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Jodi Hudson

Tampa, FL

Jodi is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 25 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry. Her past experiences include serving as an Operations Manager for Tiffany & Co and a Gemstone Buyer for Home Shopping Network, in addition to working as a traveling fine jewelry appraiser. Visit Jodi in our Tampa Office!

“After watching countless videos on YouTube, I reached out to Diamond Banc and was introduced to Jordan. He made the process seamless and simple and answered all of my questions. The entire process, from initial contact to securing a loan took less than 48 hours.
I am very impressed with their process and level of customer service and highly recommend them to anyone needing to access their jewelry’s equity. Thank you again!”

-Sebastian C.

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How does the transaction work?

There are two ways you can work with Diamond Banc to get a loan secured by your fine jewelry, diamonds, & watches:

  1. If you are looking to receive an immediate offer & same-day funding, we encourage you to visit one of our offices nationwide. Schedule an appointment at a Diamond Banc location near you, have your jewelry evaluated on the spot, and get paid immediately. Typically, this process takes less than 40 minutes.
  2. Fill out our online submission form above & receive a quote within 24 hours from one of our expert diamond buyers. Our team will provide you with a fully-insured shipping label to mail your diamond to our headquarters. From the moment your diamond arrives at our headquarters, it remains on continuous video surveillance until the package is opened and your items are verified. If you accept our offer, payment will be issued immediately via wire transfer. If you elect not to accept our offer, your diamond is expedited back to you with a fully-insured shipping label.

What if I don’t accept the loan offer?

If you elect not to accept our offer, our team will expedite your item back to you immediately.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can get?

Diamond Banc regularly makes loans from $500-$250,000+ secured by fine jewelry, diamonds, and watches. Our loan offers are based on the liquid wholesale value of your item.

To learn more about our Jewelry Equity Loans & how we determine how much your item is worth, watch this video from our founder, Mills Menser.

How long does it take to fund the transaction?

In most cases, it takes less than 24 hours to receive payment from the moment you accept our loan offer. 

Do I have to make monthly payments?

Yes. You will be required to make monthly interest payments during the duration of your loan. If you elect to make a payment larger than your minimum monthly interest payment, that amount will be applied toward your principal balance. 

Do you provide insurance?

Yes. Your items are fully insured while in our possession.

Will defaulting on my loan affect my credit score?

No. Diamond Banc does not report to any credit bureaus. Our loans are completely confidential. In the event the borrower elects not to repay their loan, there is no negative recourse to the borrower outside of surrendering ownership of the pledged collateral.

 How is my item stored and secured?

All assets are stored on-site in one of our state-of-the-art, alarm-protected, 24-hour security-monitored, fireproof vaults. Your items are fully insured while in our possession.

Once the loan is paid off, how do I get my item back?

Once your loan balance has been brought to zero, our team will expedite your items back to you.

How long do I have to make payments?

Diamond Banc offers 30-day loans that can be extended for as many 30-day periods as the client needs. There is no minimum loan period, as our loans can be paid off in full at any time without penalty. 

