Need Funds for an Investment Opportunity?

Sometimes the perfect investment opportunity pops up at a time when you least expect it. Typically, it can be a slow process to receive a loan. Then, by the time you get the funds, the investment opportunity may have passed you by. Don’t let that happen to you, Diamond Banc is here to help you get funds for an investment opportunity with a jewelry equity loan.

Why Should You Avoid a Bank Loan?

Many people looking to get funds for an investment opportunity originally consider a bank loan. However, banks have very strict standards for who they lend to. Banks require a credit check in order to lend to you. Therefore, if your credit score doesn’t meet the bank’s criteria, it will be nearly impossible for you to get a bank loan.  In 2017, only 36% of small business owners were able to obtain a bank loan for a business venture. This percentage is so low because many people aren’t aware of their credit score. So if you don’t have a good credit score, then you will be automatically rejected from a bank loan.

Get funds for a business venture by using your Rolex as collateral for a jewelry equity loan!

Do you own a Rolex watch? This is a great item to use as collateral for a jewelry equity loan!

What is a Jewelry Equity Loan?

A jewelry equity loan is very similar to most asset-based loans. However, instead of using your car or home as collateral, you can use your jewelry, diamonds or luxury watches.   A great benefit of jewelry equity loans is it can be paid off in a lump sum. At Diamond Banc, the jewelry equity loan process has been expedited to make it as quick and efficient as possible. So that you can get your funds without the hassle.

Use your diamond jewelry to get funds for a business venture at Diamond Banc!

Diamond jewelry also works great as collateral for a jewelry equity loan!

How to Get Funds for an Investment Opportunity with a Jewelry Equity Loan?

Diamond Banc has made the jewelry equity loan process extremely quick and simple. If you have luxury jewelry, diamonds or watches, you might be eligible for a jewelry equity loan. Don’t worry if the bank won’t lend you money because at Diamond Banc you simply fill out a free form. And within 24 hours you will be given an initial quote.  Then, you will ship your jewelry free-of-cost to Diamond Banc. After that, Diamond Banc will assess your jewelry and you will be presented with an official offer. If you accept the final offer, Diamond Banc will quickly be in touch to go over the details for your immediate payment.  This is an obligation-free transaction, so if you don’t agree to the final offer, we will ship your item back at no cost to you.

Overall, if you have high-end jewelry, diamonds or watches and are in need of a loan, fill out an interest form for a free quote now!

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