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Xammany Vongratsamy

Aventura, FL

With a career spanning more than 30 years, Xammany Vongratsamy is one of the most experienced luxury jewelry experts in the Florida area. She has worked for many of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Tiffany & Co., Patek Philippe, Cartier, Chopard, Chanel, Breguet, Harry Winston, Jaeger LeCoultre, and Girard Perregaux.

Xammany is known for her no-nonsense approach to evaluating your jewelry items—she knows exactly what she’s looking for and how to get you the highest possible offer. If you’re looking to sell your jewelry or secure an asset-based loan, Xammany has the expertise and experience to help you make the right decision.

5 stars

Xammany is true professional. Straightforward, open and understanding. Easy to do business with and I recommend you call her first when you are looking to get a loan with your high end jewelry.


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How does the transaction work?

There are two ways you can work with Diamond Banc to get a loan secured by your fine jewelry, diamonds, & watches:

  1. If you are looking to receive an immediate offer & same-day funding, we encourage you to visit one of our offices nationwide. Schedule an appointment at a Diamond Banc location near you, have your jewelry evaluated on the spot, and get paid immediately. Typically, this process takes less than 40 minutes.
  2. Fill out our online submission form above & receive a quote within 24 hours from one of our expert diamond buyers. Our team will provide you with a fully-insured shipping label to mail your diamond to our headquarters. From the moment your diamond arrives at our headquarters, it remains on continuous video surveillance until the package is opened and your items are verified. If you accept our offer, payment will be issued immediately via wire transfer. If you elect not to accept our offer, your diamond is expedited back to you with a fully-insured shipping label.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can get?

Diamond Banc regularly makes loans from $500-$250,000+ secured by fine jewelry, diamonds, and watches. Our loan offers are based on the liquid wholesale value of your item.

To learn more about our Jewelry Equity Loans & how we determine how much your item is worth, watch this video from our founder, Mills Menser.

How long does it take to fund the transaction?

In most cases, transactions are funded same-day via check or wire transfer.

Do I have to make monthly payments?

Yes. You will be required to make monthly interest payments during the duration of your loan. If you elect to make a payment larger than your minimum monthly interest payment, that amount will be applied toward your principal balance. 

Do you provide insurance?

Yes. Your items are fully insured while in our possession.

Will defaulting on my loan affect my credit score?

No. Diamond Banc does not report to any credit bureaus. Our loans are completely confidential. In the event the borrower elects not to repay their loan, there is no negative recourse to the borrower outside of surrendering ownership of the pledged collateral.

 How is my item stored and secured?

All assets are stored on-site in one of our state-of-the-art, alarm-protected, 24-hour security-monitored, fireproof vaults. Your items are fully insured while in our possession.

How long do I have to make payments?

Diamond Banc offers 30-day loans that can be extended for as many 30-day periods as the client needs. There is no minimum loan period, as our loans can be paid off in full at any time without penalty. 

