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What Can Diamond Banc Do for Jewelers?

Diamond Banc is an excellent resource for jewelers who need to turn their inventory into liquidity quickly and confidentially.

Diamond Banc was created by a retail jeweler for retail jewelers and they offer a variety of services to help jewelers when they need funds quickly.

Financial Services for Retail Jewelers

  • Jewelry Buying – Refer your customers who wish to sell items. Immediate commissions paid to you for every successful referral you send.
  • Jewelry Equity Loans – Your clients maintain ownership of their treasured jewelry, while still receiving the same amount as if they sold it. Immediate, generous commissions paid to you for every closed loan you refer.
  • Flip Your Buys – Quickly and easily sell the product you buy over the counter to Diamond Banc.

Items We Accept

  • Diamonds of all shapes .75ct and larger, certified and non-certified
  • High-quality diamond fashion jewelry
  • Signed and designer pieces
  • Any rare jewelry that has true value
  • Gold & silver bullion, as well as sterling flatware sets
  • Rolex and other prestigious watches

Get started today by filling out one of our simple forms to either borrow money against a piece of jewelry or sell it. If you have a large collection of items you are interested in selling or using as collateral for a loan please call 1.855.342.2262 to speak to one of our jewelry experts.


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