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We Buy Rolex Watches

Diamond Banc is the nation's best source for those who wish to sell their Rolex. We are Rolex experts and take every value adding factor into consideration such as model, age, condition and rarity to offer the highest amounts.

Diamond Banc is excited to buy any Rolex model:

  • Submariners
  • GMTs
  • President
  • Datejust
  • Daytona
  • Yachtmaster
  • Skydweller
  • Explorer
  • Seadweller
  • Cellini
  • Milgauss
  • Airking

Our Buying Process

How It Works

Get a Quote

Get a Quote

No Cost & No Obligation

Fill out our free and simple form describing your item. After reviewing your submission, our team of expert jewelers will contact you with an initial quote, usually within one business day.

Ship Your Item

Ship Your Item

Pre-Paid & Fully Insured

Upon acceptance of our initial offer, we will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label to safely send in your item for an official evaluation. All shipments are insured by Jewelers Mutual and Brinks, so you can rest assured that you're fully covered.

Receive Cash

Receive Cash

Fast & Secure

Once your item has been evaluated, we will contact you with our official offer and arrange for an immediate payment via check or wire transfer. Don't like our offer? No worries! Your item will be shipped back at no cost to you. No risk. No obligation.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I contacted several diamond buyers and Mills was obviously head and shoulders above the rest. He answered all of my questions, offered the best price, and will be earning my business in the future. Highly recommended.

D. Powell

Recent Deals

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar
Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar
We loaned $40,000 for it!
Cartier Stainless Steel Panthere
Cartier Stainless Steel Panthere
We loaned $1,000 for it!
Patek Philippe Officer's Calatrava
Patek Philippe Officer's Calatrava
We loaned $7,000 for it!
Patek Philippe Diamond Twenty-4
Patek Philippe Diamond Twenty-4
We loaned $13,000 for it!
Loan Rates & Details

Diamond Banc offers the best jewelry-backed loans in the nation. Our plans are flexible with a minimum repayment period of 61 days and a maximum repayment period of 5 years. Our interest rate is 3% per month or 36% APR when clients borrow 30%-50% of the liquid wholesale value of their pledged collateral. For example, if you have an asset with a liquid wholesale value of $25,000 and borrow $10,000, your interest would be $300/month. If you borrowed the money for 3 months, your total pay back amount would be $10,900. Loans greater than $100,000 can qualify for even lower rates. If you have any more questions please review our FAQ page or give us a call.