Sell Your Silver Flatware in Kansas City

Sterling silver was being utilized in Colonial America starting as early as 1634, both as currency and common goods. [1] As the popularity of sterling silver uses spread in the New World, affluent families enjoyed meals on sterling silver flatware. These prized possessions were passed down through the generations. In our fast-paced modern lives, we no longer have time for elaborate meals with our inherited sterling silver flatware. Generally speaking, the millennial generation does not have a need for their inherited flatware. [2] Have you inherited sterling silver flatware that you no longer have use for? Sell your silver in Kansas City to Diamond Banc.

Sterling Silver Flatware Assorted Set

How to Sell Your Sterling Silver Flatware

Selling your sterling silver flatware to Diamond Banc is easy! Contact us for an appointment to review your pieces. We will review the items to determine the manufacturer and pattern. Some patterns are more rare and in demand than others. If you have a rare pattern, we will pay you above the melt value for the pieces. These International “Royal Danish” sterling 3-light candelabras fit into this category. They are less common and are worth more in the second hand market than their melt value, thus we can offer you more. Once we determine the value, we will write you a check on the spot.

Sterling Silver Candelabras

 Sterling Silver Flatware Sets

A majority of sterling silver flatware sets do not possess rare patterns, but we will still offer you top dollar for your unwanted flatware. This set has a value of $1,500, a great way to pay down some debt or treat your family to a vacation! Sell Diamond Banc of Kansas City your sterling silver flatware that is sitting in boxes in the attic. Submit your information here and set up an appointment today.

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