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Professional Rolex Buyers in Rochester

Looking to sell your pre-owned Rolex? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade your watch collection or need some cash for a momentous purchase for someone special?

No matter the reason, to get the most out of your Rolex resale experience, you need to consider various factors and steps to ensure a secure and rewarding transaction.

Keep on reading to learn more about unveiling what your timepiece could be worth in the secondary market and finding the best Rochester Rolex buyer.

The condition of your Rolex impacts the value

They say first impressions matter most, therefore it’s important to take into account any physical or mechanical damage your Rolex watch may have. This includes dents, scratches, or complete in need of repair work. A watch’s resale value depends on its condition. Taking care of your watch will get you much more cash in return than it would if it were in a bad shape.

Therefore, make sure you accept your timepiece’s condition before going in for an appraisal online or in person.

Does having the original box & paperwork affect the value of your Rolex?

Yes, because it will add more value to your proposal and buff up your offer. Many Rolex watch collectors look forward to purchasing a pre-owned Rolex with accompanying paperwork, such as the original receipt, manual, and/or warranty card. These documents supply credibility, reinforce your Rolex watch’s authenticity, and let your Rochester Rolex buyer put more money on the table due to the additional factory accessories. 

Diamond Banc will still purchase your pre-owned Rolex if you’re missing the abovementioned — just bear in mind that combining these with your watch can definitely get you more. 

How can I tell if my Rolex watch is authentic?

To ensure the authenticity and origin of your used Rolex, the following key features should be examined thoroughly by your Rochester Rolex buyer:

Does your Rolex have a reference number?

The reference number is one of the few considerable value-enhancing factors of your pre-owned Rolex watch. Used to define your exact Rolex model, which will play its role during valuation. 

You can spot the reference number usually laser-inscribed on the watch case’s side, located between the lugs at 12 o’clock. Once you remove the bracelet or strap, four to six digits can be visible to the eye.

What is the serial number of your Rolex watch?

The serial number of a Rolex is a vital detail to consider as it reveals the year of production of your watch.

For Rolexes manufactured prior to 2005 — it can be found engraved on the case between the lugs at 6 o’clock. 

While after 2008, the serial number was etched on the inner flange. This is the space where you can read tiny text engraved “ROLEX ROLEX ROLEX” that goes all around between the dial and the crystal glass.

How do you determine the value of a pre-owned Rolex watch?

Well, to answer this question, one must understand the following two principles:

  • Law of supply and demand
  • Retail value vs market value

Generally speaking, rare and older pieces tend to dictate higher prices because these Rolex models are much more difficult to find when compared to the number of people wanting them!

The current market value is the amount of money the buyer is willing to spend on your pre-used Rolex regardless of its original retail price and the sentimental value it has to you. 

Concentrating solely on its retail value will set unrealistic expectations and lead you to disappointment. This is why an informed Rochester Rolex buyer will compare your pierce with a recently sold one in similar conditions. 

Some diamond & dress Rolex models have actually decreased in value in the second-hand market due to the low level of desire expressed by potential buyers — Ok, well, maybe for a few exceptions like the Rolex Daytona Rainbow (Ref #116595RBOW) that’s always in-trendy and highly wanted but comes with a hefty price tag.

Other factors influencing market conditions, such as the recent Bitcoin crash, led to many people selling their luxury watches — which as a result, flooded the pre-owned market with desired sport and diving styles Rolexes.

Diamond Banc uses marketing comps to keep everything under the radar with the intention of operating in a client-driven manner. If we see immediate changes that can favor your offer, we believe it’s only fair that the latter should be communicated to you!

Sell your Rolex to an expert & reliable Rochester Rolex buyer

Now that you have a more profound understanding of your Rolex model and second-hand market realities, it’s time to match your Tolex with an honest watch buyer.

There are technically 2 ways to sell your pre-owned Rolex:

  • Personal or in-person
  • Online

If you’re going to sell it yourself, it’s crucial that you do it in a secure and beneficial way, so you don’t end up getting ripped off by some stranger. A close friend or family member is easier because you know those people and trust them from life experience.

However, the same won’t go for meeting a complete stranger from Craigslist or Facebook, for instance, and we wholeheartedly suggest you omit these options in the first place.

Your local pawnbroker can purchase your Rolex, yes. But are they going to be 100% honest about the updated market value of your watch? Not only that, some of these stores don’t hire trained experts and have their best interests as a priority instead of yours.

When searching for “Rolex buyers near me”, do a quick background check on the businesses that show up to figure out how long they’ve been operating and if there’s a way you can read customer testimonials to get a clear picture of the service quality you may get walking in.

Diamond Banc is a transparent Rochester Rolex Buyer who believes customer loyalty is everything. We operate with maximum diligence and honesty in a no-risk, no-obligation, and in a pressureless environment.

If you’re looking for the best place to sell Rolex online, don’t look any further! 

You can kick off the process with this simple form by providing us with details about your watch, and an expert team member will be in touch within 1 or 2 business days with an initial quote. 

After receiving your quote, you may either mail in your Rolex (prepaid and fully insured from pick up to delivery) or visit our Rochester affiliate office at Mann’s Jewelers.

Phone us at (816) 977-2677 to set up an appointment with our experienced and friendly Market Director for an expert watch assessment and an offer that’s worth the visit!

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