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Best Place to Sell Jewelry in Kansas City

Where is the best place to sell your jewelry in Kansas City?  Diamond Banc is the premier place to sell jewelry in Kansas City.  At Diamond Banc, we provide a professional and discreet environment, with focus on a customer driven experience.  Need another reason to sell your jewelry to Diamond Banc?  Throughout the month of May, Diamond Banc will donate 5% of profits to KC Pet Project to help homeless animals.  Diamond Banc is excited to support the second largest no kill shelter in the United States, to help those who cannot speak for themselves.

Sell jewelry in May and help the KC Pet Project!

Why sell to Diamond Banc of Kansas City?

Diamond Banc jewelry experts take every value-adding factor into consideration when purchasing your items. Such as, designer name or rarity of the piece that may raise the value of an item.  Diamond Banc of Kansas City has various avenues to sell pre-owned jewelry. Thus, ensuring we can find the right market for your piece. Diamond Banc offers privacy, exceptional customer service and immediate payment when buying your jewelry.  Time and time again, Diamond Banc is proven to pay the most for your jewelry in the Kansas City area.  

If you need another reason to sell to Diamond Banc, here is one!  Diamond Banc has teamed up with TIVOL to support Kansas City Pet Project.  Through the month of May, Diamond Banc of Kansas City will donate 5% of profits to the local animal shelter.  Lucy Tivol, a Cavaliar King Charles, became TIVOL’s store dog, welcoming all customers who came through the door.  Lucy Tivol passed away earlier this year leaving behind countless memories for many at the store.  Because of TIVOL and Diamond Banc’s love of furry friends, we have come together to support such a meaningful organization for the community.

What does Diamond Banc of Kansas City purchase?

  • Diamonds 0.50CT and larger
  • Rolex and other fine Swiss timepieces
  • Tiffany & CO
  • Cartier
  • David Yurman
  • Most designer pieces
  • Sterling silver flatware and jewelry
  • Any gold or platinum pieces


How do you sell your jewelry to Diamond Banc and help KC Pet Project?

It’s easy!  Diamond Banc prides itself in offering the best possible customer service to make the process simple and quick.  The buy experts will explain all factors that go in to the buy offer to allow you to make the decision.  There is no pressure or “offer is only good for today” tactics.  To get started, you can fill out a simple form on our website, call the local Kansas City office at 816-977-2677 or email the head buyer and managing director, Sicily Von Blakey at .

Sicily has been volunteering for KC Pet Project for several years.  She is an active kitten foster and even has a dedicated “kitten room” in her house.  She has five rescue animals of her own.  Diamond Banc is excited to support a local organization that is a big part of their employee’s life.   An appointment can be set up at the conveniently located office at the Country Club Plaza.  The process generally takes about fifteen minutes and funds are available immediately.  Remember, all through the month of May, 5% of Diamond Banc’s profits will go to Kansas City Pet Project.




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