From The Founder

What Client’s Are Saying

Jeanette Olivier ★★★★★ It was very pleasant meeting you today. Great service, not only very professional also friendly. I highly recommended.Francine Rodriguez ★★★★★ Great experience! Jodi was awesome, professional and very knowledgeable.Victor Nguyen ★★★★★ Jodi was very helpful with my selling process. I came in to sell a couple items and she was very quick and efficient!Matt Liwski ★★★★★ Terrific professionalism and most honest people to work with.sarah morales ★★★★★ Diamond Banc gave me a great deal for my jewelry! It was Great working with Jodi, she is an expert in her field, and has a warm welcoming demeanor about her.Amanda Terry ★★★★★ Diamond Bank is professional and gives a high value expierence.Ydelmis Cutino ★★★★★ Great service, very welcoming and informative !Susan Griffin ★★★★★ Love the presentation thank youElroy Mills ★★★★★ Great customer service and professionalism.Jodi Hudson provided me with outstanding customer service and was very informative about my items, I would definitely use them again in the future.Alexander ★★★★★ Excellent experience, great communication, Jodi offered me hundreds more for my gold jewelry than any other jeweler that I spoke with, definitely the best place to go to when selling jewelry. Thank you!edwin stutts ★★★★★ I had an excellence experience here. Jodi was amazing so nice and helpful. Its so much better than visiting a sleepy pawn shop where you know they’re ripping you off. Diamond Banc is legit and you won’t be disappointed. Thanks Jodi !Rod Hardway ★★★★★ Had a GREAT experience with Jodi she was very helpful and professional even though I should have made an appointment for the amount of item’s That she had to look at and place a value on. I will be making an appointment to see her again, very fair and knowledgeable even suggested places to visit with special items that her company doesn’t purchase. Highly recommend this business. Thanks JodiEdward Clark ★★★★★ Diamond Banc is the best place in the area to have your jewelry appraised and sold. They offer a wide array of options as far as sell vs loan, they’re extremely knowledgeable, and go out of their way to make you comfortable. Jodi is the best gemologist/jewelry expert I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and definitely who you want to deal with. Thank you and I will be back!!Tracey Jean ★★★★★ Great experience. Highly recommendL Walter ★★★★★ As my first time doing this; a very thorough and patient, personable service and a valuable business to the community.Joy Durnell ★★★★★ Jodi was very professional and gracious during our visit. I would highly recommend her company.Mitchell Edward ★★★★★ Professional service with competitive pricing.Kathryn Hutter ★★★★★ Jodi was great! Easy, fast, and fair. Breakup? Divorce? Come here to sell bad memories.Davy Ball ★★★★★ Kelcii Bolin ★★★★★ Jodi is amazing!! She had connections that made sure my Cartier pieces were authentic and gave me great offers on both. She put a lot of effort into getting me the best deal and I truly appreciate her. Will definitely go back if I decide to sell any other jewelry.Nu meditasyon ★★★★★ Jennifer Cavallo ★★★★★ Very sweet and honest.Sarah Owens ★★★★★ John Flanagan ★★★★★ Jody was great, and the process was easy and seamless!! Thank you!!!Jordan Nazario ★★★★★ Great service and was super quick with a great offer.Kaelyn Czubak ★★★★★ Jodi Hudson was so friendly and helpful. She was perfect and all we could have asked for. She definitely had all the experience and knowledge we needed. Highly recommend this safe environment.Karen Carter ★★★★★ Met with Jodi to sell some jewelry. She was very professional and friendly. She took her time and explained things as she went. Would highly recommend Diamond Banc.ace mcvey ★★★★★ This business is totally professional and very fair in the pricing as buyers. I’ve worked with several buyers on both sides of the bay and I got the best price for my family silver here.T Suarez ★★★★★ My experience at The Diamond Banc was totally positive. I had some estate jewelry that was previously appraised that I wanted to sell. Jodi at The Diamond Banc went over the jewelry very carefully and explained the varying values of the jewelry depending on as is condition or repaired / perfect condition at the GIA in Texas. The process was very cordial and professional. Not rushed and impersonal like at retail stores. I would definitely recommend The Diamond Banc.Carlos Ortiz ★★★★★ Amazing thank you Jodi for your help and service to your customers I would recommend this place to anyone….Katie Fernandez ★★★★★ Jodi was very kind and professional.Nikita Sims ★★★★★ Very nice environment, Jodi is very knowledgeable, and really works with you to make sure you get the best service they have to offerTimmie Batley ★★★★★ Enjoyed my experience selling my jewelry here. Staff were professional and nice to work with.Shania Sanchez ★★★★★ Jody was so kind , and attended to me very well , quick and easy !Lina Diaz ★★★★★ Excelente customer service and easy transaction 🙂patti miller ★★★★★ Fantastic service Jodi went out of her way to help me no pressure… this experience was terrific. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Diamond Banc Tampa location to EVERYONE. BEST PART …they are so friendly and TRUSTWORTHY. I’D give 20+ stars if it would allow me. Thanks again.R Woodco ★★★★★ Geetha Reddy ★★★★★ Jodi was a pleasure to work with! She was very accommodating with my fluid schedule and took the time to explain the appraisal of my pieces. I appreciated the ease of the process-as soon as I decided to sell, she completed the transaction smoothly and I was able to walk out with my check less than 15 min later.Anthony Guinn ★★★★★ Arthur Ervin ★★★★★ Jodi at Diamond Banc was very professional and pleasant to work with. She explained the evaluation process of my old Rolex and gave me a fair assessment. I would recommend them to others.Megan Harp ★★★★★ Jodi provided outstanding customer service. She was friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and time efficient. This is a great option for people wanting to not hassle with selling jewelry on their own through Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace etc. Please note this is not consignment, it your items are bought and you receive a check. Thank you, Jodi!Dunia Abusoud ★★★★★ Dalia Abu Soud ★★★★★ Lisa ★★★★★ Had a very positive experience selling my old engagement ring here! Jodi was amazing, taking the time to explain things and answer questions. I could tell that she was extremely fair and knowledgeable. Even though my ring was less than stellar, she offered me a price that I think was reasonable.Noel Kane ★★★★★ Jodie was extremely professional in every regard. She explained the details of the estimate clearly, and even took the time to discuss her thoughts the pros and cons of third party selling. I really appreciated her no pressure approach, and coming from sales that says a lot. Very happy I took the drive over to see her.Jennie Moore ★★★★★ I would highly recommend taking any of your gold or precious gems to Jodi at Diamond Banc! She was so very professional, knowledgeable, and I received the best prices imaginable! I was pleasantly surprised at the value of what I had considered “old jewelry”!I would give Jodi and her team at Diamond Banc a 10 out of 10! Thank you Jodi and Merry Christmas!!!🎄🎁Daniel Sullivan ★★★★★ The best experience I could ask for. Needed to get rid of some gold quick and they made it happen and wrote check on the spot. Thank you againCelina Kaham ★★★★★ Jodi was such a pleasure to work with, she made the experience easy & quick for me. I’d definitely return, if the need arises. 10/10. Highly recommended, Thankyou very much!Parker Clonts ★★★★★ Jodi is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to liquidating your luxury items!Louise Orsillo ★★★★★ Thomas Johnson ★★★★★ Very professional and prompt service. Highly recommended, and I would do business again!Christopher Pitt ★★★★★ Raquel Ripley ★★★★★ Jodi was very friendly, professional, and helpful. She made our experience stress free. I would definitely contact her if the need arises again. Highly recommend!Jennifer Malowany ★★★★★ Jodi is extremely trustworthy and I highly recommend her for her professionalism and her serious attention to detail.Bren Smith ★★★★★ Jodi was amazing got a great price for my wedding ring we’ll definitely be back if I need to sell more jewellery 😊Aurora Cristobal ★★★★★ Sunshine Sunshine ★★★★★ My experience here was great. Jodi was wonderful. Excellent customer service!!! Definitely recommend!!!!24kt Empress EarthAngel ★★★★★ The atmosphere was very welcoming, I felt very comfortable with Jodi and she went into detail how she came up with the figure for my purchase, and I am very happy with the outcome…. I will recommend to all my friends this great place!Cuong Nguyen ★★★★★ Jodi was hands down the best in the diamonds buying business. She was knowledgeable, quick with giving an estimate, setting up the appointment to go further in details, and no pressure if wanting to sell. I accepted to sell and the payment was immediately. Very glad i went with Jodi and Diamond Banc as they are very reputable and one of the best in Tampa. I would recommend to family and friends and would definitely return in the future if wanting to sell anymore jewelry. Thank you Jodi & Diamond Banc for making it a smooth and flawless diamond selling experience!Janelle Thomas ★★★★★ My experience with Jodi was exceptional. The process went smoothly. Jodi was very nice, professional, and very knowledgeable about her business. I definitely would recommend their services and if I need to I would go there again.Roberto Garcia ★★★★★ Happy to do business with Diamond Banc ,, Jodi is very knowledgeable and gives the right price for your jewelry. I will be back soonAndrea Cooper ★★★★★ Kevin Fleming ★★★★★ Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, I would use them again. If the offer doesn’t work for you, you can try somewhere else. There’s no pressure to use themGlenna Dickman ★★★★★ Great selling experience with Jodi…she made the whole process seamlessly easy along with a great attitude and smile on her face…will definitely use her for my jewelry selling needs…best prices offered…thank u!David Skibinski ★★★★★ Great people and great place !!! Check it out !!!Shoppercize Support ★★★★★ If I could rate Jodi more than 5 stars I would! She is extremely knowledgeable about the jewelry business and I was very satisfied with the services I received. I sold a watch and I definitely got top dollar! Thank you Jodi!Shawn Henson ★★★★★ Jodi is hands down the best in business. Genuine, caring and so helpful. No better place to get rid of your old jewelry than at Diamond Banc!Taylor Cunningham ★★★★★ Love it. Best experience I’ve had selling jewelry. Will definitely use Diamond Banc again.Marie Tinnelle ★★★★★ I apologize for forgetting the lady’s name that helped me but she was very professional, patient and kind. The service was very prompt and very fair offer given that I was satisfied with. I will definitely uses their services again if the need arises.Damien Dulin ★★★★★ Was extremely pleased with doing business with Jodi , she was very pleasant, knowledgeable and i just felt like i was taken care of and would definitely recommend Jodi and Diamond Banc ! Great place!Kevin Barasia ★★★★★ Thank you very much.Lisa Philbeck ★★★★★ Jodi was terrific! She is extremely knowledgeable regarding all things diamonds. She took the time to educate while also providing a no pressure/stress free interaction. I just set an appointment online. Jodi assessed my items, made an offer and wrote a check. It was just that simple. Thank you Jodi!Ryan LaGasse ★★★★★ We had a wonderful experience at the Diamond Banc. Jodi is extremely professional and knowledgeable when it comes to fine jewelry. We will be back!Patrizia Fair ★★★★★ This is nice place, trustworthy.. I will come back for sure!Shannon Sweeney ★★★★★ Jodi at Diamond Banc is the best! So friendly and helpful!!Sharra Casumpang-Towner ★★★★★ Jodi was such a great help. She explained everything I needed to know and more. She’s a trustworthy person that I highly recommend.Brianna Garcia ★★★★★ Everything was top standard, lovely experience.jasmin medina ★★★★★ Amazing experience and Jody just helped me out just in the nick of time!!! 😊😊Kali Holmes ★★★★★ Jodi was AMAZING! I definitely wish i would’ve known about this hidden gem earlier. Will definitely keep doing business here. 🙂Dayna Tomlin ★★★★★ I had a great experience. Thank you!Laid Gradi ★★★★★ Amazing service, very helpful, would recommendMelissa Harvey ★★★★★ Dustin Witherington ★★★★★ c. c. ★★★★★ This was organized and efficient, a seamless process. A very fair and competitive business, had lots of knowledge.Yvette Espinoza ★★★★★ Jodi was very helpful!Tatyana Hall ★★★★★ Quick and easy process, great communicationJonny Barakat ★★★★★ The women who inspected my chain was very nice and she gave me a great value for my chain that I had for four years. I asked her for a higher price than the other buyer that I went to and she gave it to me. If you want to sell your gold, go to Diamond Banc. You won’t be disappointed!!!Daniel Gillis ★★★★★ Very nice much better than a pawn shop😂Forrest Snowden ★★★★★ Jodi Hudson’s deep experience in the gemstone sector and knowledge of financial transactions is unparalleled.She’s “to the point” making for a fast and friendly transaction.moises la rosa ★★★★★ Best place to sell my gold , i Higher Recommend!Mike Baysdon ★★★★★ Extremely fast and efficient at what they do. 5 Star for sureMiguel Del Toro ★★★★★ Very nice people. Jodi gave us a very fair price for our coins. Will definitely do business again with them in the future.Virginia Fay ★★★★★ A wonderful experience to go through Deena Was so good to work with she made me feel very comfortable and at ease and I was just over all truthful honest and informativeRoc Jones ★★★★★ Great and professional experience with selling a wedding ring set.Youngju Lee ★★★★★ Easy to make an appointment and smooth process! Would recommend!Emmanuel Noah ★★★★★ Very warm customer service ! A first choice for anyone looking into leveraging their jewelry as an economic asset.Emmanuel Noah ★★★★★ rackedup black ★★★★★ Great place to get a loan great payouts an the payback % is incredible good honest place to do businessCheryl Strickland ★★★★★ I would recommend The sell of my items went very smoothly and fairly compensated.Jason Perry ★★★★★ Diamond Banc of Tampa is THE go to destination to sell or borrow against your fine jewelry and luxury watches! The manager Jodi is an expert gemologist and treated me with the utmost professionalism and courtesy during my visit. Thanks Jodi!js_loader
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Modernized, Luxury Pawn Alternative in Tampa, FL

