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Allyson Z.
Diamond Banc was a great place to go to sell my gold. Julio was fantastic to work with! I would 100% go back and do business there again! If you are looking so sell jewelry this is the place to go!
David K.
Very happy with my visits with Deena in a private no pressure setting. Definitely recommend
O M.
Kyle Cook, Vice President

Kyle Z. Cook

National Headquarters | Columbia, MO

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Jordan Isaacs, Market Director

Jordan Isaacs

National Headquarters | Sarasota, FL

Contact information & biography expand_more
Kyle Cook, Vice President

Kyle Z. Cook

Vice President

National Headquarters | Columbia, MO


Since the inception of Diamond Banc, Kyle Z. Cook has been an integral team member. Recognized for his diligent management of crucial transactions and daily operations, Kyle demonstrates an exceptional commitment to the organization. However, his role goes beyond merely operational; he places enormous importance on fostering personal relationships with clients. With Kyle, every client can expect to receive not only a high standard of service but also the personal attention and care that sets Diamond Banc apart. His meticulous attention to detail, deep understanding of the jewelry market, and relentless commitment to professionalism guarantee that you receive the highest value for your fine jewelry and timepieces.

Jordan Isaacs, Market Director

Jordan Isaacs

National Director of Funding

National Headquarters | Sarasota, FL


As the National Director of Funding at Diamond Banc’s corporate office, Jordan Isaacs prioritizes providing top-notch client experiences during the assessment of their items for immediate sale or loan services. With excellent communication skills and a talent for prompt and informative follow-up, Jordan’s expertise enables him to offer the highest values, the most competitive rates in the industry, personalized financing options, & exceptional service to each and every client. To start working with Jordan, give us a call or fill out our online submission form.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Getting a loan secured by your Rolex with Diamond Banc is simple, fast, & secure. You can begin the process by requesting a quote; Tell us about your Rolex utilizing our online submission form above. Then, a member of our team will reach out to you with an initial loan offer & a fully-insured shipping label. Once your Rolex is received here at our headquarters, it is inspected and our final offer is made. If you accept our offer, you will complete your loan documents online and receive funding right away. Once you pay your loan off, your item is sent back to you.

How do you determine how much my Rolex is worth?

There are various factors that impact the value of your Rolex watch. For instance; the condition, accessories (including box and papers), and the current selling value on the secondary market. We will thoroughly explain to you how we derive our loan offer and show you comparable Rolex watches on the market.

Will getting a loan secured by my Rolex impact my credit score?

No. Diamond Banc does not conduct credit checks or employment verification on loans under $30,000. For loans $30,000+, we conduct a background and credit check to ensure there are no pending insolvencies. We do not report to any credit agencies and our loans are 100% private. If the borrower elects not to repay their loan, they will surrender their pledged collateral with no impact on their credit score.

How long does it take to fund the loan?

In most cases, it takes less than 24 hours to receive payment from the moment you accept our loan offer. If you visit a Diamond Banc office, you have the ability to receive funding on the spot.

Do I have to make monthly payments?

Yes. You will be required to make monthly interest payments during the duration of your loan. If you elect to make a payment larger than your minimum monthly interest payment, that amount will be applied toward your principal balance. Watch this video to learn more about our Jewelry Equity Loan service.

How long do I have to make payments?

Diamond Banc offers 30-day loans that can be extended for as many 30-day periods as the client needs. There is no minimum loan period, as our loans can be paid off in full at any time without penalty.

Does having a Rolex with a box & paperwork make it worth more?

Yes. If your watch comes with extras such as an original Rolex box, paperwork, stickers, etc., these factors can potentially make your watch more valuable.

What if I don’t accept the final loan offer?

If you elect not to accept our offer, we will expedite your Rolex watch back to you under a fully-insured shipping label.

Is my Rolex watch insured?

Yes. Your Rolex watch is fully insured for 100% of its replacement value during shipment to our headquarters, the entire duration of the loan period, & return shipment back to you.

How is my Rolex watch stored?

Your Rolex watch is cataloged and stored on-site in one of our state-of-the-art, alarm-protected, 24-hour security-monitored, fireproof vaults.

Can I sell my Rolex watch instead?

Yes. If you would prefer to sell your Rolex watch, visit our Sell Your Rolex page to complete the submission form. You may also explore our menu of liquidity options to determine what financial solution is ideal for you.