From The Founder

What Client’s Are Saying

joaquin coll
16:30 28 Mar 23
Amazing place, amazing customer Service. Highly recommendAsk for Xammany
Torin zielenski
22:15 24 Mar 23
Beautiful storefront, just be aware you need to park on 7 and take the elevator to the bottom floor then sign in and take the elevator to 11. Xamoney met me at the entrance and showed me to her office. All was a very pleasant experience and and our business was concluded efficiently and professionally with a personal flare that made me feel really comfortable.
Emmanuel Jean-Francois
22:01 23 Feb 23
Very very good place to go. Xammany is an extraordinary person, who is very professional , kind and honest. I have Many friends talking about her in very good terms .Congrats Xammany.
Michael Perez
22:26 14 Feb 23
Process was very simple and not stressful at all. Office is new and clean and staff is extremely friendly. Xammany was extremely accommodating and offered prompt and insightful information. I highly recommend her as she goes above and beyond for all her clients .
Lizz Rodriguez
22:45 10 Feb 23
So knowledgeable easy to work with quick access paid great money
Akiva Goldman
14:19 07 Feb 23
Diamond Banc is outstanding in the jewelry buying world. Experts, beautiful offices and smooth processes. Thank you Xammany!!!!
13:59 07 Feb 23
Excellent customer service. I highly recommend!!
Ariel Davis
17:41 31 Jan 23
Xammany was absolutely amazing and quick and efficient. Super sweet and knowledgeable. I won’t go anywhere else after my experience.
Excelent and very nice person !!!
mega poster
21:39 25 Jan 23
Wow! Fast, professional and a terrific loan price. Highly recommend!!!
17:32 24 Jan 23
Alex Achille
20:36 10 Jan 23
Excellent service very kind and helpful and the process wasn’t long at all highly recommended
Shawana Allen
18:11 09 Jan 23
This is my first time getting a loan on my jewelry. She was very nice and pleasant. She was patient with me and very professional! If ever in need to sell or get a loan please visit Diamond Banc! I would definitely recommend anyone to their services.
Gaston Miy Uranga
20:39 03 Jan 23
If you want to sell your jewelry come here for sure !
Mari C
18:01 03 Jan 23
Xammany is awesome!! I had a number in mind & she gave it to me!! Im so glad I came here. Really nice & proffesional! Thank you!
Mrs FriedChicken
14:40 03 Jan 23
Xammamy was pleasant and did a wonderful job explaining how resale value works. Highly recommended.
Tot Mosely
18:37 22 Dec 22
Very helpful and nice lady
Vanessa Serrano
22:22 21 Dec 22
Xammany was really kind. Thank you so much.
I really recommend the service that Xammany provides, very friendly, transparent and with a human and professional sense. 7-star care and service
erika fermin
18:40 20 Dec 22
So glad I came across Xammany. Aside from being a lovely personal she’s so knowledgeable and honest. I highly recommend her for any of your jewelry needs.
Oscar Osorio
16:26 16 Dec 22
I had a great experience with Xammany! She is very kind and attentive. I’m looking forward to liquify my luxuries with Diamond Banc.
Marina Hoffmann
17:33 14 Dec 22
Excellent customer service. Director Xammany quoted my ring. Trust her completely. Very professional. Thank you Xammany!!!!
Diana Tan-Jun
16:03 09 Dec 22
Xammany was awesome , knowledgeable and very nice. She gave me an amazing price and an incredible chat 😊
Sandra Paternina
15:17 09 Dec 22
Awesome service!!!! Xammany was amazing 😃
Nadija Glusz
22:50 08 Dec 22
Excellent top-notch service. Very fast process to sell your old ring. I would recommend. Thank you.
Juan Pablo Guillen
03:42 07 Dec 22
Great customer service, highly recommended to everyone. Xammany is an expert and very knowledgeable about the business.
Steven Vaccaro
23:04 06 Dec 22
Dror Ashkenazi
15:42 06 Dec 22
Xammany is the best!
Kevin Bryant
23:51 03 Dec 22
I have bought and sold to Diamond Banc they have am amazing staff great pay, I truly enjoyed working with Amy & Deena.
Nattie Verna
06:41 03 Dec 22
I had an awesome experience at Diamond Banc. Xammany was very professional, honest and knowledgeable. She was my angel today .Thank you
Eva Salazar
20:36 02 Dec 22
Xammany is a super nice person, very knowledgeable with a lot of years in the industry. She takes the time to explain everything in detail and answer all the questions and concerns. The place is intimate and secure!! 100% recommendable
Amazing, professional and informative every step of the way. Reliable and made me feel confident in the process, would highly recommend.
Barbara Brown
21:28 30 Nov 22
Very good thank you very much
Flo Bartenders
16:23 30 Nov 22
THE BEST IN THE GAME!Excellent service, Very informative, and beyond professional. Will always go back to sell my jewelry to them. I got the best price from them.
Omara Barrios
16:09 30 Nov 22
inae kortz
14:29 30 Nov 22
Fantastic experience! Thank you Xammany Vongratsamy for your care and assistance !
Yolanda Hernandez
08:50 30 Nov 22
Jori Kosek
03:22 30 Nov 22
Xammany is so friendly and professional and always pleasant to work with! Thank you for everything Xammany!
Kenny Ladler
02:57 30 Nov 22
Great place! The customer service and work ethic was impeccable. Thank you so much.
Extremly Blessed
18:08 29 Nov 22
The representative was very hospitable very nice and attentive I highly recommend this place for your business
Pauline Green