Our team of experts at Diamond Banc has a nationwide reputation for our expertise in the values of diamonds, Rolex, gold, and fine jewelry. Whether you are looking for a pawn loan on your entire collection or one piece, we are the best jewelry lender in Tampa. When you are looking for “jewelry pawn loans near me?”, Diamond Banc makes the process easy, convenient, comfortable, and, most importantly, pressure-free. Outside of Tampa, we have three other offices in Florida that can provide you with a loan secured by your jewelry assets. When determining the value of your pawn jewelry, our loan officers know it is not just about the appraised value. At Diamond Banc, we consider all value-enhancing attributes of your jewelry items to provide you with an industry-leading offer that cannot be compared to a traditional pawn shop.

As a company, our focus is to offer jewelry pawn loans. We value our clients’ loyalty and strive to provide the maximum amounts possible when issuing pawn jewelry loans. As a jewelry lender, we offer flexible terms, strategic liquidity options, and the ability to handle transactions, both large and small, quickly and with the utmost discretion. The service you will receive from us as your jewelry lender is of the highest quality. We want to exceed your expectations every time you work with us, whether you visit our Diamond Banc Tampa location or choose to work with us online for your pawn jewelry loans.

Traditional Pawn Shops vs Diamond banc

As a result of the poor quality of service, lack of expertise, and the overall pro-lender agenda, the pawn jewelry industry has earned a negative reputation. At Diamond Banc, we have transformed this negative and unpleasant experience into an enjoyable, luxury service that is comparable to what you expect in a designer boutique. The directors of our Diamond Banc locations have years of experience in the jewelry industry. Their industry experience along with our process empowers the directors to understand the true worth of your diamond ring, Rolex, or other fine jewelry pieces. In comparison, traditional pawn lenders accept items of all kinds, which causes them to be unable to always accurately appraise jewelry. Our process focuses on using every value-adding factor to determine the unique value of your pawn jewelry.

The directors at Diamond Banc strive to build lasting relationships with clientele. At Diamond Banc, we understand that there is oftentimes a sentimental price tag on the jewelry item you consider pledging as collateral. As the pawn jewelry industry is the primary focus of Diamond Banc, we are able to offer you more than a traditional pawn shop. As a jewelry lender, Diamond Banc loans are structured more like traditional bank loans, which are created with the borrowers’ preferences in mind.

What Makes Diamond Banc Different?

  1. Unmatched Loan Values
  2. Client-Driven Loan Terms
  3. More Than Just A Transactions

Unmatched Loan Values In Tampa, FL

Jodi Hudson, our Tampa Director, is an industry expert and an accredited Graduate Gemologist from the GIA. Her deep industry knowledge paired with Diamond Banc’s data-driven process means we can offer the highest pawn jewelry loan values in Tampa and all of Florida. Additionally, our buy offer and our pawn jewelry loan offer will almost always match. Our intention is to provide you with the highest value and the best experience. As a pawn lender, Diamond Banc consistently offers loans of $50,000-$250,000 for business or personal use. We have the infrastructure to offer loan amounts of $1,000,000.

Client-Driven Loan Terms

Our jewelry pawn loans feature a distinct flexibility for repayment terms that is not present with other pawn lender loan options in Tampa. The term of your loan is 30 days and as you need to you can choose to extend it to more 30-day periods. Our loans are designed to be used for short-term financing of 1-6 months. Providing the loan is current, Diamond Banc allows customers to draw funds up and down against their items. This aspect of our pawn jewelry loans means that we often provide access to an additional line of credit. The interest rates we charge for our loans are anywhere from 50-80% lower than what is allowed legally in the pawn industry. As your jewelry lender, with our process of customizable loan repayment terms, we will work together with you to create a repayment plan based on your unique situation.

More Than Just A Transaction

Diamond Banc will offer you the best combination of the loan value and low cost of funds with the most enjoyable pawn jewelry experience. Check with the rest, and then come do business with us! Ultimately, at Diamond Banc, our interests are aligned with our customers’ interests because we want to make sure you get your items back. In comparison to other pawn lenders, when you use Diamond Banc as your jewelry lender, your items are insured throughout the entire duration of your loan. Your jewelry is covered in the event of damage, loss, or theft. Diamond Banc makes it easy to get a pawn loan in Tampa, and even easier to pay it off. Take advantage of our contactless and digital loan options to get a loan from the comfort of your home or enjoy the experience in our Tampa location. Once you’ve got your loan, we make repayment simple. Just set up automatic payments and you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay your loan.

Diamond Banc is your best option for discreet, confidential, and fast funding in Tampa. We treat all of our customers with kindness and work hard to provide the best loan terms possible. Whether you have a ¾-carat diamond or a 12ct Cartier engagement ring, you will find your experience with Diamond Banc Tampa incomparable to a traditional pawn shop.

Get a loan against your jewelry all while avoiding the local pawn shops in Tampa. If you’re looking to get a pawn jewelry loan in Tampa, Florida using your diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, or silver and gold bullion as collateral, then Diamond Banc is the premier option. Some of the most-frequent designers we offer clients pawn loans for are Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, Patek Philippe, and more.

Take advantage of Diamond Banc’s convenience, flexibility, and superior loan options in our local Tampa office to experience the superior Diamond Banc experience for yourself.

Get a loan against your jewelry and avoid the local pawn shops in Tampa. If you’re looking to get a pawn loan in Tampa, Florida using your diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, or silver and gold bullion as collateral then Diamond Banc is your best option. We make the process easy, convenient, comfortable, and, most importantly, pressure-free. We also make pawn loans against luxury watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Panerai, Breitling, and more.

Take advantage of Diamond Banc’s convenience, flexibility, and superior loan options in our local Tampa office to experience the superior Diamond Banc experience for yourself.

Diamond Banc of Tampa serves a wide area of the Tampa metro including but not limited to: Hillsborough, Hernando, Citrus, Pinellas, Pasco and Manatee Counties.

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