agreement:

A standardized consignment agreement is crucial to establish clear terms and protect both parties involved. This agreement should outline important details such as the insurance value of your diamond, payment terms, any applicable fees, and the protocol for retrieving your item. Reviewing and understanding this agreement is vital to ensure a smooth consignment process.

  • Confidence in the Consignor:

When entrusting your treasured diamond to a consignor, it is essential to have confidence in their expertise, integrity, clientele, energy, and drive to turn your item into a check in your hand. Just as you would hesitate to leave your valued possession with just anyone, a consignor in the jewelry business should inspire trust. Ask hard questions and seek answers that provide you with the assurance you need to make the right decision.

Key Questions to Ask Potential Consignors:

To make an informed decision, ask the following questions when evaluating potential consignors:

Do you have a standardized consignment agreement for my review?

A clear and comprehensive agreement sets expectations and protects both parties throughout the consignment process.

What proactive steps and investments will you make to actively market my item?

Merely displaying your diamond in a case or placing it on a website is not sufficient in today’s competitive market. Look for a consignor who demonstrates a strategic marketing approach to maximize exposure and increase the chances of a successful sale.

Will my item be insured while in your possession? If so, for how much? 

Insurance coverage is crucial to protect your diamond from unforeseen circumstances. Ensure that the consignor offers adequate insurance coverage and understands the importance of safeguarding your valuable item.

How long do you envision it taking to sell my item and get me paid? 

While specific timelines may vary, it’s important to have a general understanding of the consignor’s expected timeframe. This will help manage your expectations and ensure a timely sale and payment process.

By considering these three must-haves and asking the right questions, you can confidently choose a consignor who will provide the necessary expertise, integrity, and dedication to turning your diamond into a successful sale. Don’t settle for anything less than a consignor who values your item and works tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for you.

Interest-Free Sale Advance Funding

Receive Immediate Funding, Interest-Free.
Clients can immediately receive up to 25% of their estimated Sellers Agent proceeds, interest-free. Partial sale proceeds are advanced for a defined period. Once the sale is complete, we issue the remaining proceeds owed to the client. We present the client with an updated purchase offer if the item does not sell within the defined advance period. Upon their acceptance, we promptly fund the owed proceeds. Additionally, clients can return the advanced funds and retrieve their items.

*Further terms & conditions apply.


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