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Sell Your David Yurman Jewelry in Kansas City

David Yurman is a designer jewelry brand that is globally recognized.  A combination of different metals and stones makes the designer pieces unique and highly desirable.  Are you ready to swap out your older pieces for the newest trend?  Or have pieces you no longer wear?  Sell your David Yurman jewelry to Diamond Banc in Kansas City.

What determines the value of your David Yurman pieces?

There are many factors that go into how much your designer David Yurman piece holds once it is pre-owned.  What are these factors?

  • The condition of the piece
  • The popularity of the collection and style
  • The materials that make up the piece (gold vs. sterling silver, gemstones vs. diamonds)
  • The prevalence of the piece on the second hand market
  • Original packaging and paperwork adds value

One of David Yurman’s most well known pieces is the cuff bracelet from his iconic Cable collection.  Designed in sterling silver, many of these pieces have precious stones added to make it more unique. Also, the bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces generally carry this motif and are well recognized as being a designer piece.  David Yurman has also been one of the most successful designers to set diamonds in sterling silver.  Today, this makes many of his pieces instantly recognizable.

Why sell your David Yurman jewelry to Diamond Banc of Kansas City?

Diamond Banc understands the true value of popular designers like David Yurman.  Thus our local experts take every value-adding factor into consideration when evaluating your pieces.  Due to their vast networks and avenues to sell pre-owned jewelry, they pay the most in Kansas City for your pre-owned designer pieces.  Diamond Banc can purchase single items up to entire collections, with no funding delays.

How do I sell to Diamond Banc of Kansas City?

The process is simple.  Contact Diamond Banc of Kansas City through an online submission form and set up an appointment.   The experts will evaluate your pieces and do market research.  Once they have reviewed the items and any documentation, a check will be written for your items.  As David Yurman experts, Diamond Banc is often able to beat other offers from local pawn shops and jewelry stores.  Diamond Banc buys other designer jewelry as well.  Contact your local Kansas City office today at 816-977-2678!

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