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Inventory Equity Loans for Retail & Wholesale Jewelers

Did you know that you can use your jewelry inventory to get an inventory equity loan? Jewelers frequently use their high value, low turnover rate items to obtain a loan from Diamond Banc. These items make great collateral because of their high liquid value and smaller pool of potential customers. And with our responsive inventory access system, you can still work any deals that may arise during your repayment period. Watch the video below to see some examples of this type of loan collateral.

If you are a retail or wholesale jeweler interested in an inventory loan visit our Retail Jewelers page on to get started today.

What is Diamond Banc?

Diamond Banc is a national asset-based lender and jewelry buyer. Diamond Banc was started by retail jeweler, Mills Menser, in 2007 because he saw a need in the market for someone who not only buys jewelry but provides loans where jewelry is used as collateral. His comprehensive understanding of the industry and what it takes to run a retail store is what makes getting an inventory loan from Diamond Banc your best option.

What factors determine my loan amount and interest rate?

  1. Liquid value of the pledged collateral
  2. The loan to value ratio (the total amount you wish to borrow compared to the liquid value of the item)

Factors that do NOT determine loan amount or interest rate

  1. JBT Rating (Jewelers Board of Trade)
  2. Store Profitability
  3. Personal Credit Score or Income

Benefits of an Inventory Equity Loan from Diamond Banc

  1. Simple, fast process
  2. We stay in great communication
  3. Loans are broken down by item for your convenience
  4. Responsive inventory access so you can work with your goods
  5. Our industry expertise allows us to loan more than our competitors for your items

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