16:19 29 Nov 22
Chykeria Ferguson
16:04 29 Nov 22
Great customer service and professional.
Michael Mariano
16:47 25 Nov 22
Ahn Chantharasinh
21:25 23 Nov 22
Phuguens Accus
04:58 22 Nov 22
Xammany is amazing 😻. Great place and love the service!
Kikko perez
22:45 21 Nov 22
Xammy is the best in the business, hands down! I highly recommended to handle all of your questions and to ensure you the best experience ever!
I absolutely love Xammany. She has incredible insight, knowledge and experience. She has so much to offer in the ultra luxury market.
Regine Dupuy
21:16 21 Nov 22
Very insightful and helpful😊
Tony V
04:50 19 Nov 22
The Finest 👌🏽
Don Bopp
22:34 18 Nov 22
The process was very easy and straightforward. Xammany is a true professional and explained everything in a concise manner. I am very pleased with my Diamond Banc experience.
Fam bam Love
20:25 18 Nov 22
Simon Terechin
18:55 18 Nov 22
Excellent Service Xammany was very pleasant and professionalTo work with.
01:30 18 Nov 22
Konstantin Plaksin
16:47 17 Nov 22
The best place for the morning coffee
Camilo Mahecha
16:45 17 Nov 22
Definitely would use them again!! Excellent service
Yesenia Mahecha
16:42 17 Nov 22
Excellent service
Roxana Karina Morelli
16:39 17 Nov 22
Thank you so much much for your patience and professionalism with my loan.
Xammany was very professional and helpful with my request. I recommend her for anyone who needs to get emergency loan with the best rate in town.
Koshah Woods
21:10 16 Nov 22
Diamond Banc was very knowledgeable about the quality of jewelry and helped me price my ring appropriately. Xammany helped me tremendously and I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell quality jewelry.
Mack Pholsina
20:53 16 Nov 22
Kasadphun Kanokporn
19:20 16 Nov 22
Wonderful experienced ..best service ..Will be back again..Thank you
Dee Gomez
19:00 16 Nov 22
John Vongratsamy
04:30 16 Nov 22
Thi N
22:45 15 Nov 22
Xammany went above and beyond meeting my expectations! She vibe is what attracted me to products!
Danny Vongratsamy
22:16 15 Nov 22
Rocio Garcia
21:14 15 Nov 22
Super prompt and always on top of things!
Dawn Gardner
20:47 15 Nov 22
Amazing time with Xammany she is truly amzaing
Cyril Egozi
00:43 15 Nov 22
Great experience and service A+
Camilo Boza
00:01 11 Nov 22
David Hoyte
21:12 09 Nov 22
aren jackson
19:58 09 Nov 22
Ron Dukes
18:32 09 Nov 22
Carol Boston
11:22 04 Nov 22
Xammany is true professional. Straightforward, open and understanding. Easy to do business with and I recommend you call her first when you are looking to get a loan with your high end jewelry.
larry hope
00:08 04 Nov 22
Xammany was the best! Very knowledgeable
Tarik Reaves
23:04 03 Nov 22
Great experience!!! 5star service!!! Unbeatable rates. Xammany is the best. And i got a starbucks gift card on the house lol.
oriya atzmi
02:23 31 Oct 22
Charlotte Giles
00:40 29 Oct 22
I really enjoyed my experience here. The staff was excellent and treated with such respect. Thank you so much Diamond Banc it was a pleasure working with you all. I look forward to continued business.
Mia Chalik
00:25 29 Oct 22
Diamond Banc is THE go to destination to sell or get a loan on your fine jewelry and luxury watches! Xammany is an expert, very knowledgeable and friendly! Highest loan values paid and lowest interest rates in South Florida. Great experience!
Debbie Sitthydeth
23:28 28 Oct 22
Xammany is a very intelligent and professional person. She is good at what she does!
Konnie Pheng
22:41 28 Oct 22
Corey Mobley
22:35 28 Oct 22
Xammany and Diamond Banc are the best!
Brenda Kat
22:06 28 Oct 22
Xammany is professional, friendly annd made the whole experience enjoyable and stress free, will definitely do business again.
My Baccam
22:04 28 Oct 22
The best! Highly recommended!
Pond Deeb
21:55 28 Oct 22
She’s very helpful and nice 👍 that’s the place to shop for. Love it❤️
21:00 28 Oct 22
Phongdeth Vongrasamy
20:56 28 Oct 22
Amazing amazing amazing !!
Amy Richards
20:18 28 Oct 22
Absolutely the best place to sell your jewelry! Always fair prices & great customer service.
Diego Morales
15:29 20 Oct 22
They have the great customer services and will be sure to go above and beyond for every client!
Jean-Philippe VULACH
19:33 18 Oct 22
Very good services and very efficient, top professionalism from Xammanny. I do recommend
shanida Lamberto
21:04 11 Oct 22
It was a good experience, they are knowledgeable. Transactions are smooth and they answered all my questions with no pressure. Great work at the Aventura location. Thanks 👍
Destina Celestine
15:14 11 Oct 22
Nobody more trusting and credible! Experts in all things jewelry. Always there to help and reliable when needed. Thank you!
21:36 07 Oct 22
AMAZING WOMAN!!! Beautiful soul , caring, beautiful person. The process very FAST! Steady and quick! Lol. Overall this woman is a good person at heart for sure!!
Tommy Sithavong
20:44 06 Oct 22
Amoni Sithavong
19:40 06 Oct 22
Luis Javier Castañeda
17:49 06 Oct 22
Best place, best price… 100% recommended
Fernando Martin
11:20 06 Oct 22
Amazing experience with this company. Xammany was great! Their selection is great and they will help you find what you are looking for.
Eduatdo Goudie
19:52 04 Oct 22
octavia daniels
18:23 04 Oct 22
Great experience fast and easy process
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Visit a diamond banc near you

