Get a Loan on Your Rolex in Kansas City

Do you have an unexpected expense that you need funds quickly for?  Whether it is a new business venture or an unforeseen medical bill, Diamond Banc of Kansas City is your best option for a quick and easy loan.  Diamond Banc can help you get those funds through an asset-based loan against your Rolex.  You can use your loan for anything you want.  Diamond Banc strives to give the very best deal on your Rolex.

Why Get a Loan on Your Rolex in Kansas City with Diamond Banc?

Diamond Banc is a national jewelry equity loan company with a impressive reputation.  And being watch experts, Diamond Banc is able to negotiate the highest possible value for your Rolex.  Our experts are knowledgeable about vintage watches and trends.  The value of your loan can be increased based on brand, year, condition and original packaging.

Providing original packaging significantly increases the value of your luxury watch.

Diamond Banc does not require outstanding credit, credit checks or employment verifications like many traditional banks loans.  So getting a loan through a bank can take weeks, and you may still be rejected for the loan.  Diamond Banc is fair, honest and reliable.  Most importantly, customer service is number one.  Diamond Banc is unique because customers have an input to their repayment schedule.  This is one thing you will not get with a traditional loan.  Once you have paid off your loan, your pledged collateral is returned to you.  Unlike payday and bank loans, a loan on your Rolex carries a much lower risk.  Also, debt can be avoided.  With traditional loans, you can get into debt if you default on the loan.  In the event you are unable to pay back your loan, you simply lose your collateral without putting yourself into debt.

Brands like Rolex often secure thousands of dollars with a low interest rate.

Why a Rolex is a Good Investment

Diamond Banc understands that a Rolex is more than just a watch, it is a status symbol and statement to the world.  It is one of the best investments out there because it holds its value over time.  Rolex makes limited quantities of their product, which makes them constantly in demand.

How Much Can you Get for your Rolex?

If you are getting a loan on your Rolex in Kansas City, it’s helpful to see how much Diamond Banc  has loaned on other luxury watches.

Diamond Banc loaned $5,500 for this 1976 Rolex Submariner with a stainless steel bezel.

Diamond Banc loans up to $7,000 on a GMT Master in good condition, like the one pictured here.


Ready to Get a Loan on your Rolex  in Kansas City from Diamond Banc?

Diamond Banc makes the process simple and fast.  Fill out our simple form with information about your Rolex and desired loan amount. Then, we will contact you with an initial offer.  If you are interested in this offer, Diamond Banc will set up an appointment at our private office at the Country Club Plaza.  During this appointment, a jewelry expert will evaluate the item and make you a final offer.  Once loan amount and repayment details are agreed upon, Diamond Banc can fund you within 24 hours.  After you repay the loan, your Rolex—which is securely stored in our vaults—is returned to you.  You can also stop by our location on the plaza, or call to set up an appointment today!