At Diamond Banc, we’ve built our reputation as trusted experts in the appraisal and loan industry, especially when it comes to luxury watches like Rolex. Our pawn Rolex service is designed with your needs in mind, providing you with a secure, confidential, and hassle-free way to access the funds you need. That’s precisely why we’ve meticulously crafted our Pawn Rolex’ service to cater to your specific requirements. It’s not just about providing access to immediate funding; it’s about ensuring that the process is secure and confidential. We know that trust is paramount when it comes to sending your Rolex to us, and that’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

Our team of seasoned experts, with their deep knowledge of Rolex models, authentication processes, and the ever-changing luxury watch market, is here to ensure that you receive a fair and accurate appraisal. We’re not just here to help you unlock the hidden potential in your Rolex; we’re here to preserve the integrity of your cherished timepiece throughout the entire process.

Certainly, let’s revise the paragraph to ensure it complements the introduction while avoiding redundancy:

Pawn Rolex With Diamond Banc

When it comes to pawning your Rolex, trust is key. At Diamond Banc, we’ve proudly cultivated our reputation as trusted experts in the appraisal and loan industry, specializing in luxury watches like Rolex.

Becoming experts in luxury watch appraisal and loans has been characterized by years of dedication and a commitment to excellence. Our ‘Pawn Rolex’ service is a direct reflection of this dedication. It goes beyond being a transaction; it’s a partnership built on trust and expertise. When you choose to pawn your Rolex with Diamond Banc, you’re placing it in the hands of seasoned professionals who have immersed ourselves in the world of luxury watches. Our experts possess a comprehensive knowledge of Rolex models, authentication processes, and the nuances of the ever-evolving luxury watch market. We don’t just appraise your Rolex; we understand its history, recognize its significance, and assess its true value.

Our role goes beyond helping you access the hidden potential in your Rolex; we’re here to preserve the integrity of your watch throughout the entire process. So, when you consider pawning your Rolex, think of Diamond Banc as your trusted partner in this journey. Your Rolex is more than a watch; it’s an asset waiting to be unlocked, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way while preserving its unique significance.

Why Pawn Rolex With Diamond Banc

When it comes to making the important decision of where to pawn your Rolex, we understand that careful consideration is paramount. At Diamond Banc, we’re not just a Rolex pawn shop; we’re your trusted partner in unlocking the full value of your Rolex.

Expertise that Matters

Our team of experts is not just well-versed in luxury watches; we are passionate about them. We understand the unique qualities of Rolex watches and the intricate details that set them apart. This knowledge ensures that you receive a fair and accurate appraisal every time.

Competitive Loan Offers

Our commitment to fair and competitive loan offers means that you’ll get the true value of your Rolex as a loan, enabling you to access the funds you need without compromise.

Streamlined Process

Time is of the essence, and we respect that. Our ‘Pawn Rolex’ process is designed to minimize paperwork and waiting times, providing you with quick and efficient access to funds when you need it most.

Confidentiality and Security

Your privacy is our priority. We’ve implemented stringent measures to ensure that your personal information and your Rolex are handled with the utmost confidentiality and security throughout the pawn process.

Preservation of Your Rolex’s Value

We understand the sentimental value of your Rolex. That’s why we take extra care in storing and maintaining it during the loan period, ensuring it returns to you in the same condition as when you entrusted it to us.

When you choose to pawn your Rolex with Diamond Banc, you’re not just accessing a financial service; you’re gaining a trusted partner who understands your unique needs. Your Rolex is more than a watch; it’s an asset waiting to be leveraged for your benefit, and we’re here to make that a reality. When you choose to pawn your Rolex with Diamond Banc, you’re not just working with a financial service; you’re building a partnership with experts who deeply understand the significance and respect your unique needs. 

