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Shipping Instructions

Packages must be double-boxed (a box within another box) which adds an extra layer of protection and security. Clients are to pack the contents securely with bubble wrap, tissue paper, foam peanuts, etc., so the items remain safe and do not rattle around during transit.

Clients are not to package their items inside of any carrier location, we recommend doing so in the privacy of their home or vehicle to avoid any possible third party seeing the contents of their package.

There must be no mention of the shipment’s contents and no jewelry terms used or written on the outside of the package to avoid unwanted attention.

Clients place the provided shipping carrier label on the outside of the outer box and drop it off at any local carrier location. The client must have the package scanned in and receive a receipt from a carrier employee (the package cannot be placed in a drop-box). Once the client has been provided a shipping scan receipt, Diamond Banc’s insurance coverage becomes bound to the package.

Most packages are shipped priority overnight express and arrive at Diamond Banc’s facility the very next morning. This minimizes the amount of time packages are in transit and allows Diamond Banc to complete transactions in as little as 24 hours!


While your jewelry items are in transit and while they are in our possession, they are covered by Diamond Banc’s insurance policy and insured for the full initial amount of your loan, unless otherwise agreed upon and the insurance amount is clearly denoted in the loan documents. In the highly unlikely event of loss, theft or damage; your items will be replaced with a like item of equal value. In some cases, for items that are not easily replaceable, we may elect to offer a one-time cash payout for the original amount of the loan. In the event your loan collateral is lost in transit to or from Diamond Banc, your collateral will be replaced or you will be compensated for the lost item once an anti-fraud investigation has been completed, and Diamond Banc has received funds to settle the claim from our insurance provider. Diamond Banc does not prepay loss settlements of any kind. Diamond Banc only issues replacements or payment for lost items and packages once our insurance provider funds clear our account.

If Diamond Banc receives a package that has not been tampered with but which does not contain the item(s) the client declares they are shipping or the box is empty, Diamond Banc’s insurance will not cover the package, as this is a known common scam. All claims are subject to an Anti-Fraud Investigation, and claims are only paid after an Anti-Fraud Investigation is completed. In order for an incoming shipping claim to be valid, the following must be upheld:

  • Diamond Banc will provide clients with a prepaid, insured shipping label along with detailed packing & shipping instructions. Clients must use the provided shipping label and follow all instructions as outlined to guarantee insurance coverage.
  • Insurance coverage will become null and void if the client uses the label’s tracking details to re-route or alter the delivery of the package in any way.
  • To guarantee any incoming shipment insurance claim will be valid, Diamond Banc highly recommends that the client video record the packaging of their item(s). Claims may not be honored if the client is unable to provide video footage of the item(s) being packaged.

Shipping Costs

Exact shipping costs depend on loan value, collateral specifics, and client location.
Shipping and insurance costs generally range from $35 to $300. For an accurate shipping cost quote, please contact your loan officer.

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