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8 Rolex Nicknames You Should Know

What do Batman, Kermit, Pepsi, and the Hulk have in common? They are all nicknames for sport Rolex watches. Rolex fans have rechristened the brand’s ever-popular sports models after several pop-culture icons.

Here are 8 of our favorites:

1. Batman

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For all of the fans of the Caped Crusader, I present to you The Modern Marvel: The Rolex GMT-Master II; also known as “The Batman”.  In 2013, Rolex unveiled a bi-color bezel on a stainless steel GMT-Master II, “Bleu et Noir” which is French for blue and black. This color pairing was reminiscent of the color scheme for the beloved comic book character, and thus a new nickname was created. Fans of both the renowned Rolex pilot watch and Bruce Wayne himself were elated and waitlists filled up fast. This super popular GMT-Master II ref. 116710 with the blue and black bezel is still greatly in demand with models in the secondary market selling close to retail prices!

In December of 2018, Rolex announced plans to discontinue the all stainless steel GMT-Master models with an oyster bracelet.  Although the jubilee bracelet will still be available, this announcement has only increased demand for highly sought after Batman Rolex, especially those with an oyster bracelet.

2. Hulk

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While the black and blue dial on the GMT-Master II has earned the nickname “Batman”, the green Rolex Submariner with Green Cerachrom (ceramic) bezel insert (ref. 116610LV) has garnered the nickname the “Hulk” due to its all-green color profile and thick case design. This certainly isn’t the first time Rolex has used the color green on the Submariner line of watches, but the “Hulk”, released in 2010, marks the first time that both the dial and the bezel insert have been manufactured in any color other than black or blue.


3.  Pepsi

Rolex first released the GMT-Master with a red and blue bezel in 1955. The watch was originally designed for pilots with its dual-colored dial in order to separate the day and night hours with the second dial set to keep time in different time zones, with the night in blue and the day hours in red. The combination between the red and blue on the dial evoked images of the iconic soft drink’s logo, and the nickname stuck. This stainless steel model has remained one of Rolex’s most iconic sports model’s for more than 6 decades, making it one of Rolex’s oldest sports models with nicknames.

4. Coke

Much like Pepsi, the Rolex GMT-Master with its two-tone dial separates day and night hours for pilots darting from timezone to timezone. The primary difference between the two watches is the color for each dial. The nickname stems from the watch’s red and black dial, reminiscent of the Coca Cola logo.

Other Rolex Nicknames Include:

5.  Kermit

Rolex’s 50th-anniversary edition Submariner has black dial and green bezel

4.  Smurf

Rolex’s solid 18K White Gold Submariner with blue ceramic bezel and blue dial

5. Root Beer

Keeping with the soda theme, this Rolex GMT-Master features a brown dial and bezel

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