How to Pawn Your Rolex with Diamond Banc

Unlocking the full value of your Rolex through Diamond Banc is a straightforward, expedient, and secure process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Request a Quote: Initiate the process by requesting a quote. Share details about your Rolex using our convenient online submission form located above.
  2. Initial Assessment & Shipping: Upon receiving your request, our team will promptly reach out to you with an initial offer for your Rolex. We will also provide you with a fully-insured shipping label for the safe and secure transit of your Rolex to our headquarters.
  3. In-Depth Inspection & Final Offer: Upon arrival at our headquarters, your Rolex undergoes a comprehensive inspection to fully appreciate its value. We then present you with our final offer, reflecting the true worth of your Rolex.
  4. Acceptance & Online Documentation: If you choose to accept our offer, you can complete all necessary pawn Rolex documents online for your convenience.
  5. Swift Funding: After completing the necessary documentation, you can expect swift access to the funds you need. We understand the importance of timing and aim to provide funds promptly.
  6. Reclaim Your Rolex: Once your pawn is settled, we securely return your Rolex. It will be in the same pristine condition as when you entrusted it to us.

Experience the difference of pawning Rolex with Diamond Banc, where simplicity, speed, and security are our promises to you. Unlocking the value of your Rolex starts here.

Using Your Rolex as Collateral: Models We Accept

At Diamond Banc, our commitment to delivering a seamless and secure process for Rolex owners goes hand in hand with our passion for Rolex. While we accept a wide range of Rolex models, please note that this is a short list, and not all models we accept are included here:

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner lineup, features models with the reference numbers: 1680, 1680/8, 16800, 16808, 16803, 168000, 16610, 16618, 16613, 16610LV, 116618LN, 116618LB, 116613LN, 116613LB, 116619, 116610LN, 116610LV, 126610LN, 126610LV, 126618LN, 126618LB, 126613LN, and 126613LB.

Rolex Daytona

The Cosmograph Daytona’s range encompasses models with reference numbers including but not limited to 116500, 116505, 116506, 116508, 116509, 116515, 116518, and 116519. 

Rolex Day-Date

The Rolex Day-Date President series, also known as the “President’s Watch,” includes models bearing reference numbers such as 118135, 118205, 118206, 118235, 118238, 118239, 118248, 118239, 118248, 228206, 228235, 228238, 228239, 228345, 228348, and others.

Rolex GMT-Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master II series, favored by travelers, features a dual-time zone function. Key references include: 16710 (Vintage), 116710 (Modern), 126710 (Current Model), 116713, and more. 

Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust series is a classic choice known for its understated luxury and versatility. Explore references such as: 1601 (Vintage), 1603 (Vintage), 16233 (Vintage), 116200 (Modern), 116233 (Modern), 116234 (Modern), 126300 (Current Model), 116138, 116201, 116231, 116244, 116333, 116334, 126301, 126303, 126331, 126333, 126334, 178240, 178273, 178274, 178278, 178341, 178383, 178384, 179136, 179138, 179159, and more. 

We are committed to establishing a streamlined online process for Rolex owners ready to secure funding using their Rolex as collateral. Got a question about your Rolex? Our team of experts is here to provide you with the answers and guidance you need. We understand that you may have specific inquiries or concerns. Whether you’re wondering about the valuation of your Rolex, the loan application process, or any other aspect of using your Rolex as collateral, our knowledgeable professionals are just a message or call away. Reach out to us today, and let us assist you in making informed decisions about your Rolex and your financial needs. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we’re here to ensure you have a seamless and rewarding experience with Diamond Banc.

Beyond Watches: Jewelry Pawn

At Diamond Banc, our expertise in the luxury watch industry extends to an array of fine jewelry. We understand that luxury is not limited to watches alone; it also includes jewelry. If you’re considering pawning your jewelry, you can trust us to provide the same level of professionalism, security and efficiency as our pawn rolex services. We offer competitive loans, quick access to funds, and the utmost confidentiality and security throughout the process. Explore our dedicated pawn jewelry page to learn more about securely pawning your jewelry with Diamond Banc. 

Seamless and Secure: Diamond Banc’s Pawn Rolex Service

At Diamond Banc, our commitment to serving you goes beyond providing financial services. We’re your trusted partner in unlocking the true potential of your Rolex. Whether you’re looking to pawn or sell your Rolex, our team of experts are here to ensure the process is seamless, secure, and tailored to your unique needs.

We understand that your Rolex is more than a watch; it’s a cherished asset. That’s why we go the extra mile to preserve its integrity throughout the entire process. Our knowledge of Rolex models, authentication processes, and the luxury watch market ensures that you receive a fair and accurate appraisal every time. 

Experience Diamond Banc’s pawn Rolex service. Get in touch with an expert today!

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