Why the Shape of Your Diamond Matters

Do you have an outdated diamond shape and ready to upgrade? Then, it is important to understand why the shape of your diamond matters.  Like cyclic fashion trends, diamond shapes go in and out of style as well.  One cut that has lost its popularity is the marquise diamond.  It was extremely popular during the 1980’s, but is now rumored to look old fashion.  Another example, the princess cut diamond was all the rage in the early 2000’s. Now couples are looking at similar, but more unique shapes, such as the cushion or radiant cut diamond.  Diamond Banc of Kansas City can help you understand the importance of your diamond shape.

How shapes affect the value

You may not think of popularity having a great affect on the resale value of diamonds. However, many retailers have to take this into consideration when evaluating.  A buyer or lender takes into account the cost associated for re-cutting. This is to get the diamond to a more desirable shape.  One of the most well known diamonds to be re-cut is the marquise diamond into an oval shape.  When re-cutting a diamond, many jewelers do not want to remove an excessive amount to achieve a more desirable cut. Otherwise the diamond may lose its value because of the decreased carat weight.  This is why marquise diamonds are commonly cut into ovals.  The jeweler can create a more popular shape, without losing very much carat weight.

Another reason a diamond may need to be re-cut is if the diamond is damaged or has significant inclusions.  If re-cutting the diamond will increase its desirability and quality, jewelers will look into having the diamond re-cut.  Many people do not know what to do with their diamond if it has been damaged.  Diamond Banc of Kansas City recently purchased a round cut diamond that was damaged and had it re-cut into a cushion shaped diamond.

Diamond Banc of Kansas City has diamond experts that can help you understand why the shape of your diamond matters.

How do I find out the value of my diamond?

If you are thinking of selling your diamond, it is important to know all the factors that go into a jeweler’s evaluation.  You can start by filling out an online submission or calling the Kansas City location.  Diamond Banc has a private office at the Country Club Plaza.  The experts can evaluate your piece, give you an offer and get funds in your hands all in less than 24 hours.