Should I Get a Jewelry Equity Loan on My Diamond Ring Or Sell It?

Deciding whether you should sell your diamond ring or seek a loan for it? Diamond Banc is here to help you determine which option is best for you! Whether you wish to keep your diamond ring, or if you are looking to sell it outright, Diamond Band Tampa is the best place in Central Florida to get paid for your jewelry! We pay top dollar for your precious jewelry.

What is a Jewelry Equity Loan?

A Jewelry Equity Loan is a great option for anyone who is not interested in selling their jewelry, but needs some extra cash.  These loans allow you to keep your jewelry, while also providing the liquidity of selling it. Use your diamond ring as collateral with Diamond Banc’s simple lending process. Typical loans are written for a 30-day period. If you need more time, you can choose to easily extend it for another 30 days. Diamond Banc will keep your ring until the loan is paid back. We return your jewelry once the loan is repaid in full.

What Happens When I Sell My Diamond Ring to Diamond Banc Tampa?

Maybe you inherited jewelry that does not fit your tastes, or you are looking to clean out your jewelry box. There are not better partners than  Diamond Banc Tampa when you sell your items. We provide unsurpassed convenience, speed and simplicity. Our team evaluates every value-adding factor to ensure you receive the best offer for your jewelry.

Make the most out of your diamond jewelry with Diamond Banc

Get started with your free, no risk and no obligation quote from the comfort of your home.  Visit our website and complete our easy to use form. Within 24 hours, a GIA certified gemologist will contact you with an initial offer for your ring.  From there, we will schedule an appointment for you to bring your jewelry into our office for further evaluation. Once the in-office and final evaluation is complete, our reps will extend a final offer. If this offer sounds good to you, accept it and the funds will be immediately wired to your account.