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Jewelry Estate Planning in Kansas City

Diamond Banc is your best resource when the time comes to plan for the future of your jewelry items. Our expert buyers can help you unlock the true liquid value of your pieces. Diamond Banc also offers the complimentary service of sorting through your estate jewelry pieces.

Henry Dunay Vintage Brooch and earring set
Diamond Banc Paid $5,000 For This Earring and Brooch Set

Do you want to sell estate jewelry in Kansas City? The Diamond Banc is the expert estate jewelry buyer in the Kansas City area.

Hidden Treasure

Many of our clients inherit estate jewelry from the passing of a relative. Diamond Banc often sees estates with both genuine fine jewelry, more unique and in demand pieces and costume jewelry.  It can be difficult for clients to tell the value of these items

Bring your estate pieces to Diamond Banc in Kansas City and we will assist you with sorting through the jewelry. You never know if you may have a hidden treasure in your estate!

Tiffany Jewelry Collection
Diamond Banc Paid $3,000 for this Collection

Prepare for the Future

Diamond Banc will review your jewelry pieces and provide vital information as you plan to move forward. Our team of experts will help you determine how much your items are worth. With a wide variety of options, our experts will help you make the right decision for your situation. Sometimes that means saving the items for future generations. Other times that means selling the items to Diamond Banc to release the liquidity in the assets.

Diamond Banc offers outright purchase options, consignment options, as well as jewelry equity lending options. At Diamond Banc, we go above and beyond for our clients to ensure you receive maximum return on your estate jewelry.

David Yurman Estate Lot $1,800
Diamond Banc Paid $1,800 for this collection

Why Use the Jewelry Estate Buying Experts?

Diamond Banc’s buyers take every value-adding factor into consideration when evaluating your pieces. From  the basic criteria all buyers look at, to more nuanced factors like jewelry condition, we are dedicated to providing you the most accurate and thorough evaluation for your jewelry. We also pay premium prices for designer jewelry.

Our vast network of online selling venues, estate dealers and retailers nationwide allow us to sell your pre-owned jewelry at the best fitting location.  Unlike many local buyers, we do not rely on one local retail location to resell your items; ensuring that you have the largest potential audience to successfully sell your items. We also have the ability to purchase single items up to entire estates, with funds delivered within 48 hours.

Unmatched Customer Service

We pride ourselves on offering the best possible customer service. Our professional buying team will thoroughly explain each factor that goes into the buy offer; providing a fully transparent process, with no numbers pulled “out of thin air”. Once you and the buyer discuss your offer, there is absolutely no pressure or expiration date. Diamond Banc wants you to have the tools to make the best decision for your personal situation. That can often mean taking time to consider your options.

The Process

Diamond Banc makes the process of selling your jewelry items simple. You can fill out our simple SELL form on our website. Or call our local office at (816) 977-2677 and speak with the Kansas City Market Director, Sicily Von Blakey, to set up an appointment. 

Diamond Banc is conveniently located on the Country Club Plaza.

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