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Deena Maali

Orlando, FL

Deena Maali is Diamond Banc’s Orlando Director with over 10 years of experience in fine jewelry and luxury watches. Born and raised in the heart of Orlando, her past experience includes buying and selling loose diamonds and designer fashion items to working with a vast variety of high-end watches. With her knowledge from working in many facets of the industry, Deena provides her clients with stellar experience, offering the best values and the lowest interest rates for their items. Visit Deena at our Orlando office for a free, no-pressure evaluation!

“After watching countless videos on YouTube, I reached out to Diamond Banc and was introduced to Jordan. He made the process seamless and simple and answered all of my questions. The entire process, from initial contact to securing a loan took less than 48 hours.
I am very impressed with their process and level of customer service and highly recommend them to anyone needing to access their jewelry’s equity. Thank you again!”

-Sebastian C.

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How does the transaction work?

There are two ways you can work with Diamond Banc to get a loan secured by your fine jewelry, diamonds, & watches:

  1. If you are looking to receive an immediate offer & same-day funding, we encourage you to visit one of our offices nationwide. Schedule an appointment at a Diamond Banc location near you, have your jewelry evaluated on the spot, and get paid immediately. Typically, this process takes less than 40 minutes.
  2. Fill out our online submission form above & receive a quote within 24 hours from one of our expert diamond buyers. Our team will provide you with a fully-insured shipping label to mail your diamond to our headquarters. From the moment your diamond arrives at our headquarters, it remains on continuous video surveillance until the package is opened and your items are verified. If you accept our offer, payment will be issued immediately via wire transfer. If you elect not to accept our offer, your diamond is expedited back to you with a fully-insured shipping label.

What if I don’t accept the loan offer?

If you elect not to accept our offer, our team will expedite your item back to you immediately.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can get?

Diamond Banc regularly makes loans from $500-$250,000+ secured by fine jewelry, diamonds, and watches. Our loan offers are based on the liquid wholesale value of your item.

To learn more about our Jewelry Equity Loans & how we determine how much your item is worth, watch this video from our founder, Mills Menser.

How long does it take to fund the transaction?

In most cases, it takes less than 24 hours to receive payment from the moment you accept our loan offer. 

Do I have to make monthly payments?

Yes. You will be required to make monthly interest payments during the duration of your loan. If you elect to make a payment larger than your minimum monthly interest payment, that amount will be applied toward your principal balance. 

Do you provide insurance?

Yes. Your items are fully insured while in our possession.

Will defaulting on my loan affect my credit score?

No. Diamond Banc does not report to any credit bureaus. Our loans are completely confidential. In the event the borrower elects not to repay their loan, there is no negative recourse to the borrower outside of surrendering ownership of the pledged collateral.

 How is my item stored and secured?

All assets are stored on-site in one of our state-of-the-art, alarm-protected, 24-hour security-monitored, fireproof vaults. Your items are fully insured while in our possession.

Once the loan is paid off, how do I get my item back?

Once your loan balance has been brought to zero, our team will expedite your items back to you.

How long do I have to make payments?

Diamond Banc offers 30-day loans that can be extended for as many 30-day periods as the client needs. There is no minimum loan period, as our loans can be paid off in full at any time without penalty. 

