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How to Find a Diamond Buyer in Florida

Maybe you inherited a piece of jewelry, maybe a relationship has drawn to a close, or perhaps you are simply cleaning out an old jewelry box. Regardless of the circumstances, deciding whether to sell a diamond is never an easy choice. Even after you have reached closure, several key questions remain. Among the most important questions is determining where to sell your diamond.

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Finding a diamond buyer in Florida can be challenging. There is no shortage of pawnshops in Boca Raton, Tampa, Miami, Palm Beach, or Orlando. Similarly, several online diamond buyers have emerged in recent years. Evaluating your best option to sell your diamond can come with many complications. 

We’re making it easier with this guide to selling your diamond in Florida. 

Get an Idea of What Your Diamond Is Worth Ahead of Time

Ultimately, finding a buyer who will maximize your diamond’s value is a key consideration when it comes to selling a precious gemstone. Diamond jewelry is among the most valuable assets you can own. As a result, you want to find a buyer who will give you the highest value possible for your items. When looking for a diamond buyer in Florida, seek a buyer who provides transparency through each step of the process. The best options for selling your diamonds offer you a perspective on how much you can expect for your diamond early in the selling process. 

It can also be a good idea to shop around by comparing offers from multiple diamond buyers throughout Florida. Coming to sell your diamond with another offer in mind can give you a framework for whether an offer is fair since you will already have a price to compare with the current offer. 

You can even start by using an online diamond calculator. These calculators enable prospective diamond sellers to get an idea of what their diamond is worth using an easy-to-navigate online form. Discover your diamond with Diamond Banc’s online calculator.

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Avoid Diamond Sales with Strict Time Limits

Similarly, it’s important to find a diamond buyer with offers that never expire. Some diamond buyers provide stringent timeframes for their offers, in hopes that these time limits will increase the odds of a fast sale, and decrease the odds of a seller searching for comparison offers. If you receive an offer with a time limit, it can be a key indicator that your offer should be higher.

Think Beyond the Pawn Shop

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Pawn Shops have provided an easy way for individuals to sell or get a loan a diamond ring, necklace or designer jewelry for millennia. The first pawn shops emerged in Ancient China more than 3,000 years ago.  

However, when looking for a diamond buyer in Florida, a pawnshop may not always be your best option. Pawn shops tend to work in a diverse assortment of industries. The most commonly pawned items include electronics, antiques, tools, musical instruments, guns, and vehicles, in addition to designer handbags, luxury watches and precious gemstones. As pawnshops tend to work in several fields, they tend to be great generalists. This can be great for their business; however, when working in the highly specialized industry of jewelry, approaching business with a generalist perspective can be a major drawback. Florida pawn shops may lack the insight to ensure that you get the highest value for your diamond jewelry. 

Instead, consider working with a diamond buyer who specializes in jewelry. Working with a jewelry expert means that these individuals can take every value-adding factor into account throughout the diamond selling process. 

From diamond shape to a diamond’s carat weight and clarity, many factors can impact what your diamond is worth. These factors are often influenced by trends in the secondary market. For example, engagement rings featuring an oval center diamond have been increasingly popular in recent years. Consequently, a jeweler may be able to get higher values selling an oval diamond compared to a less popular shape. As a result, a diamond buyer will be able to pay you more for your oval diamond. Although these trends are obvious to a specialist in the diamond industry, a pawnshop will be less aware of the overall value of a diamond. Therefore, it may be a good idea to work with a specialist in diamond buying when selling your diamond in Florida.

Seek out a Diamond Buyer with a GIA Education

Similarly, the best diamond buyer is a well-informed diamond buyer. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) stands out as the premier educator in the diamond industry. Within the jewelry industry, a GIA gemologist education has become the gold standard for education. Therefore, it can be a good idea to opt for a diamond buyer with GIA training when selling your diamond, as GIA-trained diamond buyers stand out as among the most accomplished professionals in the diamond industry. 

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Consider If You Should Sell Your Diamond Online or In-Person

Historically, if you wanted to sell your diamond your only option was to find a local pawn shop or jeweler. In recent years, however, it has become easier to sell a diamond online, as the number of online diamond buyers has proliferated. Working with an online diamond buyer can come with several benefits, but there are also some clear drawbacks. Working with an online service to sell diamonds means that you are free to comparison shop and compare rates between diamond buyers and include buyers located outside of Florida, to make sure you get the most for your diamonds. It also increases convenience, since you can sell a diamond from the comfort of your own home. 

However, selling a diamond online can come with some key drawbacks. Most notably, it can be more difficult to screen out diamond buyers. When you are selling anything of value, it is important to work with a buyer you trust. This is particularly true when looking for a diamond buyer. It may be more difficult to trust a buyer you meet online, without a physical introduction or a storefront. 

Instead, consider opting for the best of both worlds. Look for a diamond buyer with an online presence and a brick-and-mortar location nearby. Companies that integrate their online and in-person offices allow customers to get their offer on their diamond without leaving their house, at the same time, these companies also enable you to meet a diamond buyer in person before you accept the offer directly.

Looking to Sell a Diamond in Florida? Consider working with Diamond Banc.

Over the past decade, Diamond Banc has emerged as the premier diamond buyer in the Sunshine state. We have offices located throughout Florida, with buyers in Boca Raton, Tampa, Miami, Palm Beach and Orlando. We also offer hybrid selling options and enable you to start the process of selling your diamond online to get an idea of what your jewelry is worth. Once you have received an offer, you can choose to come to visit us in our offices. After meeting our Market Directors in person, you can choose whether you want to proceed with the diamond selling process. We offer the highest rates in Florida for your diamond jewelry. Moreover, our offers never expire, allowing you to compare rates for yourself to ensure you receive the highest offer for your items.

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