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Kathleen Trocine

Boca Raton, FL Market Director

Jennifer D.
I have posted for Kathleen a couple of times. She has amazing customer service.She is so knowledge and forth coming, made me feel like family.Love the personal touch.Jennifer
I highly recommend Diamond Banc for loaning and jewelry needs! I got a fair loan and she was very patient with me and my kids lol usually people give out fake reviews to make this business look good. Me on the other hand, I’m here to tell you these are all facts. I give it a 10/10 rating, 5 STAR ⭐️ Thanks 🙏🏾
GoneWith T.
The service is fast and professional ,Kathleen give me a really good deal with my ring I would recommend everybody to come here if they want to sell their gold or diamond.

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Kathleen Trocine

Boca Raton, FL

Kathleen Trocine is the Market Director of the Diamond Banc, Boca Raton office. Kathleen is a GIA Graduate Gemologist & has more than 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry. Her experience includes holding a quality control position at Tiffany & Co., working as a liaison for a U.S. manufacturer and was the jewelry production manager for Lazare Kaplan Inc. Her vast knowledge of the fine jewelry business, GIA certification, and loan expertise combined ensure the highest values paid and lowest interest rates in the industry.

“Kathleen was very thorough, nice, friendly, welcoming and respectfully honest. She took the time to explain everything to me and give me the most money possible for my diamond. She gave me the highest offer out of 4 different people. Thank you for your patience and time when I needed help. I would highly recommend Kathleen to anyone who is looking for a good and honest professional.”

-Kristen B.

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How does the transaction work?

There are two ways you can work with Diamond Banc to get a loan secured by your fine jewelry, diamonds, & watches:

  1. If you are looking to receive an immediate offer & same-day funding, we encourage you to visit one of our offices nationwide. Schedule an appointment at a Diamond Banc location near you, have your jewelry evaluated on the spot, and get paid immediately. Typically, this process takes less than 40 minutes.
  2. Fill out our online submission form above & receive a quote within 24 hours from one of our expert diamond buyers. Our team will provide you with a fully-insured shipping label to mail your diamond to our headquarters. From the moment your diamond arrives at our headquarters, it remains on continuous video surveillance until the package is opened and your items are verified. If you accept our offer, payment will be issued immediately via wire transfer. If you elect not to accept our offer, your diamond is expedited back to you with a fully-insured shipping label.

What if I don’t accept the loan offer?

If you elect not to accept our offer, our team will expedite your item back to you immediately.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can get?

Diamond Banc regularly makes loans from $500-$250,000+ secured by fine jewelry, diamonds, and watches. Our loan offers are based on the liquid wholesale value of your item.

To learn more about our Jewelry Equity Loans & how we determine how much your item is worth, watch this video from our founder, Mills Menser.

How long does it take to fund the transaction?

In most cases, it takes less than 24 hours to receive payment from the moment you accept our loan offer. 

Do I have to make monthly payments?

Yes. You will be required to make monthly interest payments during the duration of your loan. If you elect to make a payment larger than your minimum monthly interest payment, that amount will be applied toward your principal balance. 

Do you provide insurance?

Yes. Your items are fully insured while in our possession.

Will defaulting on my loan affect my credit score?

No. Diamond Banc does not report to any credit bureaus. Our loans are completely confidential. In the event the borrower elects not to repay their loan, there is no negative recourse to the borrower outside of surrendering ownership of the pledged collateral.

 How is my item stored and secured?

All assets are stored on-site in one of our state-of-the-art, alarm-protected, 24-hour security-monitored, fireproof vaults. Your items are fully insured while in our possession.

Once the loan is paid off, how do I get my item back?

Once your loan balance has been brought to zero, our team will expedite your items back to you.

How long do I have to make payments?

Diamond Banc offers 30-day loans that can be extended for as many 30-day periods as the client needs. There is no minimum loan period, as our loans can be paid off in full at any time without penalty. 

