Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring In Kansas City

Do you have an engagement ring you want to sell? The Diamond Banc is the best place to sell your diamond engagement ring in Kansas City. We purchase from the public and sell back into the wholesale market. We are experts in the jewelry industry and therefore can take every value adding factor into consideration when evaluating a diamond engagement ring. Unlike most pawn shops, we specialize in diamonds.

Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring in Kansas City

We belong to a network of high-end estate dealers, diamond wholesalers and fine jewelry retailers. This benefits you as a seller because we have several avenues to sell the piece, thus supplying you with the highest amount for your pre-owned engagement ring.

These connections allow Diamond Banc to reach a larger audience of buyers seeking out diamonds than you could ever hope to as an individual.

The Process of Selling your Diamond Engagement Ring

 Diamond Banc makes the process of selling your ring simple. First, check out our Google Reviews from previous clients. You can fill out our simple SELL form on our website.

This is a diamond engagement ring we recently acquired. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) lab report allows us to quickly know the true grades and value-adding aspects of the center diamond. This diamond, a round brilliant cut 2.52CT G/SI2, has a desirable combination of qualities. The excellent polish, symmetry and cut grade are also a positive factor in the price we will pay. After a quick review the of the lab report, we supplied the client with a ballpark price we could offer.

GIA Lab Report

We reviewed the diamond in person and were able to determine the additional factors that contribute to the value of the diamond. The clarity grade “SI2” means “Slight Included,” and typically it is difficult to see the inclusions to the naked eye. As you can see in the image, the diamond had internal characteristics that were visible to the naked eye. The excellent cut grade assisted in masking these characteristics. After evaluating the diamond as a whole, we were able to offer top dollar for the diamond engagement ring. Diamond Banc will pay you on the spot.

Internal Characteristics

The Diamond Banc of Kansas City will pay the most for your diamond engagement ring. Visit our website or bring it into one of our Diamond Banc locations today.

Sicily Von Blakey

Author: Sicily Von Blakey

Hello! I am the newest member of the Diamond Banc buying team and specialize in designer jewelry and diamond pieces. I have been in the jewelry industry for 10 years, 6 of those years with our parent company. I have taken numerous diamond courses, including the Gemological Institute of America's Diamonds Graduate. Currently, I am working on earning my Graduate Gemologist degree, with the amazing help from the GIA scholarship foundation. I am a Mizzou Alumni where I studied International Relations with a focus on Chinese culture & language. I luckily fell into the jewelry industry, as a way to work through college, and fell madly in love with helping couples express their commitment through jewelry. I now take pleasure in assisting clients liquefy their luxury jewelry assets in a discreet, caring manner. I understand how emotional, sentimental and important jewelry can be; I want to make the process as educational and smooth as possible. I’m passionate about my pets (2 Pyrenees rescues, 3 cats, and a stubborn lizard), live music, gardening, Chiefs football and volunteering/fostering at KC Pet Project as much as possible.

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