From The Founder

What Client’s Are Saying

Gio AbrudomGio Abrudom
19:42 25 Jul 22
Deanna is a special person who helped us understand and gave us a good price. Go ahead and say highly recommended by Gio.
Wendy WorthWendy Worth
21:36 03 Jul 22
Deena gave me a fair price when buying my gold coin and ring. I highly recommend her. Thank you!
Audrey CedenoAudrey Cedeno
19:19 23 Jun 22
I had a wonderful experience with Deena. She’s very polite and professional. I was very happy with her offer and fast payout. Highly recommend her
Ed SuezEd Suez
19:25 20 Jun 22
The experience of having my watch examined and sold was very smooth and professional. Deena was pleasant to work with and offered me answers to all my questions. The process is very secure. I would suggest visiting their website and making an appointment for an honest, fair appraisal.
Martin Orrego-GonzalezMartin Orrego-Gonzalez
18:59 03 Jun 22
I’m very pleased with there hospitality & always very helpful with issues at hand .I would recommend this place to anyone that would need there services.
Sasha HeflerSasha Hefler
11:46 02 Jun 22
My experience with Deena with the Diamond Banc was smooth and flawless. She made me feel comfortable with the transaction of my Rolex and was honest as well as fair with pricing. I would definitely recommend Deena and go to her in the future.
13:55 27 Apr 22
Deena Maali was very attentive with all clients in the room. Greeted everyone before bringing them into her office. Gave more information about the specific pieces we brought in. Thank you for the professional business!
Sam RobertsSam Roberts
14:30 22 Apr 22
This is probably the best place in Orlando to get a fair offer for unwanted/unloved diamond jewelry. They are considerate, kind, and probably one of the best dealers I have met. 10/10 would recommend.
Jeffrey KeeneJeffrey Keene
20:39 25 Mar 22
My experience with “Diamond Banc” (‘Specifically, with Deena as my Contact’) was “Exceptional!!!” … I first visited “Diamond Banc” as an ‘Exploratory Appointment’ (‘As I was seeking a Very Specific arrangement on “My Diamond: “3.13 Round Brilliant” …Upon meeting with Deena… I was both very pleased & impressed by her “Professionalism and Knowledge”. Additionally, I felt I could “Trust Her” (‘After Visiting two “Diamond Brokers” in the Orlando area… I quickly realized “The ‘Unfortunate’ Depth of Deception” in this Industry! And, I returned to “Diamond Banc” (‘Deena’) …Deena was very patient with me (‘I have a tendency to be “Chatty” 🙂 … And, I felt she was more than Fair in both her ‘Analysis and Offer’.I will (‘Have!’) be recommending ‘Diamond Banc’ &, I’m looking forward to our continuing business Relationship!”May God Bless Us All”,Jeffrey G Keene”Faith… Hope… &, Love””Heb 11:1… Matt 7:7… &, I Cor 13″
Brian SmithBrian Smith
15:26 14 Mar 22
It was a pleasure to work with Deena @ Diamondbanc… She was very knowledgeable and professional, as well as easy to work with. She made the whole process a breeze from beginning to end. Highly recommended.
Sandra VelezSandra Velez
23:16 16 Feb 22
I would absolutely 100% recommend Diamond Banc to anyone looking to sell their gold! Excellent customer service! Great pricing. And she’s extremely knowledgeable.
Dona walcottDona walcott
19:21 11 Feb 22
I loved doing business with Dina at DiamondBanc! The experience was super pleasant and private. She explained the quick process and it was so easy getting a great value for my jewelry! And we had a wonderful conversation about the US Virgin Islands, where I am from and where she lived for several years.Fantastic experience! Dina, you were awesome!😃😃😃
Julian ReynaJulian Reyna
21:58 09 Feb 22
Absolutely professional. Completely satisfied with the customer service as well as rates. Plan on returning for any of my Gold pawn/ sale needs. They will take care of y’all for sure. Do yourself a financial favor and work with diamond banc !
Stacy PollantisStacy Pollantis
14:46 13 Jan 22
I had a great experience during my visit to this Diamond Banc location. Deena was a delight to work with; attentive, clear with expectations and very professional. I would highly recommend!
cassandra lewiscassandra lewis
22:17 18 Dec 21
I recommend this place. Very nice and pleasant. Deena OMG! such a beautiful woman. I give 10+ stars. God bless you
niurka Baezniurka Baez
15:04 18 Dec 21
Deena has ! Great customer service from beginning to end of the process. She is really knowledgeable and go the extra mile . I would recommend her at any time.
Trudy CampbellTrudy Campbell
17:01 07 Dec 21
Deena was wonderful to work with when selling some old diamond rings from an ex. After checking a couple places, Deena at Diamond Banc offered the best amount and was the more professional in her approach explaining how the process worked
Stephanie KullmanStephanie Kullman
16:07 06 Dec 21
Deena was an absolute pleasure to work with! If I have any other needs I will be back in touch! She explained everything and made it so I understood what exactly was happening so I could make the best decision possible.
Ela FalconEla Falcon
20:37 19 Nov 21
I highly recommend!!I had the most wonderful experience with Deena!She was very professional, knowledgeable and experienced. She gave me good pricing for my jewelry, I will definitely be using her from now on!Thank you so much for helping me!!
Robert KnightRobert Knight
15:16 17 Nov 21
Dealing with Deena was an absolute pleasure. Intelligent, confident and a genuine people person. I would consider her an asset to any company!Thank you Deena, you are inspiring.
Ray FegleyRay Fegley
23:30 15 Nov 21