From The Founder

What Client’s Are Saying

Jennifer Donaldson ★★★★★ I have posted for Kathleen a couple of times. She has amazing customer service.She is so knowledge and forth coming, made me feel like family.Love the personal touch.JenniferResponse from the ownerJennifer it was a pleasure meeting and working with you. Kathleen Susan Feldman ★★★★★ Response from the ownerSusan thank for the 5 star review. It was a joy meeting you, love your sense of humor. GANK GAANK ★★★★★ I highly recommend Diamond Banc for loaning and jewelry needs! I got a fair loan and she was very patient with me and my kids lol usually people give out fake reviews to make this business look good. Me on the other hand, I’m here to tell you these are all facts. I give it a 10/10 rating, 5 STAR ⭐️ Thanks 🙏🏾Response from the ownerThank you for trusting Diamond Banc of Boca Raton with your jewelry. As the premier lender in the Boca area I am glad you chose us. I enjoyed working with you and meeting your 2 little boys. If I can assist in the future please let me know. I’m happy to help! Kathleen GoneWith TheWind ★★★★★ The service is fast and professional ,Kathleen give me a really good deal with my ring I would recommend everybody to come here if they want to sell their gold or diamond.Response from the ownerThank you for the very nice review, I’m glad Diamond Banc was able to help you sell your ring. It was a real pleasure meeting you. Kathleen Ulka Hovyc ★★★★★ Great experience! Quick and easy! Highly recommend!Response from the ownerThank you for the 5 star review and the kind words. Shelley Hawkins ★★★★★ Fast and easy; pleasant experience. Helped me out with a quick short term loan.Response from the ownerThank you Shelley. It was very nice meeting you today. Aldo Bartolone ★★★★★ Kathleen was wonderful to work with. Extremely professional! I highly recommend Diamond Banc!Response from the ownerAldo, thank you for the 5 star review. I’m glad the experience met your expectations. Have a wonderful day. Kathleen Dayna Rivera ★★★★★ Kathleen is amazing, she is very personable and knowledgeable.Response from the ownerDayna, you were such fun to work with. I’m glad we were able to help you lighten your jewelry box of pieces you didn’t wear. Elizabeth Mejias ★★★★★ A pleasure to work with. Great value for my precious jewelry. The office is private and serene.Response from the ownerThank you for the 5 star review. I’m so happy that you enjoyed your experience with us. It was very nice to have met you. Kathleen Michael S. ★★★★★ This was a pleasant and quick transaction. Diamond Banc gave me a very fair offer and instant wire to my bank account. No hassle.Response from the ownerMichael, thank you for the review. I was joy working with you and I loved our conversation. Again, thank you for working with Diamond Banc. Jenny Sue ★★★★★ Response from the ownerJenny thank you for the 5 star rating! Denise Jenkins ★★★★★ I so enjoyed meeting Kathleen and benefiting from her expertise. I brought in a piece of costume jewelry (which I did not know at the time that is was costume) and she was as kind and helpful as if I had brought in the Hope Diamond! If you have questions about any of your jewelry, you can’t go wrong with Kathleen.Response from the ownerDenise thank you for the very kind review. It was truly fun looking at your pin. When you’re ready I look forward to seeing the other pieces you mentioned. Have a beautiful day! Kathleen Nikki Stacy ★★★★★ This is such a great option for a short term loan! Kathleen is such a pleasure to talk to, very welcoming & friendly, and understanding of my unfortunate situation. Very fair loan terms, you’ll get more value for your gold & diamonds than you’d get at a pawn shop plus you’ll save on interest too, about half the interest you’d pay at a pawn shop. I’m so glad I discovered Diamond Banc to keep my valuables safe while giving me a loan to boost my business marketing! Such a quick & easy process too! Thanks Diamond Banc & thanks Kathleen! 😊 🙌🤑Response from the ownerNikki thank you for the very kind words. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and I hope we will continue to work together as your business grows! Have a blessed day! Thomas ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you for the 5 star review. It was very nice meeting you. Fernando Soto ★★★★★ Kathleen it’s a professional in the business, she guide you during the process and makes the deal really easy.Response from the ownerFernando thank you for the 5 star review. It was enjoyable working with you. I hope we can work together again in the future. Sharon Gorman ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you for the 5 star rating. It was very nice meeting you. d lathavong ★★★★★ They were really helpful and very knowledgeable on diamonds. Super friendly and customer service was on point.Response from the ownerThank you for the 5 stars and the kind words. It is always a pleasure to work with such nice people. Nuno Soeiro ★★★★★ Excellent customer service by Kathleen. Very professional.Response from the ownerThank you for the 5-star review. It was my pleasure to assist you. Louis Volpe ★★★★★ We had a fantastic experience working with Kathleen. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. ☆☆☆☆☆!!Response from the ownerI appreciate you taking the time to share the experience you had at Diamond Banc! Thank you for your kind words. I hope to work with you again. Paul ★★★★★ Sold my watch at Diamond Blanc and Kathleen was very fair with the price and made it a very pleasant experience and transaction. Thank you!Response from the ownerI appreciate you taking the time to share the experience you had at Diamond Banc! Thank you for your kind words. I hope to work with you again. Mary Jo Valenza ★★★★★ Kathleen was amazing! Super helpful and honest. Made the transaction simple and seamless. I highly recommend her.Response from the ownerI appreciate you taking the time to share the experience you had at Diamond Banc! Thank you for your kind words. I hope to work with you again. Tony Delcontivo ★★★★★ Excellent place. I highly recommend you considering this place for resale of your items you know longer want. Kathleen is amazing, very knowledgeable and you will not be disappointed!Response from the ownerI appreciate you taking the time to share the experience you had at Diamond Banc! Thank you for your kind words. I hope to work with you again. Kathleen Richard ★★★★★ Very professional. Easy review. Quick settlement.Good experienceResponse from the ownerThank you for the 5-star review. It was a pleasure to meet with you yesterday and assist you. Yanellie Ramos ★★★★★ Absolutely amazing experience super quick and Kathleen was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would highly recommendResponse from the ownerI appreciate you taking the time to share the experience you had at Diamond Banc! Thank you for your kind words. I hope to work with you again. Nick Dazza ★★★★★ Great experience!! Kathleen was super helpful and easy to deal with. Take my advice take your business to Diamond Banc you won’t be disappointed! Thanks again…Response from the ownerNick, it was an absolute pleasure working with you! Have a great day! js_loader
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Diamond Banc has locations in Tampa, Boca Raton, Miami, Aventura, Orlando, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Kansas City, Columbia, & Rochester.