Discover the Modernized & Elite Pawn Alternative in Aventura, FL

Diamond Banc is a trusted name in the luxury pawn industry, providing expertise in the values of diamonds, Rolex, gold, and fine jewelry. Whether you are looking for a pawn loan on a single piece or your entire collection, Diamond Banc offers the best jewelry lending experience in Aventura. If you’re searching for “jewelry pawn loans near me,” look no further than Diamond Banc. Our team of experts offers convenient and pressure-free pawn services in Aventura, and we have three other offices located throughout Florida that are equipped to provide you with loans secured by your jewelry assets.

At Diamond Banc, we understand that pawning jewelry is not just about the appraised value. Our loan officers take into consideration all value-enhancing attributes of your jewelry items to provide you with the most industry-leading offer, surpassing what you would receive from a traditional pawn shop. We value our clients and aim to provide the maximum amount possible when issuing pawn jewelry loans. Our flexible terms, strategic liquidity options, and ability to handle transactions of all sizes make us the top choice for jewelry lending in Aventura.

By specializing solely in pawn jewelry loans, we are able to provide loan values that are significantly higher than any other pawn lender in the Aventura area. At Diamond Banc Aventura, we believe that every jewelry pawn loan is important, regardless of its size. On a daily basis, we offer pawn jewelry loans ranging from $1,000 to $100,000, with the capability of extending loans from $250,000 to $1,000,000. We take pride in the fact that we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the highest possible loan value for their pawned jewelry. At Diamond Banc Aventura, we are committed to delivering the highest level of professional service in the industry, and we guarantee that no other pawn lender in the Aventura area will match our level of dedication to our clients.

Unmatched Service & Loan Values

At Diamond Banc, we offer a luxurious and enjoyable pawn experience that surpasses the negative reputation often associated with traditional pawn shops. Our directors are industry experts with years of experience in the jewelry industry and use a data-driven process to accurately determine the value of your pawn jewelry. In comparison, traditional pawn lenders accept a wide range of items, making it difficult for them to accurately appraise jewelry.

