Sell Your Watch in Kansas City

Do you have a pre-owned watch you’d like to sell in the Kansas City area? Sell your watch to Diamond Banc. We have a network of top watch dealers in the country as well as the knowledge to offer the most for your watch.

Breitling Watch in 18KYG and Diamonds

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How to set a Rolex watch

A Rolex has over 200 moving parts that come together to create an intricate, precise work of art. You don’t have to know how every single part of your Rolex works, but you should at least know how to set a Rolex watch.

Setting a Rolex is how you change the time and date displayed on the watch. It’s simple — with a few twists and turns of the right piece, you can take care of your watch and keep it accurate without making a trip to your local jeweler.

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Loan your watch collection to Diamond Banc

Do you need quick cash to take advantage of a business opportunity, afford a down payment on a house or pay tuition or medical bills? When the paperwork for a traditional bank loan takes too long, turn to Diamond Banc to make your watch collection work for you. You could sell your watch collection and say goodbye to pieces you’ve curated carefully over the years. Or, if you’re not ready to sell your watches, you can use your collection to get an asset-based loan from Diamond Banc. You’ll get the money you need and retain ownership of your collection.

When you get a loan from Diamond Banc, you can receive up to $500,000 in 24 hours or less. We don’t ask for credit checks or income guarantees — the value of your property is enough of a guarantee for us. Providing documentation for a traditional bank loan slows the process down, and might cause you to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Loan your watch collection to Diamond Banc

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