Sell Your Rolex Achievement Award to Diamond Banc in Kansas City

Do you have an achievement award Rolex from work that you wish to sell? Sell your Rolex achievement award to Diamond Banc in Kansas City!

Sell Your Rolex Achievement Award to Diamond Banc.

Rolex Achievement Award

Many corporations reward their employees with work anniversary or milestone accomplishment gifts. An ever popular gift is a Rolex timepiece. A Rolex is timeless and a wonderful way to show appreciation for hard work and dedication.

Rolex Work Anniversary Gift.

In some cases, wearing a Rolex on a day to day basis is not an option. A local engineering company, for example, gifts their employees with a Rolex after 15 years of employment. The clients that have decided to sell Diamond Banc their watches have noted that the watch was just not their style. Or, that they would rather spend the money on a family vacation.

We have assisted countless clients with purchasing their Rolex watches. Turn your gifted Rolex into cash. Cash that can be spent on more practical things, such as a down payment on a new car or much needed home repairs.

Turn your Rolex into cash for a family vacation.

How It Works

When you sell your award Rolex to us, we make the process simple and completely discreet. You can fill out our simple SELL form on our website. Or call our local office and speak with me, Sicily Von Blakey, to set up an appointment. We will review the Rolex and let you know immediately what we can offer. Many Rolex watches are engraved on the back with the employee’s name and year of achievement. We will remove the engraving to ensure full discretion on your behalf.

Sicily Von Blakey, Managing Director of KC Branch

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