Deena is a very nice lady and she really takes the time to help me out to figure if I want to sell the gold or use it as a loan. This is the best place I’ve got good prices on my gold. Her husband is a very lucky man to be married to a very nice and wonderful helpful lady.
Jose AlmeidaJose Almeida
14:32 03 Nov 21
My experience was amazing :)Deena took great care of my Mother and I.Very polite, caring and knowledgeable.I truly recommend to visit Diamond Banc if you have Jewelry to sell.Thank you, Deena
Paulette SquicimariPaulette Squicimari
16:57 27 Oct 21
Deena is incredible! She made the experience easy and painless for me. She’s an excellent resource!
Jason HinckleyJason Hinckley
00:45 16 Oct 21
If you need asset financing look bo further Diamond Bank will give you the best value. Customer service is top notch, Deena Maali is your go to, ask for her. I was impressed with her knowledge and experience.
Joshua BurrJoshua Burr
17:17 14 Oct 21
Deena from Diamond Banc is great to work with because she is able to provide assistance in such a time of need. I highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of quick funds. Thank you Deena!!
Len PotilloLen Potillo
18:14 05 Oct 21
Deena was amazing to work with! Super professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Deena and will utilize her services again!! Very happy with the results!
Felicia SwensonFelicia Swenson
21:07 13 Sep 21
Deena was very professional and informative. Super friendly atmosphere. This made getting my jewelry sold so easy. She was a pleasure to do business with.
Ervin CharlesErvin Charles
16:02 05 Aug 21
Deena was very professional and courteous. She made the process very easy and smooth. Provided options for me and allowed me to decide on which worked best for me. Process was also quick. I’d highly recommend her if you’re considering her services. Thank you for everything.
Sarah PerrySarah Perry
20:30 30 Jul 21
Deena M. from Diamond Banc is extremely knowledgeable in the jewelry industry. She takes pride in the services that she provides to her customers. If are looking for a reputable company to work with look no further.
Tiffanie AndersonTiffanie Anderson
17:40 29 Jul 21
Deena Maali was so incredibly kind and knowledgeable! The experience was smooth and I got the best price for my jewelry. 10/10 highly recommend her for any jewelry needs!
Danielle HicksDanielle Hicks
18:56 28 Jul 21
First experience with Diamond Banc and it was a great experience! Deena is knowledgeable and personable. She answered any and all questions I had. I would recommend her to everyone I know. If I have future items I need to sell, I will definitely come back to see Deena!
Jason EslerJason Esler
21:41 15 Jul 21
Deena was excellent! Kind, professional and no-nonsense. She paid me a fair price for a business that buys jewelry with the sole intention of making a profit off of what they buy from you. I’ll definitely use them in the future.
Mac MainMac Main
12:39 03 Jul 21
Great customer service and trustworthy company with items of high value. The whole experience was fair and relaxed. Highly recommended.
x vx v
20:15 02 Jul 21
Excellent service. Easy transaction.Deena is very professional and verycustomer service oriented. Highly recommend.
Tina SwopeTina Swope
01:51 25 Jun 21
Best in Florida I would recommend them to anyone Deena was so helpful and friendly best prices around make sure to ask for Deena
Ricardo MartinezRicardo Martinez
01:02 25 Jun 21
Deena is the best she was so helpful and friendly I will recommend Diamond Banc to all my friends and family make sure if you go you ask for Deena
Chris MoodyChris Moody
11:52 08 Jun 21
I’m so impressed with the rates available at Diamond Banc! I mean why would you go to another place? Ask for Deena; she is so professional and I trust she would do the best she can for any customer!
Rasha BRasha B
17:36 11 Mar 21
I had a great experience with Deena at Diamond Banc. She is very professional and fair. The moment I walked in to her office, I felt she is trustworthy and honest. She made the process easy and painless. I recommend her to anyone that is looking to sell their valuable jewelry. Thanks again Deena and Diamond Banc!!
Jose VarelaJose Varela
14:27 04 Mar 21
Excellence, one word to describe the experience, very knowledgeable and friendly I would recommend this place over and over and for sure will be coming back.Thank you so much for your help
Stacie ChiddisterStacie Chiddister
18:03 23 Dec 20
We had the pleasure of working with Deena for the last few years on selecting jewelry for ourselves and our family. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, with impeccable attention to detail. We trust her to handle all of our jewelry needs!
Faye AlbannaFaye Albanna
17:52 22 Dec 20
Top notch service. I appreciate how they focused on building a relationship with the customer vs making me feel like a number. I cannot wait to recommend them to my friends. I am so happy I trusted them!
Fatima SFatima S
17:05 22 Dec 20
So happy and pleased with my experience here. A friend of mine recommended I go here and I’m so happy I did. Deena was so sweet and patient. She was very professional throughout the whole process and made me feel very comfortable.
MK EmrichMK Emrich
15:57 22 Dec 20
Deena was great! She was very honest, professional, and super knowledgeable..She made me feel very comfortable in the decision I made. I would recommend DBOC to anybody in need of help in this area!
Amanda CeballosAmanda Ceballos
16:39 11 Dec 20
Great experience!! I worked with Deena. She was not only professional but just overall helpful and a pleasure to be around. Also very informative with any question I had. Definitely deserves 5 stars, would give more if I could!
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What We Loan On

