How Shape Affects the Resale Value of Your Diamond

A diamond’s shape greatly impacts its appearance and total overall value. Pricing in the diamond industry relies on market desirability and conditions. Round brilliant cut diamonds have the most brilliance of all of the shapes and have historically been the most in-demand shape. Seventy-Five percent of all diamonds sold throughout recorded history have been a round shape diamond. Consequently, this shape will bring a higher price on the secondhand market compared to fancy shape diamonds.

The term fancy shape refers to any shape that is not a round diamond, such as the marquise, princess, pear, emerald and heart. These shapes have lower market desirability compared to round brilliant diamonds.  Like fashion trends, diamond shapes go in and out of style as trends evolve. Both the marquise and pear shapes were especially popular in the 1980s. Fast forward to the 2000s and princess shape diamonds were the most fashionable. Today, ovals are the most desired fancy shape.

Despite the fashion changes that have accompanied the past four decades, round brilliant diamonds have consistently remained the most desirable. Nevertheless, fancy shapes typically have a larger overall look compared to round brilliant diamonds of the same carat weight, which is why they often come into fashion.

Diamond Assortment 1

Examples of round, cushion and princess shape diamonds.

Diamond Shapes That Appear to Be the Largest Include:

  1. Marquise: Boasts the largest surface area of all shapes.
  2. Pear: The asymmetrical shape causes the diamond to appear larger
  3. Oval: The elongated design enlarges the appearance for a diamond
  4. Emerald: The rectangular shape ensures that the diamond appears larger than a round

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