Traditional Pawn Loans in Boca Raton: The Diamond Banc Difference

Pawn shop loans work much like other types of loans, except that instead of borrowing from a bank, you borrow from a private company called a pawnbroker. You pay back the loan plus interest over a period of months or years. If you default on the loan, the lender can sell the item you pledged as collateral to recoup some of the money owed. These loans are offered by local pawn shops, where customers bring items such as jewelry, electronics, and other valuables to sell in exchange for cash. You’ll pay interest on the loan, and the item will become collateral for the loan. You might think that getting a loan from a pawn shop would be easier than getting one from a bank, and in some cases that is the truth. However, there are some things you should know before applying for a loan at a traditional pawn shop in Boca Raton.

Modernized, Luxury Pawn Loans

Looking for a quick and easy short-term loan on your diamonds, jewelry, silver and gold jewelry, or luxury timepiece? By using Diamond Banc Boca Raton, quickly get access to liquidity using your jewelry while simultaneously avoiding the stress of your local pawnshop. In addition to jewelry used as loan collateral, Diamond Banc of Boca Raton also makes loans against luxury watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Panerai, Breitling, and more. Diamond Banc pawn jewelry loans are set up with the borrowers’ preferences and need in mind, unlike traditional loans from a pawn lender. At the end of the day, we want the structure of our pawn jewelry loans to make sure your items are returned to you. If you are looking for “jewelry pawn loans near me”, you have found the right place with Diamond Banc!

We are the experts in Boca Raton pawn. When you choose Diamond Banc Boca Raton as your pawn lender, you benefit from working with jewelry industry experts. Kathleen Trocine, the director of our Diamond Banc office in Boca Raton is an expert in the jewelry industry, which allows her to offer more for your jewelry items than a traditional Boca Raton pawn lender. When evaluating your jewelry, the market directors at Diamond Banc consider every value-adding factor.

Industry Experts in Boca Raton

The difference between a Diamond Banc pawn loan and a traditional pawn loan is that at Diamond Banc, we specialize in purchasing and loaning against jewelry exclusively. Traditional pawn shops purchase and loan against a variety of different items, thus, they do not have the expertise to evaluate your items to the extent that we do at Diamond Banc of Boca Raton. Although other pawn shops in Boca Raton will gladly purchase your Rolex watch, diamond engagement ring, or Cartier love bangle, it is essential to note that they simply do not have the knowledge base to know the true value of your items. Diamond Banc’s niche is loaning money for pawn jewelry and we want to loan clients as much as possible. In the Boca Raton area, our loan offers are the highest when compared to other pawn lenders. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best, consumer-focused pawn jewelry loan offers and terms. The majority of pawn shops across the nation and in Boca Raton do not have the capital on hand to make large loans. However, Diamond Banc regularly makes loans from $20,000 – $250,000 and has the ability to fund transactions up to $1,000,000. At Diamond Banc, we want our clients to know that they are receiving the ideal combination of their loan amount and cost.

