Kansas City’s Expert Jewelry Buyers

Diamond Banc of Kansas City has deep roots in the Missouri jewelry industry. Our founder and president, Mills Menser, owns our retail jewelry company that has been in continuous operation since 1896 in Columbia, MO, and is a sister organization of Diamond Banc. Due to Mills’ experience in the industry, as well as a very knowledgeable staff, Diamond Banc offers unmatched purchasing power, lending expertise and overall industry resources. Diamond Banc: the expert jewelry buyers in Kansas City.

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Best Place to Sell Wedding Ring in Kansas City


“Best place to sell my wedding ring in Kansas City?” That’s a great question! The Diamond Banc is the best place to sell your wedding ring in Kansas City. Our buy services are discreet, professional and prompt.

Sell Your Wedding Rings in Kansas City

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We Buy Gold Jewelry In Kansas City

Are you searching for places that buy gold jewelry in Kansas City? Diamond Banc buys gold jewelry locally in Kansas City. Our office, conveniently located on the Country Club Plaza, is able to assist with any unwanted or estate gold jewelry you may have.

Gold Coin with Diamond Frame

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Sell Antique Jewelry in Kansas City

Diamond Banc of Kansas City is the best place to sell your antique jewelry in the Kansas City area. If you have inherited estate jewelry from one of your family members, you can rest assured knowing our experts will take every value-adding factor into consideration when purchasing your antique pieces. We not only take the metal value into consideration, we also look at the era in which the jewelry was created. Jewelry fashion trends tend to be cyclical and older jewelry pieces are often sought after for their character, craftsmanship and unique design features.

Rose Gold Vintage Bracelet
Rose Gold Vintage Bracelet

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Get a loan on jewelry in Charlotte at Perry’s

If your monthly budget comes up short, one solution you might not have considered is taking out an asset-based loan on your fine jewelry. Do you own luxury watches or expensive jewelry you don’t wear often? Why not make your pieces work for you through a loan with Perry’s Fine, Antique & Estate Jewelry in Charlotte, North Carolina? Perry’s has partnered with national fine jewelry lender Diamond Banc to give customers additional liquidity options.

Who We Are: Perry’s Fine, Antique & Estate Jewelry in Charlotte

A ribbon cutting ceremony at Perry's in Charlotte, South Carolina. Perry's has been serving the Charlotte community for over 35 years.
A ribbon cutting ceremony at Perry’s in Charlotte, South Carolina

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Determining Vintage Jewelry’s Value

Knowing your jewelry and its history helps determine its value. With periods like the Edwardian era, Art Deco and Mid-Century design, it’s easy to misdate your vintage beauties.



The worth of an estate piece depends on what style is popular at whatever time the owner decides to sell. For instance, the Art Deco period has become fashionable again, so jewelry from that period is worth more because there are more potential buyers. Some classic styles are more resistant to the ebbs and flows of fashion, like pendent necklaces or single-stone engagement ring settings. A vintage piece that is out of fashion will rarely be worth more than the gems and metals it’s made from. Continue reading “Determining Vintage Jewelry’s Value”