We understand the sentimental value attached to your jewelry, and that is why we strive to build lasting relationships with our clients. Our jewelry pawn loans are structured more like traditional bank loans, taking into consideration the borrower’s preferences. Diamond Banc consistently offers loans of $50,000 to $250,000 for personal or business use.

Secure & Flexible Loan Options

At Diamond Banc, we offer flexible repayment terms for our pawn jewelry loans. The initial loan term is 30 days, and you have the option to extend the loan for an additional 30-day period. Our loans are designed for short-term financing, with a repayment period of 1-6 months. You also have the option to draw funds up and down against your items as long as the loan is current. Our interest rates for pawn jewelry loans are 50-80% lower than the legal limit in the pawn industry. When you choose Diamond Banc as your jewelry lender, your items are insured against damage, loss, or theft throughout the entire duration of the loan. We make it easy to get a pawn loan in Aventura, with the option for contactless and digital loans, and simple repayment options. Our interests are aligned with our clients, and we want to ensure that you get your items back.

The Premier Pawn Alternative in Aventura

Diamond Banc offers a combination of high loan values, low cost of funds, and the best pawn experience in Aventura. If you’re looking to pawn diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches, or gold and silver bullion, Diamond Banc is the premier option in Aventura. We offer loans for luxury brands such as Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, Patek Philippe, and more. Avoid traditional pawn shops and experience the superior Diamond Banc experience for yourself. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the discreet, confidential, and fast funding you need.

Diamond Banc is proud to serve the Miami area as the leading jewelry pawn alternative for the affluent. Our expertise in the value of diamonds, gold, and fine jewelry allows us to offer unmatched loan values and flexible repayment terms. In addition to serving the Aventura community, we also serve neighboring areas such as Sunny Isles, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and more. No matter where you are located in the Miami area, Diamond Banc is here to provide you with the best jewelry pawn experience. Whether you need a loan against your luxury watches, gold bullion, or designer jewelry, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you secure the funding you need.

Meet The Aventura Director

Xammany Vongratsamy is the Director of Diamond Banc in Aventura, FL. Xammany’s pragmatic and straightforward method of evaluating jewelry items is widely acknowledged. Her deep comprehension of the nuances of the jewelry market empowers her to precisely identify the critical elements to consider, ensuring that clients receive the highest possible offer.

With over three decades of experience in the luxury jewelry industry, Xammany Vongratsamy is a highly respected expert in the Florida area. She has held prominent positions at some of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands, including Tiffany & Co., Patek Philippe, Cartier, Chopard, Chanel, Breguet, Harry Winston, Vhernier, and Rolex.

Given her wealth of expertise and experience, Xammany is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to make an informed decision about selling their jewelry or obtaining an asset-based loan in the Miami area.

Visit Diamond Banc in Aventura, FL

Diamond Banc’s office in Aventura, FL is located in The Forum building at 19790 W Dixie Hwy, Suite 1135, on the 11th floor. The Forum is a well-known and prestigious building in the heart of Aventura, surrounded by high-end restaurants, retail stores, and residential communities. The Diamond Banc office is situated on the 11th floor, offering stunning views of the surrounding area. Clients who visit the office can enjoy the breathtaking views of the city while receiving exceptional service in a private, luxurious environment. The office’s location in The Forum also provides easy access for clients, with ample parking and proximity to major highways and thoroughfares. Diamond Banc’s presence in The Forum demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing a personalized and tailored experience to clients looking for high-quality financial services.

Serving Aventura, FL & Beyond

Diamond Banc is proud to serve the Miami area as the leading jewelry pawn alternative for the affluent. Our expertise in the value of diamonds, gold, and fine jewelry allows us to offer unmatched loan values and flexible repayment terms. In addition to serving the Aventura community, we also serve neighboring areas such as Sunny Isles, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and more. No matter where you are located in the Miami area, Diamond Banc is here to provide you with the best jewelry pawn experience. Whether you need a loan against your luxury watches, gold bullion, or designer jewelry, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you secure the funding you need.

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