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Consignment Options

Diamond Banc is able to offer clients an unmatched range of options when selling their diamonds and other important jewelry pieces. Unlike most buyers from the public who only sell to other dealers, Diamond Banc has the ability to sell it directly to the end consumer through our partnerships with leading brick and mortar retailers. Our in-house online sales team manages a variety of online sales platforms, as well.

Effective Consignment

Consignment allows us to maximize your proceeds. Diamond Banc pays you a preferred return once your item sells. Items that will bring $10,000 or more based on Diamond Banc’s initial evaluation are eligible for consignment. Together, we determine a realistic consignment price based on market demand and currently sold comparables of similar items in order to execute a successful sale in 3 – 6 months. With consignment, Diamond Banc isn’t compensated until the item is sold, ensuring we work hard on your behalf. Often, items are professionally refinished and photographed as part of sale preparation. Your item is marketed on a variety of online platforms, targeting the end consumer. We also offer the piece for sale through our exclusive network, featuring some of the nation’s top retail jewelers. In addition, we market applicable pieces to over 20,000 dealers, wholesalers, and retailers via nationwide industry-only platforms. Consignment is a smart choice for specialized pieces that require finding a buyer who will fully appreciate their value. This option is for those who value a higher return over immediate funding.

Sellers Agent Service

With this option, we advocate for top dollar on behalf of our clients. Diamond Banc and our client’s interests are fully aligned to yield them the most money possible. Items that will sell for $35,000 or more based on Diamond Banc’s initial evaluation are eligible. We exclusively market the client’s pieces nationwide through a variety of platforms including private collectors, the nation’s top retailers, and the most connected dealers. Diamond Banc charges a transparent, fixed percentage commission on each transaction. During the process, our client’s identities are kept strictly confidential. We provide clients with the most recent sale comparables on items similar to theirs to assist them in setting the optimal asking price. With our Sellers Agents Service, the curtain of the industry is pulled back to show maximum transparency. A closing statement is provided once an item sells, outlining all financial aspects of the transaction. Clients are also welcome to view all selling documentation, detailing hard costs incurred to market the piece, such as transportation, refinishing, and photography. Mills Menser, the founder of Diamond Banc, is personally involved in many Sellers Agent transactions. With this arrangement, we serve as our client’s fiduciary, obligated to operate with their best interest in mind. This financial solution is unlike any other in the industry, and for those who have important jewelry with the primary objective of maximizing their return. 

Interest-Free Sale Advance Funding

Receive up to 25% of the estimated proceeds of your item immediately interest-free when utilizing our Sellers Agent or Consignment Service. This is a courtesy we offer our clients. When partial sale proceeds are advanced, Diamond Banc defines a time frame in which the sale of the item needs to occur, generally 3 – 6 months. If the item does not sell in the defined time, we will fund the remaining balance of our cash offer (immediate cash offers are less than consignment offers) or the client can repay the advance proceeds and we will return their item.     



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