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The Evolution of the Modern Round Brilliant Cut

Round diamonds have comprised an estimated 80% of diamond sales throughout history.  However, diamonds have gone through a number of evolutions over the past 800 years.

Here are the five styles that contributed to the current cut of round diamonds.

1. The First Diamond Was Cut Over 800 Years Ago

The first cut diamonds date back to the 14th century and were exclusively worn by royalty. These diamonds, referred to as the point cuts, followed a diamond’s natural curvature.

2. The Rose Cut Diamond Dates Back to the 1500s.

In the 16th century, diamond cutting technology had developed to cut facets into diamonds. As a result, the Rose Cut diamond was born! With just 24 facets, rose cuts convey a soft mellow light. In contrast, the modern Round Brilliant cut diamond shine more brightly. The most significant trait of the rose cut is that they are flat on the bottom and dome-shaped on the top.

3. Old Mine Cut Diamonds Became Popular in the 18th Century

Old Mined Diamond

Following a few centuries, Old Mine Cut diamonds became the most popular style of diamond cut. This cut was developed in the 18th century.  Also known as an antique cushion cut,  the slightly curved edge which forms a soft square makes these diamonds stand out from older styles. Small tables, high crowns and larger culets are just some of the characteristics that give the old mine cut an architectural look.

4. The Old European Cut Emerged in the 1920s

Old European Diamond

The 1920s: an era of parties, prohibition, the art deco movement and Old European Cut Diamonds. The style features a prominent round girdle, which provides a more round appearance than Old Mine cut diamonds. Similar to the Old Mine cut, Old European Cut Diamonds also feature a high crown, small table and an open culet. However, instead of coming to a point, Old European Cut Diamonds are cut straight across leaving the bottom flat.

5. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Hit the Scene

Modern Round Brilliant Diamonds

The Old European Cut gave way to today’s Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. A Belgian mathematician, named Marcel Tolkowsky, calculated the precise proportions and angles to create the most brilliant, light-catching diamond cut possible. Through these dimensions, the Round Brilliant Cut was born. Today, this cut is the standard by which all American diamonds are judged today. Additionally, Round Brilliant Diamonds have the HIGHEST resale value of all the shapes.

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