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Sell My Diamonds: Things To Consider When Seeking A Diamond Buyer


Are you a little cash-strapped and need to sell diamond jewelry, your unwanted wedding band, or engagement ring? 

We understand the sentimental value and memories associated with a unique piece — and believe you deserve a selling experience that’s as pleasant and exciting as the first time you put on that very same jewelry.

In this article, we’ll cover some essential factors you must consider when seeking a trustworthy diamond buyer in the marketplace — one that will have your best interest at heart and get you the highest dollar for your precious item.

Expertise and knowledge of diamonds & jewelry

A great diamond buyer hires highly qualified industry experts who can spot a particular designer jewelry piece and show you any value-adding factor that your diamond jewelry may possess — with skill, care, and in a detailed manner!

Diamond Banc has staff members with decades of experience in the jewelry industry. Many have certifications at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America); thus, explaining the 4C’s of diamond quality and beyond when assessing your item is simply standard procedure.

You can read about each of these characteristics here to learn how they affect your diamond’s actual value. 

Fancy-colored diamonds have a separate grading system that emphasizes color intensity, and specific colors are much more sought-after than others in the market. 

Diamond Banc’s Market Directors continuously eye on trends and market demands that may require special attention.

Furthermore, your diamond jewelry may dictate a premium if the branding element comes into play; this is why it’s vital to trust jewelry specialists like Diamond Banc to spot these key factors that can drive the price significantly.

Integrity and transparency in the evaluation process

Diamond buyers in this country come in all shapes and sizes, most notably recognized as your local pawnshop. 

Diamond Banc always operates with the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles — that’s because we care about the genuine worth of your diamond as much as you do. And believe your stunning diamond jewelry is worthy of a fair, transparent, and customer-focused evaluation.

Transparency goes a long way for a diamond buyer like Diamond Banc. 

Suppose you hold a diamond certification from any other lab except the GIA. In that case. In that case, we may kindly suggest you strongly consider the latter to regrade your gem as other labs have a radical approach when evaluating color and clarity — which can significantly affect the wholesale market value of your diamond.

We have an A+ rating from the BBB [better business bureau] and believe the best way to thrive is to operate with the highest integrity and make our customers a top priority.

Reputation + legacy, both offline and online

Experience isn’t the sole quality to look for in diamond buyers. You might still want to do your homework by reading customer reviews and their experience working with that diamond buyer in particular.

Hone in on comments that may reveal something about the level of know-how the staff has, quality of customer service, and whether or not the offers made sense.

The best way to go about it is by going through a couple of client testimonials online, such as Google Reviews or another website where the public rating is permitted.

Diamond Banc is a reputable and respected diamond buyer with over 125+ years in the jewelry sphere. 

Many luxury jewelry owners come to us with their diamond pieces because they know how much we understand signature items and the level of service they’ll get here compared to elsewhere.

Privacy & high-end customer experience

We believe your diamond buyer must make your customer experience comfortable, value-driven, and in a discrete one-on-one setting. No one deserves to walk in a noisy place with a gorgeous Cartier necklace, for instance, and hope to walk out with a fair deal.

Our offices function in a dynamic, unified, and branded fashion where you get to sit down comfortably with industry experts. We lead with clarity and kindness when describing market realities to clients and when presenting an offer.

Sell my jewelry with Diamond Banc

Diamond Banc is a trusted leader location to sell diamond jewelry quickly and without any complications or hidden fees. The process is straightforward:

  • You get an expert evaluation of your diamond jewelry
  • You receive a quote
  • We find the perfect financial solution to fit your needs 

Alternatively, you may opt for a loan instead. Regardless of your choice, the funds are available on the spot. 

Are you on Google, searching for “diamond buyers near me”? Diamond Banc is the nation’s premier diamond buyer and luxury-backed alternative loan provider with over 9 regional offices across the country and a fully functional online service.

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