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How To Easily Sell Your Pre-Owned Rolex?

Are you wondering how you can easily cash out your pre-owned Rolex? With increased online jewelry shops, it might seem easy to sell. However, to get the full value of your Rolex, there are various factors and steps you need to consider. Unlike cars, Rolex watches can increase in value as they age – Sometimes the older the Rolex watch is, the higher the value. However, for a reliable consultation, consider contacting our experts at or visiting our offices. We have multiple branches across the United States, making it easy to find one near you. You may wonder, “Can I sell my Rolex in Nashville?” Yes, there are numerous stores in Nashville where you can sell your watch.


If you are searching for an easy way to sell your pre-owned Rolex, visit us at Diamond Banc. You will enjoy fast service and a high pay-out from your pre-owned Rolex. Stick with me and learn how you can easily sell your Rolex to us.

Seven Steps To Selling Your Pre-Owned Rolex


In an industry marked by counterfeit goods, finding a reputable buyer is crucial. As such, many dealers are dishonest and not transparent with their transaction. Consider the following aspects when selecting the right dealer.


How reputable is this dealer for buying a pre-owned Rolex? A business whose reputation precedes it can be a great choice for you. For instance, if you want to sell a Rolex in Nashville, Diamond Banc is part of a jewelry company that has been operational since 1896 with an excellent reputation.


This is another quality that you should consider when selecting the perfect Rolex dealer. Your selected reputable dealer must be honest and have a high level of integrity.


After identifying a reputable dealer, the next step should be to prepare all the necessary documents and information relating to your Rolex. The more informed you become, the higher the chances of reaping the full value of your watch.

While it is possible to sell your Rolex without paperwork or its box, having these items in place will make the selling process easier and increase the chances of a higher payout too.


The third step to selling your Rolex is getting an accurate quotation of your product from your prospective buyer. In most cases, receiving the true value can be challenging as many dealers want to conceal this number to earn a higher profit. However, if you choose us, you will get an accurate and free quotation for your product. You can fill in the information on our website or call us. You will receive instant feedback quoting the price of your pre-owned Rolex.


For clients who are not within driving distance of a Diamond Banc office, after you accept our price quote, Diamond Banc will send you a prepaid and insured shipping label. You can rest assured that our shipping process is safe. We will insure your pre-owned Rolex while in transit for the full value quoted on the quotation form.


Although the goods will be insured, you still want to ensure that your Rolex reaches us safely. Follow the safe packaging process guidelines we provide and then send it out.


After safely packaging your Rolex and sending it out to us, one of our Diamond Banc experts will open the package and evaluate the content on camera. This ensures openness and transparency, which in turn results in customer loyalty.


After the proper evaluation is conducted and we confirm that your Rolex watch matches the description you have given, our representative will contact you to confirm the agreed upon amount. You will then decide on one of two methods of payment to receive your payout. You will receive your total agreed-upon price via wire transfer or check.

At Diamond Banc, we ensure that the process of selling your pre-owned Rolex is straightforward. For any questions regarding the sale of your pre-owned Rolex, visit our website at to get our contact details.

Factors To Consider When Selling A Rolex


If you want to sell Rolex in Nashville or anywhere else in the United States, there are some factors you should consider. While the value of many Rolex products increases with age, it is essential to consider the reference number, market value, demand, and serial number of Rolex. Even though at Diamond Banc, we make an honest evaluation of your Rolex value, it is essential to estimate how much to expect for your Rolex. The following factors influence the final value of your Rolex.


The reference/model number is one of the many aspects of a Rolex watch that will determine its value. What is the reference/model number, and where do you look? A reference/model number is a four to six-digit number and is usually engraved on the side of the watch case and is located between the lugs at 12 o’clock. For Rolex watches, these numbers are engraved on the case between lugs at 12 o’clock. As such, if you want to sell Rolex Nashville, you have to remove the bracelet to read the numbers. The serial number of a Rolex is also very important and is located in one of two locations on the watch depending on the production year. For Rolex watches made before 2005, it can be found engraved on the case between the lugs at 6 o’clock. While in 2005, the serial number was engraved on the inner flange, a.k.a rehaut, in 2008, the serial number was found only on the rehaut.

Thus, you will need to remove the watch bracelet/strap to read the reference number. However, if you still hold the paperwork, you can find its reference number in the product description. The reference number sets the value of the Rolex by revealing most of the information about it, like the material quality of the Rolex. Also, by entering the reference number of your Rolex in our Diamond Banc Rolex Value Calculator search bar, you will get the exact price of that specific model then.

The purpose of determining the serial number of your Rolex is to assist in approximating the production date of the watch. Recently, Rolex has changed serial numbers to include letters too. If you cannot find your pre-used Rolex serial number engraved in or on Rolex paperwork, use the Diamond Banc watches search lookup tool to find the serial number.


After tracing your serial and model number, it is essential to determine your Rolex watch’s current market value. Are you looking forward to selling your Rolex in Nashville or anywhere in the United States? Most luxury jewelry stores place more value on a timepiece than its actual price.

From a general perspective, rare pieces tend to command higher selling prices compared to the common pieces. However, the true market value is the amount of money the buyer is willing to spend on your pre-used Rolex regardless of its original price and the sentimental value it has to you. In addition to comparing a recently sold piece of Rolex of the same caliber as yours, Diamond Banc can assist you in getting a clear and current market value of your piece.


The current condition of your Rolex will significantly influence its value. Thus, before selling your Rolex, ensure you note down any wear and tear present. Mint condition or “like new” pre-owned watches are those that have never been worn but have remained kept safely. Such pieces will cost more as they are essentially new and have increased their value through aging.


When buyers consider purchasing a pre-owned Rolex watch, retaining the packaging that came with it plays a significant role in its value. It not only assists in verifying the originality of the Rolex but also if it was stored or if it has been worn. This is because, if it was bought and stored, its quality has been preserved.


After identifying your prospective buyer, how do you intend to sell your Rolex? It can be in-person or online. In the case of a personal transaction, follow the previous selling steps, and everything will be great. Similarly, the process is similar for online transactions, but there are things to look out for.

How To Sell Your Pre-Owned Rolex Online?


With technological advancements, it’s a smart idea to sell your Rolex online for a faster sale. The process is similar to visiting an office and making the sale in person. However, if you are not careful, you can fall into the hands of scammers. When selling your pre-owned Rolex online, there are some things to look out for to ensure a smooth and safe transaction. Below is a list of things that one should avoid.


Before selling your Rolex online, consider checking the number of positive reviews the prospective buyer has had over the last few years from verified review sources such as Google Reviews or Trustpilot.

Check what customers have said about them to learn and understand any of their potential flaws. In the case of more negative reviews than positives, avoid proceeding with the transaction.


Most online businesses have returning customers who leave positive reviews every time they do business. Customer loyalty is one of the determining factors of whether a business is reliable or not. If you find customers’ comments saying they had an excellent experience and would come back or it’s their second time doing business with them, you should consider it.

Why Choose Diamond Banc To Sell Your Rolex?

Diamond Banc is part of a trusted jewelry business that has been in existence since 1896. Based on over 1,100 customers’ Google reviews companywide, the business maintains a five star rating! This indicates that it is a reliable and trusted dealer that you can sell your Rolex watch to. They have numerous physical presences across the United States and an online presence for those who prefer online transactions.

Diamond Banc is the nation’s top-rated jewelry buyer & lender. Visit one of our nationwide locations, or work with us from the comfort of your home.

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