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Tips For Selling Your Diamond in Tampa, FL

Have you inherited a diamond necklace from your mother-in-law? Do you still own a diamond wedding ring after your divorce, which you want to get rid of? Or do you want to upgrade the style and size of your diamond jewelry? There can be numerous reasons to sell diamonds in Tampa.

How do you know where to start? You may feel overwhelmed or intimidated when it comes to selling your precious diamond jewelry. However, it may help to begin the process with background knowledge about the diamond jewelry industry and how it operates. Here are some practical tips that prepare you to sell diamonds as an informed seller.

Cartier Diamond Necklace and EarringsDifferent Ways to Sell Diamonds

The first thing you need to know when you sell diamonds is that you’ll likely sell your valuable assets at a lower price than the current market value. And some places offer incredibly lower prices, so you need to know about some things before you decide to sell your diamond jewelry.

You have different options to sell diamonds in Tampa, like pawn shops, private diamond buyers, direct buyers, or jewelry shops. Out of these, pawn shops only have the advantage of quick selling and convenience. Otherwise, they both offer significantly lower prices than the actual market value of your jewel is worth.

When you work with the diamond buyers at Diamond Banc, you will be offered a generous price for your diamonds. Unlike many diamond buyers, we have the tools and knowledge to ensure every value-adding factor is taken into account when evaluating your diamond jewelry items. Generally, appraisals evaluate the retail price for insurance purposes, whereas the market price of experts in the industry determines the market value of your jewelry items.

At Diamond Banc, our Tampa market director is a GIA Graduate Gemologist who has the credentials to assess the value of diamonds because she has extensive experience and education in the diamond industry.


Assess Your Jewel

To do this, visit a certified diamond appraiser who can assess the real value of your diamonds. This enables you to save your time and money before you go to the market to sell diamonds. Search for a professional diamond appraiser who has GIA certification for the assessment of your jewelry items. The experts at Diamond Banc are GIA-certified gemologists. They can provide you with the accurate value of your diamonds, unlike pawn shops and even private jewelry appraisers, who don’t have any formal qualifications. This enables you to have a genuine and objective opinion regarding your jewels.

Develop Realistic Expectations

Educating yourself about the factors that contribute to the value of diamonds enables you to develop realistic expectations. You can research online and visit local jewelry stores to determine the price according to existing market conditions. At Diamond Banc, we pride ourselves in helping clients understand the factors involved in jewelry evaluation, which helps them make better-informed decisions.

Consider Factors that Determine Diamond’s Price

Geological Institute of America suggests more than 30 factors that help to establish a more accurate diamond price. However, to understand and detect those factors, you need specialized knowledge, practical experience, and a keen eye. At Diamond Banc, we have trained and experienced diamond specialists who can determine these factors and help you understand the actual value of your diamonds. As a general diamond seller, you can explore the 4 C’s to sell diamonds smartly.

The above-mentioned tips can help you determine your diamond or diamond jewelry’s price in a better way. And you’ll be able to grab a good deal to sell diamonds in Tampa.


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