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Sell your Rolex Submariner Hulk in Kansas City

What is a Rolex Hulk?

Originally designed for diving, the Hulk Rolex is a Rolex Submariner Date, reference 116610LV. The watch features a rotating bezel, which allows divers to measure decompression stops on their descent. The Rolex also includes a number of other functions specially designed for divers. The Rolex Submariner comes in a variety of bezel and dial colors, including the Rolex Submariner Hulk’s iconic green bezel and dial. This green color earned the watch its nickname, the Hulk.

Although The Submariner model was introduced in the 1950s, the Hulk was not manufactured until 2010. Watch collectors immediately loved the watch. This mass popularity has created an ideal market for selling your Rolex Submariner Hulk.

Get up to $9,000 for your Rolex Hulk with Diamond Banc

How Much is Your Rolex Hulk Worth?

Due to its tremendous popularity, the Hulk Rolex trades pre-owned for well above its list price. The list price on this watch is $9,050 but people buy and sell them for $10,000+ pre-owned. Unlike other watches, Rolex watches typically hold their value. Ultimately, their resale value can exceed the original value, which is very uncommon in the watch industry. The value for a watch is solely dictated by a watches’ popularity and demand. Currently, this sports model is highly sought after, meaning that it’s a great time to sell your Rolex Hulk!

At Diamond Banc, you can expect to get $9,000+ for your Rolex Hulk depending on the condition.

Why Diamond Banc?

Diamond Banc makes the process of selling your jewelry simple and fast. Just fill out our simple form with information about your Rolex and your desired amount to get started. Then, we will contact you with an initial offer.  If you are interested in this offer, Diamond Banc will set up a convenient appointment at our private office on the Country Club Plaza. There, a jewelry expert will evaluate the item and make you a final offer.  Once the offer is confirmed, Diamond Banc will fund you immediately. You can also stop by our location on the plaza, or call us at (816) 977-2677 to set up an appointment today!

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