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Declutter Your Jewelry Box And Sell Your Forgotten Gems.

When you think of cleaning and decluttering, you might first think of closets, garages, and all the rest. All too often, the jewelry box goes untouched. Over time, out-of-date jewelry piles up, gathering dust, but rarely getting worn. By spending some time straightening up your jewelry box, you can declutter your life. And if you find jewelry pieces that you no longer wear, you can sell them, putting cash in your pocket or new jewelry in your box.

Let’s be honest, most folks don’t enjoy cleaning. You often end up digging through your closet or garage, building up a sweat, discarding old junk. Of course, if you happen to find valuable stuff that you no longer need, you could hold a garage sale or list the stuff online, earning money along the way. And at the end of the day, getting paid to clean beats plain old cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning out your jewelry box, you’ll often deal with less sweat and more profit. One person’s discarded jewelry could easily be another’s treasure. Your tastes or style may have evolved, making some pieces irrelevant. Still, your old jewelry may suit another just fine. Likewise, jewelry typically contains valuable materials, such as gold, diamonds, and so forth. Even when jewelry is hopelessly out of fashion, the materials remain valuable.

Selling jewelry doesn’t mean getting rid of your collection either. Many people sell their old jewelry and then use the funds to buy new jewelry. This way, you can keep up with the times and latest trends while also preserving your bank account. And with folks fretting about inflation, jewelry can even become an investment, preserving wealth.

Not sure what you have and what you can part with? The wise first step is to take stock of all your jewelry and then declutter, selling pieces you no longer want for a profit. Along the way, you might even find jewelry that you had forgotten about. Now may be the time to bring pieces back into your regular rotation.

Let’s take a look at how you can sort your jewelry and then sell pieces that you no longer want for a profit.



First, you’ll want to gather all of your jewelry in one place. This way, you can sort through everything at once and also develop a better idea of what you have on hand. By doing so, you can make better decisions about which pieces to sell and which to part with.

You might realize that while you love gold earrings, you’ve got a huge array of hoops and some pieces are redundant. You might also conclude that you’re lacking in platinum or silver pieces, constraining your style. By taking stock of your entire jewelry collection, you can better make decisions about what should be sold.

It’s smart to find a large, flat area that you can place all of your jewelry on. You’ll want to avoid losing jewelry, so it’s best to use a surface that doesn’t have nooks and crannies where jewelry could end up lost. If you have pets that could get in the way, it’s wise to put them out of the room.

Some people use their beds while decluttering jewelry. This could work. However, there’s a risk that jewelry will get lost on soft surfaces, such as a comforter. Beds are also springy. If you laid out a bunch of jewelry and then fell onto or collided with the bed, it could cause your jewelry to scatter. A large table often works better. You might use your dining room table, for example.

You may also want to have storage containers on hand to keep things safe. If you’re sorting through a bunch of earrings, you may want to put them all in a box or Tupperware container to reduce the risk of any pieces getting lost.


Often, people sorting their jewelry collection find that they have only one earring out of a pair. It’s best to set these aside and to see if you can find the corresponding earring. You may find that missing earring while decluttering your jewelry box.

Sometimes, that lost earring is gone for good. Still, even a lone earring can be worth quite a bit, especially if it’s made of gold, contains diamonds, or otherwise is forged of high-quality materials.

Selling incomplete jewelry is a wise first step. The choice is typically easy to make. With an incomplete set, you probably can’t even wear the jewelry you have. So it makes sense then to declutter your jewelry box and to raise some funds while doing so by selling single earrings.



Like everything else, jewelry can become worn out over time. In some cases, you can take it to a jeweler, who can then clean and repair your pieces. However, repairing jewelry can be quite an investment and you should closely consider if it’s worth the cost.

In many cases, a better choice is simply to retire and sell the jewelry. Then, cash in hand from the sale, you can purchase new pieces. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you’ve got jewelry that’s both in good repair and also keeps with the latest fashion and trends.

Even worn-out jewelry can be worth quite a bit of money, especially if the jewelry contains valuable materials, say diamonds, platinum, or gold. When you sell your jewelry, the jeweler may opt to repair it or to extract the valuable metals.


Let’s assume you’ve already sorted out damaged and incomplete jewelry. This is a great first step and sorting such jewelry is pretty simple and straightforward. Once that’s out of the way, however, you’ll have harder choices to make. Which complete jewelry sets and pieces should you sell? Which should you keep?

There’s no easy answer. However, you can ask yourself a smart and simple question: “Would I buy this jewelry piece today?” If the answer is no, closely consider why. Perhaps the jewelry is out of style. If that’s the case, upgrading may be in order. And by selling the old jewelry, you’ll be able to more easily afford new pieces.

Personal tastes change. Earrings you loved when you were 20 years old may no longer suit your tastes at age 40. That’s perfectly fine and a natural part of aging. But instead of letting jewelry that you’ll no longer wear collect dust, it’s best to sell the pieces and move on.

Perhaps the simplest way to identify out-of-date jewelry is simply to envision the piece in a display case at your favorite local jeweler. How would that jewelry make you feel? Would you buy it? Or would you pass it up in favor of another piece? If the answer is the latter, it’s time to sell the old piece so you can buy a new piece of jewelry that you love.


Even if your personal tastes don’t change, you may find yourself wearing certain jewelry pieces less and less. Over time, some things come into fashion, and some things go out of fashion. Few people wear bell bottom jeans these days. Maybe bell bottom pants will come back into fashion, but if so, that’s likely years away.

Similar story with jewelry. The earrings or necklace you bought in 2005 may have caught the eye in a good way back then. Wear the pieces today, however, and you may look hopelessly out of style. Perhaps in twenty years, styles will change and your old jewelry will be back in style. But for now, it’s best to sell outdated jewelry so you can get stuff that is in style.

Jewelry makes a statement. You can show off your cultivated fashion tastes and financial success with the right jewelry. Out of date jewelry can make a statement too, suggesting that you have poor taste or aren’t with the times.

Fortunately, by selling your out-of-style jewelry, you clear out space in your jewelry box and you’ll have more money to buy new jewelry.


Deciding to part with old, out-of-date jewelry is one thing, actually doing so is another. Let’s assume you’ve decided to sell some pieces after decluttering your jewelry collection. Some of the pieces may be incomplete, others may simply not match up with your current tastes or fashion sense. Whatever the reason, selling jewelry that you’ll no longer wear is a smart first step.

So where should you sell your jewelry? You’ll want to find jewelers and diamond buyers who can offer professional advice, fair prices, and top-notch service. Fortunately, Diamond Banc offers all the above and more.

At Diamond Banc, the leading fine jewelry buyers Miami, you can rest assured that we will consider each piece of jewelry closely and will work with you to determine its fair value. We offer years of industry experience, prompt customer service, and our expert jewelers can help you decide which jewelry pieces to sell.

So if you have any jewelry you’d like to sell for cash, make sure you stop by Diamond Banc to get a quote!

Diamond Banc is the nation’s top-rated jewelry buyer & lender. Visit one of our nationwide locations, or work with us from the comfort of your home.

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