Diamond Banc is a trusted industry leader offering online short-term jewelry equity loans for people who use their jewelry as collateral.

Orlando Pawn Loans from Diamond Banc

You can leverage the value locked in your jewelry with Diamond Banc’s pawn lending service here locally, in Orlando, Florida without stepping foot into a pawn shop. Use your designer jewelry, engagement ring, precious metals, or designer handbag to get immediate funding: conveniently and confidentially.

Our private Diamond Banc office in Central Florida is the better option when looking to get paid immediately for your jewelry, while still maintaining ownership of your jewelry items. Our expert jewelry pawn staff makes it easy and convenient to get a jewelry pawn loan secured by gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. We also accept Swiss timepieces as collateral for a jewelry loan such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Omega, Panerai, and more brands.
Our pawn loans are structured with our customers in mind. If you’re searching for a secure and professional jewelry pawn loan locally in Orlando, FL, Diamond Banc of Orlando is the best local option! Conveniently located in The Grove shopping district in a private and secure office, Diamond Banc gives you the privacy our clients deserve.

Advantages of a Diamond Banc Jewelry Pawn Loan in Orlando:

Highest Loan Offers: The more a lender specializes in jewelry, the more they can offer for your items. Pawnshops take a wide range of items on collateral such as golf clubs, power tools, electronics, etc. In contrast, Diamond Banc offers pawn loans in their area of expertise: jewelry, watches, diamonds, and precious metals. We specialize and focus on one area of pawn loans, enabling us to offer the maximum amount. Our jewelry experts have been in the industry for decades and complete continuous training and education courses to recognize every value-adding factor when evaluating your items, to maximize your loan pawn amount. Deena, our local Orlando FL Market Director is an expert with a decade of experience in buying and selling fine luxury jewelry and watches. Deena’s extensive training and knowledge allow her to provide the maximum jewelry pawn loan offers in Orlando.

Credit Line Flexibility: Much like a traditional bank, Diamond Banc also enables our clients to borrow funds and access a continual line of credit. Our flexible repayment terms mean that as long as your loan pawn is in good standing, Diamond Banc allows customers to draw funds up and down against their items, like a credit line, or credit card. We have several local Orlando small business owners that have received a pawn loan in the past and now know the funding they can access using their jewelry, watches, or diamonds.

Hassle-Free Repayment: In the decade following Diamond Banc’s inception, we quickly realized that every situation is different. Some of our clients need immediate funding for a personal financial situation while some of our clients want to borrow funds for a business opportunity. Consequently, Diamond Banc Orlando strives to be flexible to meet all of our customers’ needs. We can work with you to create an easy repayment plan for you and your financial needs. We also allow you to pick your monthly payment date. Compared to a traditional pawn, Diamond Banc allows you to make principal payments above the monthly interest payments, which will lower your total principal amount and monthly interest loan pawn payments.

Best Loan Terms: Diamond Banc in Orlando will offer you the best local option of a high loan amount and low borrowing costs of funds. In fact, we are so confident in our loans that we encourage our customers to shop around Orlando to make sure they feel equally as confident in our offers. Our offers never expire, meaning that you have a chance to compare our offers with other Orlando jewelry pawn shops. Check with the others who offer pawn jewelry loans first, then come see the vast difference doing business with Diamond Banc Orlando will make.

Contactless, Digital, and Automatic Loan Payment Options: Never worry about forgetting your loan pawn payment! Diamond Banc in Orlando offers a digital and automatic payment option, which makes it easy to pay your loan back. We set up your account to automatically ensure your monthly payment is made, without adding another thing for you to remember. We know our clients are busy and we aim to make the pawn loan process easy, seamless and a pleasant experience.

Loans from $500 to $275,000 Available for Business or Personal Use: Our vast flexibility means we can offer a myriad of values to our customers. Diamond Banc in Orlando is your local pawn option near you without value limits. Whether you are looking to borrow against a 0.50ct diamond or a 12.00ct diamond, we are dedicated to providing solutions to your financial needs, no matter how small or large. We can loan any amount, quickly and securely.

Diamond Banc is Orlando’s best option for fast, discreet, and confidential jewelry pawn loans. We treat all customers with respect and kindness. We work tirelessly to provide customers with the best loan terms possible, from the monthly interest on your pawn loan to the amount you want to borrow against your item. Whether you have a 0.50ct diamond or a vintage, highly sought-after Rolex, you will receive top-notch service with Diamond Banc in Orlando, Florida.

Diamond Banc’s Orlando office serves a wide area of the Orlando metro including but not limited to:

Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Lake Nona, College Park, Winter Park, Downtown Orlando, Winter Garden, Downtown Winter Garden, Kissimmee, Baldwin Park, Thornton Park, Golden oaks, Delaney Park, Lake Eola, Metro West, Millenia, Clermont, Ocala, Orange County, Osceola County, Polk County, Lake County, Sumter County, Brevard County, Volusia County, Seminole County, & Marion County

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