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How to Declutter Inherited Items

The new year is here, and tidying up has become an international phenomenon. In the wake of the release of the Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, the organization guru, and New York Times Bestselling Author, has taken the world by storm.  Kondo’s organization philosophy is simple:  evaluate which items make you happy. If an item fails to spark joy, let it go. Unfortunately, this philosophy becomes far more complex when evaluating inherited items that were once beloved. 
It is common to inherit cherished items that do not suit your tastes. There can be intense guilt associated with letting go of once prized possessions. Instead, we shovel these items into jewelry boxes, security deposit boxes and storage units. Over the years, these once-beloved items are forgotten, accumulating dust in overlooked piles.  
Tastes can vary dramatically when it comes to antique jewelry.

Review whether you should keep your inherited items with these three questions:

1. Do You Want the Item?

No matter how much joy these items may have brought, they may not provide you with the same pleasure. Consider whether the items will be used again. 

2. Where Will You Store It?

If you will not use them, will you cherish the items as a memento? Will you display the item prominently in your home? Contrariwise, is it more likely that the item will be forgotten in a safety deposit box, the back of your closet, a safe or in a storage unit? If you store the item out of day-to-day view, consider what it would feel like to find the item unexpectedly. Can you envision yourself feeling delighted, nostalgic or even relieved when stumbling upon it? If you don’t foresee yourself getting excited by the rediscovery of your heirloom, it may be time to let the item go.

3. Will Others Appreciate the Inherited Item More than You?

Tastes vary, especially when it comes to antiques. Although an item may not suit your tastes, another person may appreciate the piece.  
If you are unlikely to appreciate the item, it may be best to thank the item for the joy it once brought your loved one and to then let it go. Inherited possessions are simply possessions. Keeping your loved one’s old things does not honor them. Instead, your memories, stories and respect for their ideas and principles provide that honor.
Diamond Banc accepts a wide variety of sterling silver items.
You may feel obligated to hold onto an item out of guilt. Ask yourself what your loved ones would want.  Would your loved one want their items to clutter your home if they knew you were not strongly attached to it? Their generosity could enable you to purchase a new car, travel or make a down payment on your dream home. What would your loved one prefer?
If you are looking to let go of items you have inherited, Diamond Banc is here to help. Our Market Directors are experts in evaluating the liquid value of your jewelry and silver items. We are happy to sort through a collection of jewelry, or silverware sets, to provide a transparent view of the liquid value of your items. Our offers are the best in the industry. Fill out our easy, risk-free, form to get started for yourself.

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