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Dallas has a lot of diamond buyers and options for those looking to sell their unwanted diamonds and diamond jewelry. When you’re looking to sell a diamond in Dallas, a true expert, trustworthy buyer can mean the difference between selling for top dollar through a positive experience or getting lowballed in a misguided exchange. The best diamond buyer will take every aspect of the diamond into consideration to make sure you receive the most when selling your diamond. 

Diamond Banc is a national expert diamond buyer with 9 buying offices across the United States. We take every value adding factor into consideration, allowing us to pay premium market prices for consumer’s diamonds. We offer immediate funding, fast and transparent communication, and provide a zero-pressure process. We even encourage our sellers to shop around and explore their options. 

Our team of highly qualified, expert diamond buyers pride themselves on transparency, which is often difficult to find in an industry that can be opaque. We will show you diamonds comparable to yours for sale on the largest dealer-to-dealer diamond trading platform and explain how we derive our purchase offer. We believe that honesty and directness are signs of respect. Our job is to explain to you the value of your diamond in the current marketplace and assist you in maximizing your return. If you wish to sell your diamond, we will provide you an immediate cash offer and fund the transaction within 24 hours. 

Diamond Banc is the nation’s premier diamond buyer and not only offers multiple selling structure options, but also offers multiple ways to complete the selling process for clients located in the Dallas, Texas area.

Start online, complete in person or via secure shipping.


Diamond Banc allows clients to start the process of selling diamonds in Dallas from the comfort of their home by completing a quick and simple online submission form. Once an online submission is completed, Diamond Banc’s team of experts will quickly get to work reviewing the details of any diamonds submitted to ensure every value-adding factor is taken into consideration so the highest possible price can be offered. Clients will then be contacted by a Diamond Banc team member and presented with an industry leading offer and all of the client’s options will be outlined in detail. If a client decides to proceed with accepting their offer in Dallas, they will have two options for completing the transaction. 

Option 1: Secure Shipping

Diamond Banc will provide the client with a prepaid, fully insured FedEx shipping label and detailed packing instructions on how to safely package their diamonds to guarantee they will be safe and fully covered by Diamond Banc’s insurance while in transit. Click here for more details on Diamond Banc’s secure shipping process.

Option 2: In-Person Verification

Diamond Banc has relationships with trusted diamond experts in Dallas who can provide in person evaluation services on Diamond Banc’s behalf. This allows clients to complete their transaction on the spot without having to first ship their diamonds to Diamond Banc’s headquarters in Columbia, MO. Diamond Banc’s team will schedule the client an appointment with the local Dallas diamond expert at their earliest convenience so items can be inspected and verified. Once items have been evaluated by the diamond expert in Dallas, transaction documents will be completed online via electronic signature and funds will be issued the same day via wire transfer. Client diamonds are then securely packaged by the expert and shipped to Diamond Banc’s headquarters via fully insured FedEx overnight shipping. 

Diamond Banc is the premier diamond buyer for the greater Dallas area. Our experts are fully immersed in all facets of the diamond market on a daily basis. This means we know exactly how valuable your diamond is, and we will pay you accordingly! If you have interest in learning how much you can sell your diamond for, complete one of our simple online forms to get the process started, or contact Diamond Banc today.

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