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Diamond Banc is a nationwide buyer of diamonds; all shapes and sizes. We are aggressively seeking diamonds 2.00 – 20.00cts. Diamond Banc is in partnership with a high-volume retail store allowing us to sell your diamond for more than most other diamond buying outfits who can only sell on the wholesale market. This partnership means we can PAY YOU more money because your diamonds are properly appraised using current diamond market conditions.

Sell Diamonds – How it Works

We want to make sure you are comfortable and at ease every step of the way. First, simply complete our online diamond sale questionnaire, which will provide us the specifics of your item as well as what you are hoping to sell it for. We will then make you an initial offer, which will be finalized upon inspecting the item in person. Once the offer has been accepted, we will email you a fully insured pre-paid FedEx mailing label which you can use to ship your item to us. To ensure your comfort, Diamond Banc video records the opening of every package and the footage can be provided to you. If you live in the Midwest area, we invite you to visit our location in person to speak with one of our diamond experts. Diamond Banc will beat any legitimate offer.

The Diamond Banc Difference

Diamond Banc’s parent company has roots in the jewelry industry since 1896. Over the last 118 years we have developed numerous international connections, allowing us to find buyers who will pay the largest premium for your diamond. In addition, Diamond Banc is in partnership with a high-volume retail store, allowing us to sell your diamond for more than most other diamond buying outfits who can only sell on the wholesale market. This partnership means we can PAY YOU more money because your diamonds are worth more to us than others.


If you are not in a hurry and have the luxury of waiting to sell your diamond for the absolute highest price, Diamond Banc offers a consignment program. By not investing our capital we are able to offer you a higher rate of return once your diamond sells. Your Diamond Banc specialist can quote you both a “sell now” and “consignment” price. All consignment customers are paid within 48 hours of the sale of their item.

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Some Of Our Reviews:
  • 5 Star Rating
    Rachel - I have been with the Diamond Banc since well actually going on almost four years now. I want to say they are for sure by the best to get loans for your Jewelry through. They will give you a better interest rate, and also they give you more for your jewelry. Way better then any pawn shop by far. Plus they also have the politest worker ever. Well, atleast at my local store here in Columbia, Mo. His name is Kyle Cook, and he is the best by far, and Know he didn't pay me to say that either lol! Also the do more then loan they even buy jewelry, watches, coins, and belive they do other things as well. Anyway I love the Diamond Banc, because they have always treated me right, and thats why I give them a 5 star rating!!
  • 5 Star Rating
    Tooanh - I needed funds quickly but did not want to do a payday loan due to their exorbitant high, interest fees. Additionally it would also affect my credit score. I was first hesitant due to being out of state. However Kyle Cook's customer service, due diligence, professionalism, & personal follow up was exceptional throughout the whole process from the quote, loan set-up, shipping, payment confirmation, etc. They certainly exceeded my expectations & was always willing to work with you.
    I would HIGHLY recommend them and will use them in the future without a second thought if needed!!
  • 5 Star Rating
    Toni - I had a diamond wedding ring with band to sell and I found Diamond Banc one of the first listed when I googled. I can tell you their services went WAY OVER expectataions on every level that I did work with them. Not only did they respond in less than the 24 turn around promise, but they also followed with a personal phone call just to touch base. They were quick, efficient with back up proof for their quote, and plesantly professional! I am a BIG fan of customer service with that real human personal touch and this company was all of that and more! I would HIGHLY recommend them and will use them in the future without a second though or search of another diamond buyer!
  • 5 Star Rating
    D. - Top notch.

    I contacted several diamond buyers and Mills was obviously head and shoulders above the rest. He answered all of my questions, offered the best price, and will be earning my business in the future. Highly recommended.
  • 5 Star Rating
    Courtney - Found a diamond and simply took it into the shop to see what we could get for it. This was very simple and easy! Great service and we got more than we were expecting for it. I would definitely go there again!
  • 5 Star Rating
    Kenny - The new Diamond Banc office is incredibly nice! Plus it's great that parking is now free and you don't have to fight for a spot downtown anymore. There isn't a better place in town if you want to sell or get a loan on your jewelry.
  • 5 Star Rating
    Google User - So much more than a place to sell gold!!! I took an old engagement ring in that I needed to sell and Amy was wonderful. She gave me the best offer I've ever gotten on it. And trust me I went to about 7 other places. She bought the ring as a whole instead of just for the center stone and gold weight. She was so nice and courteous and she knew what she was doing. I would recommend Diamond Banc to anyone that wants to sell their jewelry and get the best deal possible. Thank you Amy!!