Loan Offer & Buy Offer Are The Same

Diamond Banc Boca Raton, led by Market Director Kathleen Trocine, GIA Graduate Gemologist, shares valuable core principles. We believe in providing fair and consistent offers to our customers. Unlike most pawn lenders who offer to loan less than what they would buy an item for, at Diamond Banc Boca Raton, our loan offers and buy offers are almost always the same amount.

Kathleen Trocine’s expertise as a Graduate Gemologist from the GIA, combined with Diamond Banc’s data-driven process, allows us to offer unmatched loan values in Boca Raton. We pride ourselves on transparency and integrity in our valuation process. When you choose Diamond Banc, you can trust that our dedication to providing exceptional loan values remains consistent. Our goal is to offer the highest value for your valuable jewelry items, ensuring that you receive fair and competitive loan offers while having a positive experience throughout the loan process.

As a reputable pawn lender, Diamond Banc consistently offers loans ranging from $50,000 to $250,000, catering to both business and personal use. We understand that there are instances where larger loan amounts may be necessary, which is why we have the infrastructure and resources to offer loan amounts of up to $1,000,000. This flexibility allows us to address a wide range of financial needs and provide the financial assistance you require.

With Diamond Banc Boca Raton, you can have confidence that our loan values are based on accurate assessments and fair market prices. Our commitment to transparency and providing exceptional value sets us apart as the premier jewelry lender in the area. Whether you require funds for business ventures, personal expenses, or any other financial need, our high loan values ensure that you can access the capital you require while retaining ownership of your valuable jewelry assets. Experience the Diamond Banc difference in Boca Raton and receive the utmost professionalism, expertise, and loan value for your jewelry items.

Lowest Pawn Interest Rate in Boca Raton

At Diamond Banc Boca Raton, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest pawn interest rates in the area. Our interest rates typically range from 50% to 80% less than the standard rates allowed by law in the pawn industry. This significant reduction in interest rates sets us apart from other jewelry lenders in Boca Raton, ensuring that you receive the most cost-effective pawn jewelry loan.

We understand that flexibility in repayment terms is crucial when it comes to pawn jewelry loans. Unlike other pawn lenders, we provide distinct flexibility that allows you to tailor the repayment schedule to meet your specific needs. The initial term of your loan with Diamond Banc is 30 days. However, if you require more time to repay the loan, you have the option to extend it for additional 30-day periods. This flexibility enables you to utilize our pawn jewelry loans for short-term financing needs ranging from 1 to 6 months, depending on your individual circumstances.

When it comes to interest rates, Diamond Banc stands apart from other pawn lenders in Boca Raton. We charge significantly lower interest rates compared to what is legally allowed in the pawn industry. Our commitment to providing fair and transparent terms means that you can borrow at a more affordable cost. With interest rates typically 50% to 80% lower, you can save money and make the most of your pawn jewelry loan.

As your trusted jewelry lender, we prioritize understanding your unique situation and working with you to create a repayment plan that suits your needs. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to customize the loan repayment terms based on your financial capabilities and preferences. We aim to provide a repayment plan that is manageable and helps you successfully fulfill your loan obligations.

Our Interest Is In The Interest – Not Your Jewelry

At Diamond Banc Boca Raton, our focus is on ensuring you have the best possible experience with your jewelry pawn loan. We understand that your priority is to get your jewelry back, and our interest lies in helping you achieve that goal.

Unlike traditional pawn jewelry loans where you typically have to pay both the principal and interest together or just the interest due each month, our payment structure is designed with your best interests in mind. With a jewelry pawn loan from Diamond Banc, if your loan charges are current, any extra payment you choose to make goes directly towards reducing your principal balance. This approach decreases your costs associated with monthly interest and allows you to save money in the long run.

More Than Just A Transaction

Our commitment to providing the best loan terms extends beyond interest rates. We strive to offer you the best combination of loan value and low cost of funds, ensuring that you receive the most competitive offer in Boca Raton. Our dedication to aligning our interests with yours means that we want to see you get your items back and have a positive loan experience.

Additionally, at Diamond Banc, we prioritize the safety and security of your jewelry. When you choose us as your jewelry lender, your items are insured throughout the entire duration of your loan. This means that in the event of damage, loss, or theft, you have the peace of mind knowing that your jewelry is protected.

