How much to pawn a wedding ring for

One question we get all the time is how much you can pawn a wedding ring for. Unfortunately, there’s no single answer. Diamond Banc will loan up to $500,000 on your jewelry. But, since every wedding ring is different, every loan is different too.

A client borrowed $40,000 from Diamond Banc for this 5.09CTW diamond ring.

Here’s how we determine the value of a loan from Diamond Banc on your wedding ring:

1. What it’s made of

First, Diamond Banc considers what your ring is made of. We only offer loans on natural diamonds, not lab-grown versions. When evaluating diamonds, there are four factors that determine the value: Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color.

We’ll also consider the metal your ring is made with, but the diamond has the biggest influence on the value.

One common misconception when you pawn a wedding ring is that the small pave diamonds add a large value. Unfortunately, small diamond chips look nice, but don’t add value to a loan or payment. Larger diamonds are more rare, so a stone of one carat or above will fetch a higher loan price.

2. Paperwork

Diamond Banc is always happy to see original paperwork with a piece that verifies its quality or brand.

You should get your diamond evaluated at a grading lab and request a full report on your gem. A Gemological Institute of America report adds value to your loan.

And if your piece is designer, like a Cartier or Tiffany & Co. engagement ring, always bring in your original packaging and paperwork. That musty old box is worth more than you think.

You should always get your diamond evaluated at a grading lab.

The next step to pawn a wedding ring

Keep those two factors in mind when you pawn a wedding ring. That way, the value of your loan won’t surprise you.

First, describe your item to us. Fill out our online form with information about the materials in your ring and any paperwork you may have. We’ll evaluate your item and give you a quote in the same day.

Next, if you accept our offer, visit a Diamond Banc location or mail us your ring. We accept jewelry from around the country and will send you a fully insured, pre-paid mailing slip.

The third step is the easiest — wait for your payment. Diamond Banc pays up to $500,000 in 24 hours or less. If you need cash quickly, a pawn on your wedding ring can be an easy solution.

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