Our goal is to make the pawn jewelry loan process easy and convenient for you. We offer contactless and digital loan options that allow you to initiate the loan process from the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose to complete the process online or visit our Boca Raton location, we ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Once you’ve obtained your loan, we make repayment simple and worry-free. By setting up automatic payments, you don’t have to stress about remembering to make your monthly payments. Our digital reminders provide additional convenience, ensuring you stay informed and up to date with your loan obligations.

Choose Diamond Banc Boca Raton for discreet, confidential, and fast funding. Our team treats all customers with kindness and works diligently to provide the best loan terms possible. Whether you have a ¾-carat diamond or a 12ct Cartier engagement ring, you will find your experience with Diamond Banc Boca Raton incomparable to a traditional pawn shop.

Flexible Funding

At Diamond Banc Boca Raton, we understand that life can be unpredictable, and financial needs may change over time. That’s why we offer flexible funding options to accommodate your evolving circumstances.

Let’s imagine a scenario where you borrowed $10,000 from Diamond Banc against your watch. As time passes, you diligently make payments, and your loan balance decreases to $3,000. Unlike most standard pawn loans, we provide you with the flexibility to adjust your funding as needed. Suppose an unexpected situation arises, and you require additional funding. The $7,000 you have already paid back to Diamond Banc can be applied back to your account. This unique feature allows you to bring your loan balance back up to the original $10,000, providing you with access to the additional funds you require.

At Diamond Banc Boca Raton, we believe in supporting our clients throughout their loan journey. You can carry your pawn jewelry loan balance for as long as needed, as long as your interest charges have been paid as agreed and your loan remains in good standing. This flexibility ensures that you have the financial resources available when you need them most. Our commitment to providing flexible funding options sets us apart from traditional pawn lenders. We understand that your financial needs may change, and we strive to adapt to those changes, providing you with the support you require.

Peace of Mind

If you read the fine print on most pawn lender paperwork, you will discover that your item is not insured in the event of loss or theft during the time of your loan. At Diamond Banc, all loan collateral is fully insured, offering our clients the peace of mind they deserve during their pawn jewelry loan duration.

In Boca Raton, Diamond Banc offers unparalleled funding that is fast, discreet, and confidential. We provide a premier experience and treat all customers with kindness. Our team is dedicated to providing the best pawn jewelry loan terms possible to our customers. At Diamond Banc, we aim to build long-term relationships with the clients who choose us as their pawn lenders. Whether you have a ½ carat diamond or a 10ct Cartier engagement ring, you will find your experience with Diamond Banc convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Choose Diamond Banc for Your Pawn Jewelry Needs

At Diamond Banc Boca Raton, we offer a modernized approach to pawn loans, providing you with flexible funding options and exceptional service. Unlike traditional pawn loans, we specialize in jewelry, ensuring that you receive the highest loan value and the most cost-effective terms.

Our interest rates are significantly lower than those allowed by law in the pawn industry, making us the best choice for borrowers seeking a low-cost solution. We understand the importance of flexibility in repayment terms, allowing you to customize your schedule based on your unique needs.

With Diamond Banc, you can enjoy a contactless, digital, and automatic loan repayment process, making it convenient and stress-free. Our goal is to ensure that you have a smooth experience from start to finish.

We take pride in offering the same loan and buy offers for your valuable items, setting us apart from other pawn lenders. Our Market Director, Kathleen Trocine, a GIA Graduate Gemologist, brings expertise and knowledge to our appraisal process, ensuring that you receive fair and accurate assessments.

At Diamond Banc, we prioritize your interests, providing insurance coverage for your items throughout the loan duration. Our commitment to transparency and exceptional value means that you can trust us to deliver the best loan terms possible.

Whether you need a loan for personal or business use, ranging from $50,000 to $250,000, we have the resources to meet your financial needs. Our flexibility extends beyond loan amounts, allowing you to carry your loan balance and access additional funding as required.

Choose Diamond Banc Boca Raton for flexible funding, low interest rates, insurance coverage, and a superior pawn jewelry loan experience. We are dedicated to building long-term relationships and providing the financial assistance you need while safeguarding your valuable jewelry assets.

Diamond Banc Boca Raton serves a wide area of South Florida including but not limited to: Palm Beach, Martin, Broward, St. Lucile, Indian River, Okeechobee, Highlands, Glades, & Hendry Counties.

At Diamond Banc, we want to help you find the best option for funding. If you need funding right away or you just want to talk to someone about your situation, Diamond Banc provides a zero-cost, zero-obligation, zero-pressure, evaluation. Begin at or call 561-430-5035 to schedule an appointment today at 100 S Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, FL 33432.

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